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To My Oppinion UCLA Medical center Is One of The Best Health Provider In The World. Check It Out

UCLA Medical Center Read About Them . It is A medical center Located In the Los Angeles area precisely In Westwood Inside  The University Of Center of Los Angeles mostly Known By UCLA.  It is Located Closer To Beverly Hills and Mostly Used By stars. Not As expensive as you may Think when you have an Insurance. When It comes to my health Money is simply a no issue. I will always go for the best.

Once Again The Lakers Looses to OKC due to Lapses. 22 Turnovers for 23 Points for the opposition, With Countless Number Unforced Error

On the 4th quarter with 4 Minutes to go the Lakers were down by 4 points. They turn the ball twice and the game was over. D Angelo trying to run a pick and roll between 2 OKC players on the 4th quarter looses the ball for a layups fon the other team. The Lakers trying to lob the ball to a teammates it get stolen for a layups on the other side. D Angelo trying to inbound the ball between his teammate and okc player instead of calling time out it get stolen for a Layups  at the other end. I thought I said magic Johnson never make fancy   plays on the 4th quarter when the game is on the line. Lapses Includes ball watching. Mozgov blocks a shot the ball falls right in front of William the other team  pick it up for a score while lui William stands there watching. Russell Westbrooks shoot the ball on the other side falls on the ground stands run to the other side pick up the ball scores twice with Randle standing there late to pick up the ball. not helping the helper. Not paying attention to the clock after the game stoppage. Falling on the ground not standing up and running back to help teammates complaining for a foul not called. Inability to stop Westbrooks and counter pick and roll and Alay oops all night long . Inability to make their allay oops work or pick and roll just failing to catch it. D Angelo all alone trying to pass the ball between 2 teammates and they both misses it for a turn over and a fast break. way too to many of those yet they were right there 4 minutes to go and made horrible mistakes to loose the game. When they learn to avoid all these unnecessary mistakes I think they will be fine. That is My assomption.   Read some More  

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City Thunder


Review Of Most Skycrapers Under Construction, Proposed Projects Downtown Los Angeles Only

This represent Most of the Skyscrapers Under construction, and proposed projets Yet to built Please Enjoy. skyscrapers under construction and proposed Downtown Los Angeles

Alexan South Echo Breaks Ground on Temple Street

Yesterday, Trammell Crow Residential officially broke ground on the Alexan South Echo, a mixed-use development in Historic Filipintown, adjacent to Echo Park.

Located at 1910 W. Temple Street, the project will consist of a six-story structure featuring 200 market rate apartments above approximately 22,000 square feet of street-fronting commercial space and underground parking. Continu reading

Lakers NAtion:The Lakers Loose A Close Game To The Utah Jazz On a Night The Angelo Russell Couldnt Throw A Pi In The Ocean

D Angelo Russell,  Ice In the vein 3 for 14 shooting on The floor  2 of 5 three throws 1 of 5 three  point shooting. He shots hairballs, short shots, any thing you can imagine couple with Clarkson 2 for 9 night shooting they still make a game out of it.    continu to read

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz

Lakers Nation: Lakers preview Today Friday 28 Vs Utah In Utah

Will The Lakers second game be as successful as The first one? We will found Out today starting at 6pm when they face Utah. One thing will remain true. The game being at Utah and Utah being a good team supposed to make the playoff to say the least. If the Lakers win this on in Utah although it is too early to tell.  People may start changing their Mind about what The Lakers may do this year not next year. Time is on their side. loosing in a competitive way will still be encouraging.

Despite a Lot Of Mistakes, The Lakers WOn Their First Game of the Season Beating Houston 120 to 114


Los Angeles Lakers

1-0, 2nd Pacific · Pacific standings · NBA schedule

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Oct 26, Final

114 – 120

Los Angeles



Los Angeles Lakers Team Logo
Staples Center 1 2 3 4 Total
Rockets 38 33 25 18 114
Lakers 38 25 27 30 120