Big, Bad Cavs Bully Raptors to Open Series

Once again Cleveland Cavaliers trash another inferiors opponent in the east  the Toronto Raptors .  The so call east Final. Despite the fact that Cleveland is loaded to the teeth with ex best players from another teams. The LeBron nation Fans included well respected journalists blind side by the love of LeBron the king of kings would  want to make you believe you take LeBron and put him in another team the world over the team is the best in the world then to add to their blindness they have the audacity to compare his loaded team of ex best players of teams to curry team for example. the excuse curry has Drummond and so and so. LeBron went from Cleveland to Mia to form an elite team with Bosh and Wade call the big three. He went from Miami back to Cleveland to join carvin and Kevin love and on top of it added any king of best players from other teams. yet LeBron has no good players around him. so ridiculous. I have never seen a collection of so many people blindsided by the love of one personne. you wonder what happened to their brains did it move from up there to down there. His team is so loaded how in the world he cannot win a championship. I wonder which excuse they will have this time around if he doesnt. LeBron is a great player we all know that but you have gone behind reality with your none sense he shall receive the MVP every year even when some one else deserve it.  There is no way he can fail with the team he has now. It will not make any sense.

Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game One