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Florent Mbesse Present Donald Trump le President Le plus Riche de L histoire des Etats Unis

L une des raisons pour laquelle Donald Trump etait vote le President des Etats Unis. Si il peut reussir dans le business Il peut faire des Etats Unis Plus riche. Il Nya plus rien a voler Quand on est deja aussi riche.

Allen Degeneres First Kiss

I was Interested on Allen DeGeneres First Kiss. Thinking Whooow She finally did it. She finally discovered what she has been missing all this time. Clicking on the picture to lean more I was disappointed to realize that it was just more of the anti aging commercial if anything. What a Disappointment. Hey Allen Try it more you may like it. It doesn’t hurt to keep trying.

George Michael died of natural causes, British coroner says

LONDON — George Michael died of natural causes as the result of heart disease and a fatty liver, a British coroner said Tuesday.

Darren Salter, senior coroner for the county of Oxfordshire in southern England, said a post-mortem has found that the singer died of “dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.”

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the left ventricle of the heart becomes stretched and weakened, limiting the heart’s ability to pump blood. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle.

The former Wham! singer-songwriter was found dead at his country home in Oxfordshire on Dec. 25. He was 53.

An initial autopsy failed to determine the cause of death. Continu reading

FILE - In this Dec. 2, 1993 file photo, George Michael performs at "Concert of Hope" to mark World AIDS Day at London's Wembley Arena. According to a publicist on Sunday, Dec. 25, 2016, the singer has died at the age of 53. (AP Photo/Gill Allen)

Pentatonix Acapella Group Sings 25 Michael Jackson Songs in 6 minutes

The evolution of Michael Jackson by a capella performers Pentatonix has already been viewed millions of times since its release earlier this week. The group sang a collaboration of 25 of MJ’s best known songs in about six minutes. Jackson , also known as the King of Pop died June 25, 2009. He was the eighth member of the Jackson family and was part of the group Jackson 5. He began his solo career in 1971.

Grammys leaving LA for New York in 2018 But the show will return to Staples Center the following year

“Last Night was One of the best Grammy’s I have seen For a while. New York is supposed to be the goat. L.A. is the Goat In the making . It is Getting closer and Closer before The thrown be handed to The City Of Angeles. Just A matter of time before it is confirmed if is it not already been the case,  sorry”

After a long run of consecutive shows held in Downtown LA, it looks like the Grammy Awards are heading back to New York City in 2018. Billboard reports that the long-rumored return of the music industry’s biggest awards show to Madison Square Garden is now all but a done deal.

The Grammys won’t be gone for long though; in 2019, the show will reportedly return to the Staples Center as part of a multi-year agreement with venue owners AEG. Continu reading

The Lance Armstrong Story: Life after Oprah

“Let put it This way. When the 7 years That Armstrong won The tour the France is mansion today or in the futur in a negative or positive way , The name Lance Armstrong will be the center peace whether you like it or not. It is a story that will never be erased. To me the tour the France is a Drug sport that has been and will continu to be until some one get caught. In other words Drogues fighting drogues and may the best drogues win. until some one doesn’t like you and want to destroy you. the most important thing were, we were entertained during those 7 years like I can’t remember. I tried to watch the tour the France this years it was so boring that  I had to turn my T.V. off. I would rather go Back re watch  the Armstrong dominance era than to watch today’s tour the France. The fun is simply no longer like it used to be and that is my opinion.  “

Armstrong spoke with veteran journalist Joe Lindsey of Bicycling magazine in his Austin, Texas, home for almost two hours. We’re running the full transcript from that conversation at Armstrong’s request. Continu reading

Putin gives Russian citizenship to action Film actor Seagal. Well Steven Seagal Is No Longer needed in America As You May have Noticed Already. He is Oversized Now to Be of any Use In any Good Martial Arts Movies . Ruassia Will be A Nice Retirement Place For Redemption. I wonder what Kind Of Movies Should We Espect from Him From Russia?

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded Russian citizenship to action film actor Steven Seagal.

The 64-year-old Seagal has been a regular visitor to Russia in recent years and has accompanied Putin to several martial arts events, as well as vocally defending the Russian leader’s policies. Continu reading

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with U.S. actor Steven Seagal while visiting an oceanarium at Russky Island in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, Russia, September 4, 2015.

Angelina Jolie ‘consoled’ by Johnny Depp: The Hollywood Saga. The Triangle Affair, They Rarely Last 10 Years. C est Un Circle Vicieux. When Your Choice Are Limited. This is The result. So Who is Next

They Cannot go Outside of their circle because they are afraid to get ripoff as the result, They always wonder around the same circle. I will not be surprise if Johnny turn out to be the next Candidate. I Guess Money cannot buy every thing. There will be a next for sure probably inside that circle again  Read The real story

This comes after Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last week.Angelina Jolie has reportedly turned to Johnny Depp for a shoulder to cry on over her split from Brad Pitt.Depp starred alongside Jolie in 2010’s The Tourist and the pair has reportedly stayed in touch over the years, British newspaper The Sun reports.“Angelina idolized Johnny for years before she worked with him on The Tourist, and then the pair of them really hit it off on set,” a source told the publication.They have since been in more frequent contact since news broke that Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last week.“The two of them have stayed in touch ever since then, and spoke regularly during the storm that surrounded Johnny’s break up with Amber,” the source continued.Johnny also reportedly advised Angelina to contact Laura Wasser, the lawyer who handled his messy divorce from Amber Heard recently.“There’s no suggestion that their closeness played any part in Angelina and Brad’s split. But they have been speaking about the situation, the source added. “Her friends are now speculating about what could happen between them if she and Brad are not reconciled and their divorce goes through.”Remember how Angelina and Brad initially got together after hitting it off on set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith all those years ago while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston?Angelina Jolie has reportedly turned to Johnny Depp for a shoulder to cry on.

Comment Se Fait t il Que Los Angeles Qui Etait La 57 eme Ville des ETats Unis est Devenu La Deuxieme Plus Grande avec tout Indication Qu Elle sera LA Premiere

Los Angeles est aujourdh ui Pratiquement la moitie de toute la France qui existe des milliers d annees avant a l age de 234 ans, Plus grand que le Pays de la Hollande. Plus de 10 fois plus grand que tout le Gabon? Comment cela a t il ete possible? c est aussi simple.   Les Habitants de Los Angeles ont crees en Bois Un signe appele Hollywood. Ils sont alle le Percher sur une colline ou tout le monde qui arrive a los Angeles peut le voir. avec ca ils ont Crees une compagnie de Cinema. Music L art, ect… ect……et  avec ca ils ont crees le travail après travail après travail et le monde entier est venu pour investir, developer la ville a une vitesse exceptionelle. Dont Tous les plus grand stars du monde ont choisis d y habiter et voila en quelques mots la description de Los Angeles et son developement. Comme par hazard le Nom qui avait ete donne qui est Los Angeles veut dire en espagnole la Ville des Anges.

Exclusive Photos: Inside LeBron James’s New Los Angeles House

How can you love the city without loving the most glamour Est team in it ? The kids go ask daddy.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James appeared in the summer comedy Trainwreck, critics were impressed with his acting chops and his knack for comedy. Maybe he’s thinking about a few more film roles: Variety revealed last week that James has just bought himself a fancy mansion in Los Angeles’s fancy Brentwood neighborhood. The 9,350-square-foot house was custom built by “mansion specialist” Ken Ungar in 2011 for a real estate developer, his wife, and their family. The house wasn’t listed on the open market, but Curbed has gotten its hands on photos of the house taken a few years back; you can just mentally superimpose the 6’8″ James into them. continu to read