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Lakers Nation. ulis???? Who is He ? I have never Even Heard Of Him. He looks Like a Sperstar Out There Against Lonzo. This Is What we Are Talking About.

Lakers Nation Ulis Of all people. Who is this guy. Being defended by Lonzo on the 4th quarter . He looks like a superstar with the same move over and over and scoring at will. on the other Lonzo no impact what so ever cant even score a layups. Man There is a lot of work to do here. the talent seem to be there thankfully but . There is a but there. so far some thing seem to be missing . we understand he is still a rookie,. But 29 % shooting? for a guard 50 % Free throws my goodness that is scary. How in the world you are going to put this guy on the floor on the 4th not being able to shoot free Throws.  Man I have never heard of that before. He is going to have to practice hard every day to improve that. This cannot go on for ever. it will be a disaster For Magic and the Lakers. They did so well with Guzma. He may turn out to be their best player after all. When he decide to score. That guy is deadly. I do not know why he waited the second half to start doing it. Has far as Randle is concern I think They should trade him. He is not a consistent hard worker. I am sorry man

Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle looks to pass during the second half of an NBA preseason basketball game against the Denver Nuggets, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, in Ontario, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Downtown Los Angeles. We Came A Long Way In A Short Period Of Time

We came a long way in a short period of time. Downtown Los Angeles. Are you with us?

for more to come this is where we are going with much more to come. Come visit Los Angeles in 2028 during the Olympics you will not believe your eyes . It is a guarantee.





Lakers Nation. It has Been With Sadness Watching The Lakers Play The Last 3 Games. The Talent is There But The Preparation and The Mental To Play Games On The Road Just Left to Be Desire. Talking About Having A bad Test In your Mouth. Man

Lakers Nation . Against Boston the Lakers had an opportunity to steal that game. But came to loose the game . not ready to play the first two quarters as the result lost the game. Against Washington they didn’t even bother to show up and we can have an excuse for it. Young team not used to back to back. Then against the Bucks a team that played a night before was on the game for 3 quarters then went on a funk with 4 turn overs. I mean dumb turn overs. They didn’t even shoot the ball during those turn overs and most of them underneath the basket. They penetrate almost at the basket instead of shooting it , instead they try to pass it for a turn over. I can understand ball kuzma mistakes on those instance . This is their first year so i can understand that . But Clarkson, Randle   who has been here for a while cannot determine a 3 second in the key , over dribbling, Moving picks . not paying attention to pick and roll . so sad to watch. These guys need to be toughed to play basketball. some one needs to watch video with them and tell them this is bad , please do not do it again that way. When you are on the road you cannot turn the ball over. You cannot come not ready to play. You must practice your free throw. every one who ever watch basketball knows that. It is sad to see them missing free throw after free throws on the road not ready to shoot them telling me they didn’t practice their free throws enough before coming to the game. and that is the coaching  responsibility to make sure they practice enough  , It is so stressful seating there and watching them make mistakes after mistakes after mistakes. Just unbelievable.  Then to compensate from this, they have this issue with Randle that is being feed to the news every day  . How can one player or the team for that matter  concentrate  with that ? Just way too much distraction. If you are not going to keep Randle do you have to let him know that every day and the man is trying to play basketball. Do we care listening to all these craps every day? of course no. we just want to watch basketball period. keep all those garbage to yourself . Can.t you learn to keep a secret. Haven’t you learn. You just got busted by the league for Paul George for not keeping your mouth shut and you have not yet to change. Every body is a rookie on that team. The players rookies, the coach rookies , management rookies. it is just incredible.

By the way Mr. Ball congratulation on your record breaking game. the youngest rookie with a triple double. I wished we could have sold it for a win. And i Am sure Lonzo would have agreed with me

Lakers Nation. It Must be Hard as a Coach Sitting on The Bench Watching Your Team Against Their Biggest Rivarly Playing To Loose Rather to Win Until It is too Late. It Has Been 3 Games Since this Young Season Began, The Lakers will fall behind By 20 points and loose at the end Trying to Get back. It seems like Every Game They have to give up A 3 Pointer at The end of a Quarter. This Was A missed Opportunity To Steal One.

Celtics hold off Lakers surge: 3 takeaways

Lakers Nation. Lakers leading The GAme By 22 Points on The 4Th Quarter. Suddenly Youth Kicked In. Rookie Mistakes After Another. Lonzo BAll 2 Airball 3 Pointers on the 4th And one Turn over. Guzma walking With The Ball. Carson Over Dribling With The Ball Made turn overs After turn Overs. Until The game Was Down to 3 Points With MemPhis Having a Chance to Tight The Game

Lakers Nation, It was a wild finish at The Staple Centers. Hope they learn from it.  Every game the Lakers seem to give a 3 points at the end of the quarter included today. With 5 second on the clock a Memphis player took the ball from their back court dribble the ball all the way to the 3 point line unmolested with Randle retrieving instead of going toward the Guy shooting a 3 point wide open to score.  At second to go all he can do is shoot it from far or the clock will run out . So why is Randle  running away from him toward the Lakers rim  instead going toward him. Didn’t make sense to me. Isn’t that just common sense?  Aside of all those rookie mistakes, Let give applause to the young Lakers. They play a great game. Still a lot to learn. Lonzo you have yet to prove to be a good 3 point shooter so far in The NBA. With game on the Line. Can you please stop shooting air ball 3 pointers.     Brandon Ingram, Lakers Overcome Lonzo Ball’s Shooting Struggles, Beat Grizzlies

Brandon Ingram, Lakers Overcome Lonzo Ball's Shooting Struggles, Beat Grizzlies


Lakers Nation. Lonzo Ball And The Staters CAme not Ready to Play and Was Down by 18 Points. The second Unis Effort Brought The team Back Took The Lead But yet Again Lost. Sounds Familiar

Lakers Nation. We understand Ball is a rookie. But when you have been given the key to the best car in the NBA. I think Effort Should be a minimum you should give to the fans. They always say as the leader goes so goes the Rest of the team . Truly for 2 quarters Ball was just going thru the motion. I mean we are talking about zero points , no defense what so ever, no penetration I mean just passing it on the catch. We understand the talent is there but as a professional player you score zero points on a game, I think you need to start looking at the mirror. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. He is Young, He will improve and I am confidant in that but we are just pushing for a better emotion. If we do not do it how will he knows. Over all we are satisfy with the team progress so far . The effort was there as usual specially from the bench The future look bright. Kuzma is a rookie as well . He was picked way down there. if he can bring it every night I think Lonzo can as well. May be the Lakers needs help from Daddy to push The envelop a little bit . I am sure he will listen to Daddy. How are you expect to score if you do not shoot. I wish They can eject Kobe’s Heart inside BAll. It is so sad that Larry Nance broke his hand. He is one fighter the Lakers have, This Is one of reason why I wanted him to play from the bench. Health issues.

Lonzo Ball held scoreless in Lakers’ loss to Blazers