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$13 Million Rolls-Royce Sweptail Could Be Most Expensive New Car Ever Made. La voiture La plus Cher Jamais Construite

The upper echelon of the luxury car market hardly ever leaves any expensive stone unturned. Exclusive autos created by the likes of Christian Von Koenigsegg and Horacio Pagani can easily be optioned to a million dollars and up, and with the average Bugatti Chiron costing around $3 million, it doesn’t seem like there would be much headroom for anyone to go higher—except for Rolls-Royce. A new one-off coupe that the automaker has been developing for a customer since 2013 is near completion, and it’s believed to cost upwards of $12 million dollars. This is the ultra-rare Rolls-Royce Sweptail.

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How do ATT &Directv Get Away with crime of this Proportion In our Court system and continue to rip millionof people off. Read This Story.

Clark Howard warns customers away from AT&T/DirecTV

If there’s one thing money expert Clark Howard hates, it’s what he calls “customer no-service.”

You’ve heard of customer service, right?

Well, what happens when a company incorrectly bills its customers, fails to honor promotions and won’t provide any meaningful resolution for thousands of customers who complain?

All of those alleged infractions would be considered prime examples of customer no-service, that’s what!

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CBSNews report: AT&T and DirecTV offer customer no-service did some digging and has uncovered what appears to be a systemic problem with AT&T and DirecTV customer service.

According to CBS, one customer they spoke with signed up for a bundle of Internet and TV with AT&T and its newly acquired satellite service DirecTV in July 2016. Collectively, the two services were supposed to cost around $100 a month.

But the customer’s first bill was nearly twice as much and AT&T has been no help in fixing the problem. The customer continues to pay well above what he agreed to and its now 10 months later!

That’s just one example CBS cites of an alleged pattern in which AT&T and DirecTV do not honor their own promotions. In fact, the news network found thousands of similar complaints.

That prompted money expert Clark Howard to get in touch with AT&T and DirecTV to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Continu reading

Clark Howard warns customers away from AT&T/DirecTV

Warriors owner wants Cavs again: ‘We have some unfinished business’

“For a good reason. Let put it this way the NBA took their Championship and Gave it to LeBron and The Cav period. We know now what can happen to a team when it looses some of it best players. The Warriors Lost Green Then Bugard and suddenly LeBron who was loosing badly became relevant and people forget that he was loosing before that.   by suspending green last year the NBA final course was changed and you cannot denied it there is proof this year for that. This are part of the reason why LeBron legacy seem to have some asterisk on it. if you look at it closely LeBron could easily have 1 championship. the one against the spurs was pure luck from Popovich mistake by taking Tim Duncan out at the end of a game already won and they couldn’t secure a rebound. How Can you be the best player so early with one earn championship one by luck and the other given to you. It looks like the league has learn not to meddle in these affairs. To Seem to be staying away this year. Good Stay away and let see which team is the best. The Lakers fans never forgive them for Christ Paul although we are starting to ease after 3 number 2 picks . I feel we have been given some back with those 3 number 2 picks and started to let go the crist Paul saga. The warriors fans and the warriors have not yet to forget I am sure The NBA better stay away from it . It will be a battle. stay away with your complicity and do your job right we will be watching. I am not a Warriors fan but I like when people earn their win not given to them And I have a problem with that and I am sure a lot of people do.”

The Cavaliers have yet to finish off the Boston Celtics, but the owner of the Finals-bound Golden State Warriors has already made it clear he wants another piece of Cleveland.

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“I don’t care who we play, but my preference is Cleveland. We have some unfinished business,” Joe Lacob said after his team completed a Western Conference finals sweep of the San Antonio Spurs, according to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears. continu to read


Slide 1 of 81: May 22, 2017; San Antonio, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) shoots the ball over San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray (5) during the second half in game four of the Western conference finals of the NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center.


Lakers Nation.Why you shouldn’t overreact to LeBron’s head-scratching Game 3 performance

“no one should be judged by one game . LeBron is still the best player in te league as far as we know. but you seem to not get the point.  I have seen bad teams beat good teams when they do not come ready to play or have another point to prove. When Kobe was trying to prove the point he refused to shoot to show how bad the team is . I have seen The Lakers beat the warriors . But the point you continue to miss is as fallowed. look at Boston team and look at LeBron Team. Boston is mostly young kids from college still learning the NBA game and we know how long it takes to become a great player in this league even with talent. it took Jordan a while Kobe a while LeBron a while. But do LeBron needs all the best players on his team to win a championship? Or do LeBron needs help from the league to win a championship last year? He doesn’t . he is a great player and can do it without any bodys help just Like Jordan did it Naturally or Kobe. You stay in one team make them better and win. Not join other stars in a weak conference to beat up on weak teams before loosing to teams of your own size. That is the Problem we are having with LeBron that you Guys are missing Because of lack of education. Most People or journalist in the NBA today Probably didnt have 4 years of college When the Money Came you took it as the result you are having a judgement Problem. LeBron Doesn’t Play hard In the regular season give him the NBA MVP because he is the best Player in the league. every MVP has a cycle and a reason and purpose. You Play well in regular season You deserve an MVP from some  one who waits for the playoff to play hard because he just wants to win the ring.  Because of his action , Now 2 to 3 teams in the league has all the great players benched together and no one else can win.   The main reason why Durant went to the warriors the only way he thinks he could win. IS that true or false? I am sure you will denied it. If I have to look for smart journalism, I am sure not going to look for them in the NBA . you cannot even tell the difference between exceed expectation and meeting expectation. above and beyond for your information. trying to compare Odom to LeBron to explain meeting or exceeding expectation. That is terrible to say the least. LeBron went to the final 7 times in a weak conference surrounding with great players of his own choosing and won 3 times 2 of them by luck against the warriors last year and against the spurs, Jordan went to the final 6 times and won all 6 times. I am sure you do not see the difference because you are so quick to want to prove LeBron the king from high school that you were right. all we here is brags after brags about LeBron going to the final 7 times winning 3 times. Let the man deserve it the right way and he still has time to do it . stop forcing us to accept it. It is not an obligation. When he will earn it , I will be the first to say he now deserve it . trust me .it won’t be by you forcing me to accept it    ”

I can see it now: “What’s the matter with LeBron?” will quickly turn into “You see, this is why he’s not as good as Jordan” which will spark a reprise of “LeBron isn’t a clutch player” — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back.

LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs’ last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that’s neither valid or fair.

LeBron had a bad game — “pretty poor” to use his own words — and here’s why you shouldn’t read into it: Continu to read

Slide 1 of 7: I can see it now: "What's the matter with LeBron?" will quickly turn into "You see, this is why he's not as good as Jordan" which will spark a reprise of "LeBron isn't a clutch player" — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back. LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs' last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that's neither valid or fair. LeBron had a bad game — "pretty poor" to use his own words — and here's why you shouldn't read into it:


More Details for 6th at Central Eight-story development proposed in the Industrial District.

An upcoming presentation to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee will offer new details for developer Howard Klein’s proposed mixed-use complex at 6th Street and Central Avenue.

The proposed development, which would replace the Triangle Plaza shopping center, calls for the construction of an eight-story buildilng featuring 236 market rate and very low income apartments above 12,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial uses.  The project would include a mixture of studio, one- and two-bedroom dwellings, in addition to amenities such as a community room, a landscaped courtyard and parking for 305 vehicles. Continue reading

Moscow says US coalition strikes on Syrian forces ‘unacceptable’

This is one of those things very difficult to understand. I do not seem to understand what is Russia is trying to achieve by trying to save a dictator in power who has brought war to his people and the destruction of his country. This war if I understand is a direct result from Syria getting involved on the war in Iraq. During that war President Bashar got involved by letting the so call terrorists thru his country to go attack the US coalition in Iraq after the war they find themselves in a 7 to 8 years war  with no end in sight. All it will take to end the war is to get rid of Bashar and that   will resolve a lot of problem probably even stop the war , the people suffering a destruction of a country with no end. Then you ask yourself what is Russia is gaining by trying to protect Bashar? selling of arms oil ? or just trying to stand against the US and it coalition to show how tough they are while a country is being destroyed? What is it is their cause of protecting Bashar. I do not understand it. it is one man one job that can save a destruction of a country we are talking here. What is wrong with this world that people cannot think and act like humain being with brain.   It is so hard to understand this world. One thing remain true this is not going to end by Russian telling the US this is not acceptable . It may end By letting Bashar go however. It is That difficult to understand. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to understand that? It will drag on and on while Syria is being destroyed For What? to save Bashar? are you kidding me? Stop the Got dame war and save innocent people and a country.     Continu reading

Russia and Iran have deployed forces to Syria to back up leader Bashar al-Assad while the US and many of its regional and Western allies have called for the strongman to leave power.


Olympic bid contest between L.A. and Paris turns into squabble over social media fans. For Fairness It Should have rather been Hollywood VS The ethel Tower But this Is an Olympic Show Not A city Comparaison

But This is an Olympic show not a Hollywood VS The Ethel Tower Show. truth be told. When you look at reality . It will make more sense for Los Angeles Olympic ready with all the venues almost build and ready to go  free  of mega expenses with money to save and money to make to go first for 2024 and Paris with so much to spend to built time needed for what is not there  to go For Olympic 2028 Instead. But I am not the one to make that decision as it belong to the IOC . To me that is common sense. But Let see what the IOC have to say. I am sorry Laurent Garros and The Park de Prince is Simply not going to do it. they are going to need a lot more than that plus The Ethel Tower is not an Olympic venue that is a touristic area so in reality that is simply show Boating. What Happened after the Olympic remove everything what a waste .read More

New renderings for City Market, a Fashion District megaproject

New renderings for the Fashion District’s City Market project have surfaced, thanks to a presentation given this week to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee.

The massive and transformative development would spread across a nearly 10-acre site roughly bordered by Ninth, San Pedro, 12th, and San Julian streets, with two additional sections off San Julian.

The project site, formerly a produce market, would eventually be home to a host of new buildings ranging from three stories tall to 38 stories, along with open space both private and public. A 25-year build-out for the multi-phase project is projected.

Designs by HansonLA offer a glimpse of the expansive planned development. Continue reading