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Hollywood Office Tower Takes Another Haircut

Hudson Pacific Properties will scale back a proposed office building in Hollywood after coming to an agreement with Measure S proponent AIDS Healthcare Foundation, reports the Los Angeles Times.
In exchange for AHF dropping its lawsuit against the project, HPP will cut the height of its Epic development at 5901 Sunset Boulevard from 15 stories to 13 stories and abandon plans to build a ground-floor supermarket.
Settlement talks have started for a second lawsuit with an adjacent property owner, according to the Times. Continue reading

Fresh Renderings for Onni’s Times Mirror Square Redevelopment Two towers to rise adjacent to the historic L.A. Times headquarters.

by Steven Sharp on June 29, 2017, 7:53PM
Onni Group’s updated plan for the redevelopment of the Times Mirror Square complex has been unveiled through an initial study published by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning.
The project, which first emerged in late 2016, calls for demolishing a 1970s expansion of the historic Los Angeles Times headquarters and the construction of modern high-rise towers in its place.  Onni would also retain and rehabilitated the original 1930s and 1940s buildings as creative office space.
Architecture firm A.C. Martin is designing the project, which calls for towers of 37 and 53 stories along Broadway between 1st and 2nd Streets.  The new construction would create 1,127 residential units, seated atop approximately 34,000 square feet of street-fronting commercial space and a parking podium.
With peak heights of 665 feet and 488 feet above street level, the towers are similar in scale to similar high-rise developments planned nearby, including those at 232 W. 2nd Street and within the Grand Avenue Project. Continue reading

Los Angeles City Council approves Lucas Museum 2 comments “An incredible institution that will inspire generations to come”

“It’s going to be a slam dunk,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said about approving plans to build the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles. He was right.

The proposal breezed past its final hurdle in City Hall on Tuesday, with the Los Angeles City Council enthusiastically approving plans to build the new, futuristic-looking art museum in Exposition Park.
George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson had a tough time finding a home for the museum—initially striking out in Chicago and San Francisco.
“Who knew it’d be so hard to give away a museum?” Hobson said, half-joking. “Despite this long journey, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art was always meant to be in Los Angeles.” continue reading

The Wilshire Grand—LA’s tallest tower—opens today

The Wilshire Grand Center—which opens to the public today—narrowly eclipses the U.S. Bank Tower as the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles. But what might stand out to Angelenos more than the height is the tower’s ornamental top.

It is the first Downtown high-rise to be built since Los Angeles City Hall in 1928 that will not have a flat roof. Instead, at its apex, is a glass “crown” and light-up spire that rises above the 73rd floor. It’s because of that unique, decorative roofline that Los Angeles is home to the tallest skyscraper west of Chicago. Continue reading

Who’s funding LA’s Olympics bid? Los Angeles Pres A devenir LA ville Des Olympic POur Les 11 Annees Qui Suivent

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June, 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information.

LA 2024, Los Angeles’s Olympic bid committee, filed an annual tax return last week revealing the organization’s largest donors, including many recognizable figures in the local sports and entertainment landscape.
The filing comes hot on the heels of a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee’s executive committee all but assuring that Los Angeles will host the Olympic games in the next 11 years.
As what once appeared to be something of a long shot bid for the games looks increasingly likely to succeed (whether the city hosts in 2024 or 2028), greater attention has been paid to the privately funded bid itself. continue reading

Mack Urban’s Tower Rises in South Park

Construction has progressed more than 10 stories above ground at Mack Urban’s 38-story tower in South Park, nearly one year after breaking ground at the corner of 12th Street and Grand Avenue.
The project, which is the second phase of a $1.2-billion development with AECOM Capital, is creating 512 residential units, 10,000 square feet of retail space and parking for 752 vehicles.  At completion, the building will rise to a peak height of 490 feet when accounting to a planned rooftop spire. Continue reading 

First Look at Onni’s Upcoming Hollywood Tower. Just Another Tower Coming to Hollywood Soon

Onni Group is expanding its Los Angeles area building spree to Hollywood, per an environmental report published today by the Department of City Planning.
The Canadian firm’s latest project calls for the construction of a 21-story tower at 1360 N. Vine Street, creating 429 residential units, parking for 677 vehicles and upwards of 60,000 square feet of pedestrian-oriented commercial space.  The proposed development would allow for either office space or a grocery store, in addition to neighborhood-serving commercial uses. Continue reading

Lakers Nation. Lakers Draft Lonzo Ball Then Coach Luke Walton Declare he Was The one Player We Wanted all Along, And Lavall BAll Guarantee The Lakers To Make The Playoff This Coming Season

Lakers nation  If I was Magic Johnson, I will Resend the D Angelo Trade just to give the Lakers Nation a chance to see what Lonzo Ball and D Angelo can do together on the back court as  The message has been sent to D Angelo  already  put your act  together or you  will be traded at no cost If the Lakers have to.  Continue to read.