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Florent Mbesse Introduces The Stage has Been Set for the NBA Final: The Rematch, The Warriors Vs The Cavs. Curry VS LeBron

Who is the best Player In the world? Physics or Artistic ? Stephen Curry The best 3 point shooters ever Vs LeBron James a Physical Specimen. Staring Thursday In Golden State at Night Los Angeles time. The world Over   . The story is this simple. LeBron James cannot, I repeat Cannot afford to loose another Final to another West Team to make his record of being in a final that is already negative worse 7 times 2 wins 5 losses regardless of how you will look at it as a fan or a critic this will look really bad. On the other end what The Warriors has accomplished this year the pain of winning 73 games to set an all time record being down 1-3 then a come back and they are almost there to be recognized without a doubt as le best team ever, there is no way in the world they will not try to accomplish this unbelievable glory. Unfortunately only one team can win the price the story simply makes it a series of the ages . welcome to the NBA the world best Basketball league by far.      Read The story


The top eight storylines of the NBA Finals of course centers around both LeBron James and Stephen Curry.


Tout est Possible aux Etats Units D’ Amerique. Caitlyn Jenner Un homme Devenue Femme

La photo de gauche represente Caitlyn Jenner aux Olympic pour les Etats Units en tant que homme. La photo de droite represente  Caitlyn Jenner après    chirurgie en tant que femme.

Caitlyn Jenner aujourdh ui. Attention a vous qui drague les femmes n importe comment des que vous arrive aux Etats




Diana Ross: L amour Prefere De Tout Le Temps De Michael Jackson

Tout etre Humain a un amour prefere que tu l acceptes ou pas.  Et celui De Michael Jackson semble etre personne d autre que Diana Ross. Il n existe aucune fille dans ce Monde que Michael Jackson A chante tant de Chansons avec son Nom que Diana Ross. comme indique dans les Videos et chansons  suivantes. Selon L histoire. Michael Jackson avait au tour de 5 ans quand lui et ses frères les Jackson5 ataient introduit a Diana Ross qui etait une Star dans le temps afin de donner une introduction aux Jackson5. Il s avere qu a la premiere vue. Michael Jackson aussi jeune Qu il etait, etait tout de suite tombe amoureux de Diana Ross qui etait plus age que lui. il existait des rumeurs  qu ont les avaient trouves entrain de se lave nus ensemble . C est a vous de deviner la suite.  Lors d un concert de Michael Jackson a Londre. dont Prince Diana de L Angletaire avait assiste. A la rencontre de Michael Jackson et Princess Diana back stage. Michael Jackson avait demande a princess Diana si il pouvait chanter Dirty Diana en plain concert La reponse etait tout de suite oui sans probleme

Ramona Shelburne Defends LeBron James Legacy of Playing in a Weak Conference Paling Records then collecting a Negative records of Winnings Championships in the process 2 Wins out of 6 Finals With one Basically Handed to Him by The Spurs on A game they Had Already Won by Making a last Minutes Mistakes . Thanks to Teams from The West a Well Known Better Conference Than The East.

Ramona Shelburne

Ramona Shelburne is a sports news columnist in Los Angeles, an ESPN Senior Writer, and was a college softball player at Stanford University. Shelburne was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, California where she was a class valedictorian. A well respected reporter I shall add.
What is intriguing is the fact that:
She thinks it is not all LeBron James fault if he has such a low winning percentage of Championships and get criticized for it.  And I disagreed. Let facts be told.  You can twiste the story line the way you want it as you want it. However you will not be able to change theses facts. You do not have to be a rocket scientiste to understand them. You can twiste them forward them backward , sideward , front and back at the end of the day these are facts you will not be able to denied even if you try.
First of all LeBron James drives his own destiny. He is his own boss. He tells his so call  bosses what he wants and how it should be done or else. Except Pat Ryley who tried otherwise  and no wonder he left. He chooses his players, his teams, his conference. he is a one man corporation whether you like it or not. He is a ” Do it His way or else” guy. a well known Fact and discussed over and over.  I hope Mrs Shelburne knows What happened to a felling company. The boss get Blamed for failure regardless of What the  excuse is and I am sure you know that Mrs Shelburne, you are a smart person but so side blinded by LeBron physics to a point where you cannot see the Truth. LeBron is a great player no one will argue that but the problem is the way business is being run. Great leaders accepte failure and blames  and find a solution to improve the situation. He better not fail again this year.
I read your reasoning of Irving and Love being hurt and yet he made it tough for the Warriors  to win. One may argue I hope you see the way the Warriors and Thunder are killing themselves while LeBron is seating pretty and waiting. I hope you have taken that into consideration before your argument that seem to make sense only the way you want.
All we are asking of him. People like me who are not side blinded by physics but proof , to come to the West and prove to us He can do it everywhere regardless. Is that too Much to Ask?
When Kobe was  Criticized of not being able to win a championship without Shaq all he Did was win 2 without Shaq to shot down all critics. I want to be shut down too. And I challenge LeBron to prouve me wrong and I will considered Him as the greatest player that ever lived  If he can duplicate those same records on a strong conference like the current West not when they become Weak.

The Stage has been Set for the Final Game 7 between The Warriors VS Thunder, OKC. Win and go to The Final Or Loose And Go Home: Simple as That.

Warriors Vs Thunder

Every great thing must come to an end at somme point and today represent   just that Day between The Golden State,  Warriors And  Oklahoma city, Thunder. The team that will win tonight, will go to the final against LeBron James rested  Team. and The one that looses Goes on Vacation to try again next year. I will feel  so sorry for Durant if he doesn’t advance, a great player who has been trying to win a championship for years just to fell short every time and yet again the outcome may be the same this time around. On the other end it will be a non washable  stain for the warriors if they do not win a championship this year base on what they have achieved so far this year beating the all time NBA winning record during the regular season.  So Either way there will be some tears comings out on either side. Which makes it a game to watch. if you are a Basketball fans, there will not be any excuses for you not to watch this game tonight   starting 5 hours from now Los Angeles time .

Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleaders perform during a break in the action in game six of the Western Conference Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors during the 2016 NBA Playoffs at Chesapeake Energy Arena on May 28 in Oklahoma City.


Hulk Hogan also known as The huckster, Born Terry gene Bollea

What had Happened to My Hero, the American Hero. When I first came into this country This man was the hero of professional wresting and among my idole. I never missed his Matches then. He was basically the god of wrestling. Suddenly his life has turn into Dramas after Drama. He has Been spending more time in courts than anything else with the latest sex tapes Scandale, divorce ect….. What had happened to my hero ? for got sack ? Any thing positive coming up any time soon .



Do not underestimate the heart of the Champion

It was a beauty. I said for the Warriors to win Curry had to score 50 Thompson 30 for a combine 80 points. They scored 29 41 for a combine 70 points not too far off for the win. with Thompson Dropping 11 3 pointers. The league have been put on notice. The Golden states warriors forced Game 7 at home.

Behind Klay Thompson's unstoppable shooting, the Warriors forced a Game 7. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Loud And Clear I Challenge LeBron to come to the West. Let See if he Can do it From The West

It is easy to be on a weak conference and pale records after records. Now let see if you can do the same from the West a tough conference. If you can, I will consider you the greatest ever. This is my Challenge to you. Since the member of the Media have no balls to tell you the truth. I have no shame of telling you truth.

Florent Mbesse Present Lakers Draft Prospects: Brandon Ingram Pre-Draft Workout and Interview Video: The next Lakers Great

Take a good look at this kid, Brandon Ingram, !8 years old of age Long can shoot 3’s and drible the ball and play defense. The Kevin Durant of the futur. This is The futur of the Lakers right Here. Simmons we would have been happy to have you , unfortunately, You are likely to go to Philly.