LeBron James on His Way to Another NBA Final Lost for a Negative record of 2 wins 5 losses. The record Speaks For Itself Regardless of How you try To Defends It. It Simply doesn’t Lie

GSW 108, CLE 97

Well I was right when I said if the Warriors comes ready to play there is no way in the world Cleveland will beat them By 30 points no way Jose. well I was  Perfectly right. The warriors are just a superior team simple as that. LeBron still doesn’t Get it trying to save cities when he can team up with Durant and comme to the Lakers and win as many as he can before it is too late. I have a hard time understanding how people think.  how is he going to win anything if Durant goes to Golden state? So stupid and sad at the same time.  ego is what kills human being . he his killing him self for what?


Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Live Stream Commentary and Updates of the 2016 NBA Finals (50-55)