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Big Dream

Los Angeles is a city of big Dreams. So is the Los Angeles Lakers. Why not just go for a big Dream. The biggest Dream ever. They have the cup space to do it. Why not? Just go after Both Durant and LeBron James. they both are Available. Why not. Durant wants Publicity he thinks he deserve LeBron is running out of time Winning championships for his legacy. what other team out there can upset the world Champ Warriors Than this one. You tell me. This will be a perfect storm if they ever get the number one pick on top of it. I like big dream. What about you Jim and Mitch. remember only one year is left on your self impose firing. No time to baby seat is left.

Los Angeles Lakers logo

Construction of Santa Monica’s Expo-Adjacent Hotels

With the arrival of the Metro in Santa Monica in May 2016, every business man wants to have his business close to the Metro path. So  The Santa Monica Adjacent Hotel is getting ready to fill full that role. Read the story by clicking the above red tag.

The Santa Monica Pen Factory 

There is a say in the French world. If you want to find a french personne in Los Angeles go to Santa Monica. Santa Monica is simply the French favorite place in Los Angeles. To add to the french Joy The Santa Monica Pen Factory   has started work. Click on the link above to read

Luke Walton The Lakers new Coach

The hiring of Luke Walton

Since the Phil Jackson debacle a few years back, the Lakers management have learn their lesson. Stay in tune with the fan base. Put your ego away at least you will share the blame if anything goes wrong with the fans. The fan base wanted luke Walton   they got Luke. The management is happy the fans are happy. the Lakers nation is on the path for salvation. at least it appears.

Luke Walton Comments on Becoming Lakers Head Coach, Warriors and More

Some Lakers Players Were Surprised Byron Scott Was Fired

Any one who was surprised about  Coach Baron firing must live in another planet and needs to see a psychiatrist. With a back to back worse franchise records, well documented friction with the 2 Lakers futur stars, the fans hate of Baron old style couple with Mitch and Buss self imposed death row. How can some one be surprised?

Revised Beverly Hilton Development

Beverly hills Hilton like you never seen it before

After reassessing the layout of the property, Alagem has devised an alternate plan in which the development’s residential component would be built as a single 26-story structure, located along Santa Monica Boulevard.  The tower, designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, would rise 345 feet above street level, easily becoming the tallest building within Beverly Hills city limits.