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For Those Who Think Los Angeles Has Too Many Buildings Being Built. This Is New York City And Under Neath Los Angeles, California. I do not See People In New York Crying About Traffic and Too Many Buildings, Instead They Seem to Enjoy it.

For Those who Thinks Los Angeles has too many buildings. This is New York City, New York.

This is Los Angeles, California


California: Don’t Leave America. Bring America To Us. If CAlifornia Was A Country, CAlifornia Would Have Been The 7th Largest Economy In The world

For many of us in California, the election of Donald Trump came as a sobering reminder that, despite our state’s status as the 7th largest economy in the world and our commitments to environmental stewardship, inclusion, justice, and equity, we still represent just 1/8th of America’s population. Many of our fellow countrymen do not share these Californian values, or they feel shut out from the opportunity we enjoy here. In response, they’re sending us all down very different path than the one we’ve outlined for ourselves. Continu reading

Curbed Cup 2016: Nominate this year’s best LA neighborhood! See If Your Neighborhood is the best In Los Angeles.

The year is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for Curbed Cup—the annual competition for Los Angeles’s Neighborhood of the Year!

For nearly a decade, Curbed readers have chosen LA’s best neighborhood in a oft-heated tournament that celebrates local pride and civic developments.

This year, 16 neighborhoods will face off for the prize (a golden jpeg) and the coveted title. But before it can begin, we need your input: Which neighborhoods deserve a spot in the bracket? Continu to read

CityAge Returns to Los Angeles The international network of 5,000 leaders in the business of city-building returns to Los Angeles

12803158_877180005744611_18327263066125147_ndowntown LA

Leaders in business, government and research return to Los Angeles on November 10 for CityAge: Build the Future.

CityAge: Build the Future, in Downtown Los Angeles on November 10, will look at the investments in infrastructure, innovation, resilience, transportation and energy systems that are required to build a globally competitive urban economy in the 21st Century. Continu reading

CityAge – Build the Future – Los Angeles ~ November 10, 2016

New York Time VS Florent Mbesse Blog : Greater Los Angeles VS New York City The Big Apple

Hey “New York Time” Take a good Look at Los Angeles beaches Not like New York Hudson River  , Los Angeles is not a one dimensional city with all eggs in one basket people stack on top of each other like hunts apartments not houses sold by inches, extremely Hot in Summer and extremely cold in winter.    Enjoy The beach life you barely have From Greater Los Angeles The city that scares New York The most.

The New York Times Still Botching Its Stories About LA

The New York Times Was surprised to learn that Los Angeles Has A subway and totally mucked  it up. According to the writer assigned to write about LA subway.  The expo line is not a subway, it is a light rail That extend From Downtown LA to the Santa Monica . That is right. I guess the writer Never Been to Paris where The subway is much better than The New York old dirty subway and by choice I have never taken The New York subway Despite the fact I have been in New York Several times. And I have never miss to Take the Paris subway every time I am in Paris feeling so much Comfortable with it. May be he needs to one day adventure in Paris and  ride the light rail From Charles De Gaulle Airport to La Gare Du Nord he will Then understand How much better it looks Than The New York old Dirty subway.

Then he Mucked The Los Angeles purple Line under Ground subway under construction The extension to Westwood from Western   Not arriving to the sea. Well New York is About 150 years older than Los Angeles and Los Angeles subway is relatively young. in fact so much younger than that of dirt old new York Subway. It is Just a Matter of time Before there is a subway every were in LA . A city a Lot wider Than New York being a city of all eggs in one Basket. I mean  you can cross New York in 25 minutes while it will take almost 3 hours to cross Los Angeles.

New York is so scared of Los Angeles that they keep looking over Their shoulder and Noticing The time New York the Highland will be surpassed By Los Angeles The city of Cities Loved By Most stars keep getting closer and closer. Los Angeles is The futur of The US. Not New York The highland. How much More will you Be able to add in Manhattan? Not Very Much were as In Los Angeles sky The Limite. It is The matter of Time Brother. Read The full Story