A Message To young Brothers LeBron James and Kevin Durant. I have Made a Similar Advise before. This is just a Reminder

  • when Dwight Howard played for the Lakers, I met him once that day he seemed like a very nice guy to me and I instantly liked him and he told me to come to the game to watch the Lakers. I had told him I never missed a Lakers game on T.V. and I want you to stay with the Lakers. He didnt say any thing in reply. I wanted him to succeed so bad just for him being so nice to me. yet he chose the wrong way and that was his choice I understand. he had a chance to go to the warriors or stay with the Lakers but chose the Houston and could have been winning championships by now. it takes one wrong turn to blew it. My advise to Kevin Durant and LeBron James today is as followed. You both will not be wrong if you come to the Lakers. The Lakers is basically the only team that can absorbed 2 max players. and this is an opportunity of a life time you can not miss. just like Luke Walton said . The Lakers job was too good of the opportunity for him to pass. you both can say the same thing today and you will not go wrong for years to come. there is no way both of you at your prime with a combination of young players talent will progress faster with your presence in some of them with a chance to even be superstars themselves you can go wrong no way in the world. instead of trying to kill yourselves for years trying to save franchises. it is not about saving franchises but about your legacy. just imagine how much championships you both can win together. and in the process cure all your problems and more. winning cure most problem. LeBron can surpass Michael Jordan and prove all critics wrong including me by coming to the west and duplicating his record from the east going to the final years after years and this time winning and winning big. Kevin will never had to look back one day and became another Charles Barkley people lough at all the time by winning championships. fox this is not rocket scientist thinking here . It is just common sense. How in the world some one can pass such an opportunity. all both have to do right now call each other and just say brother what do you think no way in the world durant will say no or LeBron for that same matter nor the Lakers. all you have to do after that wait July 1 to sign that contract and no reason to wait or trying to visit teams after teams after teams. Take my advise brothers you will one day look back and say that brothers was right. I will just need a thank you from you no more than that. An advise from a brother to younger brothers who loves you and want you to succeed. I have been hard on LeBron lately but do not take it the wrong way brother. I speak the truth to boost you to make the right decision but not to hurt you like you may think. Look at how beautiful it all blind together.