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Airport chaos, flights canceled: Spirit Airlines apologizes. The Sad World We Live In Today. A Trend. For Anything, With the word Airlines On It is Big News. I guess The Media Have found A Story to Tell. Now Every body Thinks They have Found A way to Make Big Box By suing Airlines. Any stupid Story Is In The News These Days Included those That Has Been Happening For Years.

DO you see any thing wrong about Cancelling Flights when there is a good Raison to do So? Is This The first time an airline has Cancelled flights since their existence? No So what The Problem Now And Then. Did security  of Humain Being  in arm way out wage cancelling  flights? Those are questions that need to be asked . Why are the medias Blowing out of proportion these stories that have been in existence as far as the airlines have been in existence? a Trend. The media has found a story to tell to make money. The people have found excuses to think they can sue the airlines and make money like the united story did. These days for any thing people want to get pay. every body now want to bring all their bags inside the airplane and no one should  say any thing to them afraid it will be on the news. This is a FAA mandate  to limite the amount of bags that should go inside the plane for the plane safety and the safety of people on board. but since the passengers have been empowered to do any thing they want these days. We see more fights inside planes like we haven’t seen before. You can no longer say anything to a passenger these days. and it is a sad story. I hope it come to a stop soon so that people can return to regular life living. I guess the media are just waiting for a new story to tell before we can move on. Until then , This is the trend. Can some one find them another big story to tell please.    continu reading  

United reaches settlement with passenger, pledges changes

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United reaches settlement with passenger, pledges changes


Delta’s relocation to LAX Terminals 2 and 3 scheduled for May 12-17 in first step of planned $1.9 billion Delta Sky Way at LAX

Delta Air Lines and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) will orchestrate one of the largest terminal moves in the history of commercial aviation when Delta relocates from Terminals 5 and 6 to Terminals 2 and 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in May, and Delta customers will reap the benefits from day one.LAX Terminal 2 before and after.


The move, scheduled to start on May 12, will impact 21 airlines during a one-week period and is a precursor to the Delta Sky Way at LAX, Delta’s $1.9 billion plan to modernize, upgrade and connect Terminals 2, 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX over the next seven years. continu reading

Delta Air Lines





How Delta Landed on the 100 Best Companies to Work For List. The only Airlines in the world to do so

The next time you have a bad day at work, imagine you’re instead in an airport surrounded by hundreds of frustrated customers demanding to know when they’ll get home. Or try ­explaining an unexpected layover to a plane full of grumpy passengers. That sort of pressure is why the airline industry is among the most stressful of work environments. But in the case of Delta Air Lines (dal, +1.40%), many employees don’t just tolerate their jobs. They love them.

Among the companies that made the cut for Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, the most surprising may well be Delta, which is on the list this year for the first time; it’s also the first airline to make the cut in a dozen years. Unlike staff at many other firms on the list, Delta’s employees deal with the public on a regular basis, and they work in an industry known for ruthless cost cutting and economic shocks. Meanwhile, Delta doesn’t offer free haircuts or massages or other lavish perks that are familiar in fields like finance and technology. In fact, only about 5,700 of the company’s more than 85,000 employees work at headquarters—the rest are scattered in the air or on the ground at airports around the world. Continue reading

The Delta Airlines main Line Fleet. Les Avions de Delta Airlines sans Compter Les regionales

This article is about the mainline Delta Air Lines Fleet, including the historical fleets of Delta Air Lines. For the fleet of Delta’s former regional subsidiary, see Comair.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER landing at London’s Heathrow Airport

continu reading As of February 2017, the Delta Air Lines mainline fleet comprises 848 aircraft in service, making it one of the largest airline fleets in the world. Before merging with Northwest Airlines in 2009, Delta Air Lines operated an all-Boeing and McDonnell Douglas fleet; it incorporated Northwest’s Airbus aircraft into its fleet following the merger and subsequently ordered further Airbus types. Delta is known for its policy of generally buying older generation or used aircraft and for continuing to fly aircraft for 20–30 years, much longer than most other major airlines. As such, it has one of the oldest fleets of any American airline, with an average fleet age of 17.1 years as of December 29, 2016.[1] Fellow legacy carriers American Airlines and United Airlines have much younger fleets; as of December 29, 2016, American had an average fleet age of 10.3 years, while United had an average fleet age of 14.1 years.[2]  

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Extraodinary Video of one of The world Biggest Airport LAX, Los Angeles world Airport

Watch Los Angeles world airport one of the biggest airport the world have ever known. the extraordinary Video Of LOs Angeles World Airport Like you have never seen it before


LAX breaks ground on new concourse at Tom Bradley International Terminal

Los Angeles World Airports, which operates Los Angeles International Airport, broke ground today on an addition to Tom Bradley International Terminal aimed at helping passengers get to and from planes more easily.

The project, called the Midfield Satellite Concourse, will connect to Tom Bradley by way of a tunnel with three sets of moving sidewalks.

The concourse will have 12 new gates, two of which will accommodate the girth of the new-generation Airbus 380 super jumbo and Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, 60,000 square feet of lounges, 44,000 square feet of food and shops, and two nursing rooms. Continu reading

Delta wins Business Airline of the Year 25th January 2017

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has been named Business Airline of the Year 2017 at the U.K.’s Business Travel Awards, beating competition from airlines including EasyJet, Etihad Airways, Norwegian and Qatar Airways.  The award is a first for Delta at the annual event, and the first time in over a decade that a U.S. airline has scooped the title.

The 22nd Business Travel Awards were judged by a panel of corporate travel managers and industry specialists, who credited Delta both for its commitment to corporate travelers and its extensive corporate social responsibility program, which includes partnering with The Prince’s Trust and supporting the arts through sponsorship of the Donmar Warehouse and The National Theatre.  Additional community projects are planned in the U.K. for the coming months. Continu reading

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Delta Airlines celebrates 10 years as the Official Airline of the GRAMMY Awards

Delta's picture                                    Ted Jensen's 2002 Grammy.jpg

Los Angeles’ awards season continued last week with the 59th GRAMMY Awards, presented live from STAPLES Center on Sunday night. Delta celebrated 10 years as the Official Airline of the GRAMMY Awards and added a new designation as the Official Supporter of First Time Nominees in recognition of a decade of partnership and artists realizing their dreams for the first time.

Delta kicked off GRAMMY weekend festivities at its annual pre-GRAMMY event in Los Angeles on Thursday evening with more than 450 customers, friends, influencers and celebrities, including Halsey, Elle King, Gabby Douglas, Kandi Burrus, Andy Grammar, Adrienne C. Moore, Serinda Swan, Serayah McNeil, Daya, Mya and Kirstin Maldonado. Continu reading

Delta Airlines At Lax is In A Transition Process From Terminal 5 and 6 to Terminal 2 and 3

Terminal 5 and 6 have served Delta well over the years. With business getting better and stronger, Obviously terminal 5 has reached a boiling point to necessity for a change to a Bigger Terminal with more gates. As the result of this, delta Airlines In Los Angeles is moving to terminal 2 and 3 For the purpose of Improving it Services to   Their Beloved Customers as well as to the Delta family . Transition in the move has Never been an easy thing to do  therefore there may be a time period of Distraction   that may confuse the  Delta valued costumers around the world. So Delta is Asking  their valued customers for patience  during this Transition period that is supposed to last until approximately the Month of May to June for a better futur . The Delta Family  is giving a sincere apologie to their  valued customers for any Inconvenience that may occur as the result of this transition. The  Delta Family Highly valued their Customers  and are doing every thing they can to make the transition short and less unpleasant. Be assure in the next Few Months to come, Delta strongly believes this move will greatly benefit  it customers around the world  as well as   the Delta family.

Sincerely , On behalf of Mr. Ed Bastian The CEO of Delta Airlines, The Man of The Hour And the Delta People.

Delta Airlines Boeing 747-451s Landing and Takeoff From ...