Ayesha Curry says NBA Finals are ‘absolutely rigged’, apologizes

Well any body who thinks the NBA is perfect, has a serious  problem. The warriors got robbed of the championship and the NBA was not part of the solution but rather part of the problem. I explain. their interference in An NBA final is a serious problem and they should not be trusted nor given full power to make decision because for one the NBA is not equipped with a management intelligent enough to make good decision. Most of the NBA managers have a basket ball knowledge but lacks enough school intelligent or well rounded knowledge to make good decision. Rarely you will see them with an MBA degree or more. you will be lucky if you can find one with a 4 years of colleges. Any one personne who cannot see the difference between this play

 Image result of draymond green leg kicking okcand this one  I am sorry to report he is Dumb or prejudice.  it is so sad to notice this came from the league. Boy the League Has a serious problem on their hand and they need to start hiring MBA Graduate or better to alleviate the problem . The Warriors got robbed big time by the league. it is not LeBron fault I should add no one will refuse a key to a Royce roll. People always say in a 7 games series the best team always win. the way The Cavs became better than the warriors was by substruction caused by the league stupid decision of given Green a flagrant fault on purpose. I dot even understand why green has to apologized of being his fault when they got robbed. the league is the one who should apologize to them. you get robbed and apologized for being robbed. what is that all about.        read this paragraph