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A rendering of the new Inglewood NFL stadium as seen from the entrance.

As the year draws to a close, we’ve made up a bunch of awards for buildings, people, and places in the real estate, architecture, and transit universes in Los Angeles that made a splash for better or worse in 2016.

Without further ado, the winners. Continu reading

First Glimpse of the Lake on Wilshire Mixed-use development to bring a hotel, apartments and a cultural center to Wilshire Boulevard.

An environmental report published by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning has revealed renderings for a proposed high-rise complex near the Westlake/MacArthur Park subway station.

The project, dubbed the Lake on Wilshire, would rise from an approximately 1.5-acre site at 1930 W. Wilshire Boulevard.  Plans call for the construction of a 41-story tower on a current parking lot fronting Wilshire and Bonnie Brae Street, featuring 479 studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments – including 39 affordable units. Continu to read

Lakers Nation: you Watch The Game Lakers Vs Dallas And The truth doesnt Lie. It is The Same Thing The same Mistakes and It is Not Improving as Far as I can see It is getting Worse With time

Lakers Nation, How many times are we going to see the same 3rd quarter of having the lead coming in Lazy and loosing it. How many times are we going to see a bad 3 pointer shooting team in the league shooting 3points wide open against the Lakers lazy Defense . I mean wide open exposed by Reggie Miller And his co workers was being shown. Dallas The worse rebounding team in the league out rebounded the Lakers by a lot . Ball watching not running to the 50 / 50 ball. Just lazy on defense  not paying attention to detail late on most shooters. I mean you name it. just watch Randle on defense he relaxes and ball watching his guy just run  to the 3 point line he stay guarding the paints while 3 points are being lunch time after time almost every game the problem seem the same  . he doesn’t block any body. he is not a rim protector. I do not know if they watches film. can some one start teaches him, them positioning defense  please. Just having your hands in the air and far away from the shooter is not playing defense I am sorry. just compare Randle  defense to that of Larry Nance. How many times Reggie Miller called the Lakers Lazy  during the game. Again Robinson cannot play center he is not Dramond Green. he is too small. There is a reason why he has been going from team to team not by accident. I like his energy but it is only good for few minutes until he is tired. The Lakers are not going any where. They just need to start developing Zubac . A big guy themselves compare to Gasol . You are just wasting his talent or development by not playing him. By now the Lakers know Mazgov is not their futur. so why insist on something you already know is not your futur.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young celebrates after scoring against the Dallas Mavericks during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)


Obama administration plans to punish Russia for election meddling


The Obama administration is finalizing plans to punish Russia for interfering with the recent U.S. election with an announcement could come as soon as Thursday,

A senior administration official tells CBS news they will likely name individuals associated with Moscow’s efforts to hack Democratic organizations in the run-up to the presidential election.

Officials have said sanctions would likely target leaders in Russia’s largest intelligence agency – which they believe was behind the cyberattacks aimed at helping President-elect Donald Trump — and operating with President Vladimir Putin’s blessing.

“At a point in time where we’ve taken certain actions that we can divulge publicly, we will do so,” Mr. Obama said. Please read

President Obama speaks about alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election.: russia-sanctions-obama-2016-12-28.jpg

New Details for the Fig + Pico Convention Center Hotel Project Two towers to rise at Figueroa Street and Pico Boulevard.

Lightstone Group, a New York-based real estate firm, continues to forge aheads with plans to construct a convention center hotel complex in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Fig + Pico development, which first surfaced in early 2016, would rise from an approximately 1.22-acre property along Pico Boulevard, replacing a surface parking lot and a small commercial building. Continu reading

Lakers Nation. Cavaliers rally past Warriors in NBA Finals rematch. Some one Suggested once that The Lakers Should not Watch The Warriors Tapes. Well They Definately Wrong. To Become The Best You have to Watch The best

Lakers Nation. The passing of the ball by 2 of the best teams in the league was incredible. couple with the defense no wonder they are the 2 best teams in the league and when you add superstar status to them, it is Game over. Well, Coach Jeff Van Gandhi described it so well. Coincidently it is the Lakers problem specially of late. I have seen in games 3 Lakers standing side by side by themselves. common sense will tell you they must have some wide open players some where on the court so I need to start looking for they. Unfortunately, usually  by the time  they find them they are shooting 3 pointers unmolested as the result even the worse of the worse teams look good against the  Lakers. this is the NBA . you leave professional players who’s job is to shoot hoops all day all night wide open. they will kill you. The statistics are only good with good defense and misleading with bad defense. The result of the Lakers loosing 11 out of 12 doesn’t lie.   3 killers to the Lakers game . late te defend , not passing the ball on the 4 quarter trying to play one on one ball, lazy running back on defense, and let add dumb turn overs to it. Not passing the half court line on time when the game is on the line. not reading the defense and passing to teammate when they should not. taking bad shots at the wrong time on the 4th quarter. perfect example the hornet game after the Lakers took the lead on the 4th by 6 points didnt score a basket again until was past . Clarkson playing one on one ball stepping out of bound behind the basket. almost loosing the ball again on exactly the same play he just steeped out of bound. nick young catch and shoot with no conscience. Randle forcing an attack by himself around the opposing team 2 players to the basket for an air bal instead of reading the defense and passing when they converge. It looks like watching the same seen over and over and over again without them learning. I mean. We have seen players came into this league and learn fast. perfect example durant and Russel after 2 years together they were already good enough to make the playoff. Curry and Thompson alike. The Lakers group may take a little longer    than anticipated the learn curve being so slow.   Do not Guess me wrong they are good players  the learning process is just taking too long.

Cavaliers forward LeBron James (32) is guarded by Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) at Quicken Loans Arena.

Singer George Michael has died at age 53, publicist says. Details to come …

The star, who launched his career with Wham! in the 1980s and later continued his success as a solo performer, is said to have “passed away peacefully at home”.

Thames Valley Police said South Central Ambulance Service attended a property in Goring in Oxfordshire at 13:42 GMT.

Police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

Michael, who was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London, sold more than 100m albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades.

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George Michael

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