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UPDATED: DIRECTV & Raycom Extend Deadline

The biggest mistake DIRECTV ever made was to team up with ATT and we can understand why. in an age were satellite TV are being challenged  by the internet replacing satellite for their survival  they had no choice but to team up with an internet company and ATT is probably one of the biggest in the Nation but the problem with ATT they have the worse customer service I have ever seen. they will sign a contract with you for one year then will change it at will without notice, they will lie to you . once you are in you are at their merci for at least a year. you cannot get out  because they will call it a breach of contract even though they are the one breaching the contract by changing it without notice before the year is over, they will threaten you  with penalty you cannot afford. so in another word you are obligated to stay if you care about them not destroying your credibility even though it will not destroy your credit, What kind of customer service is that. the last time I check lying, stealing  is not supposed to be part of the word customer service . a contract for a year should mean a contract for a year with no hidden agenda .  their attitude derives from the fact that they own wiring and a big chunk of it around the country and most internet company have to go thru their wiring in order to offer internet to customer. When you have such a monopoly power you can basically  afford to do any thing you want including lying and cheating to your customer with little consequences. I guarantee you if ATT didn’t have that kind of monopoly , they wouldn’t probably  survive in this business with that kind of attitude specially now with the competition hitting up. with that bad reputation DIRECTV plunged themselves into   a bad partnership that bringing them  a lot of problems they may not have had by themselves. DIRECTV will send a different billing ATT will send their own not matching theirs . It was a night mare being a customer of them. I will never ever be associate with those two again not in my life time. they keep sending me all these come back deals  I keep throwing them into the trash can because I exactly know what it intel bad customer service.   DIRECTV like ATT customer are stuck in the mud. I wish they had join Comcast now spectrum who’s customer service is so much better. It is really sad to see them stuck with so much problems and a lot of them caused by ATT customer service behaviour although this one may not be ATT fault  continue to read DirecTV & Raycom Extend Deadline

How This Clever New Device Prevents $1,000s In Car Repairs. Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Mechanics.

“No women should Go see a mechanic without their boyfriend. Bad mechanics will make them pay more than they should. Not too long ago, I had a car problem in the middle of the freeway, so my tow car took me to their mechanic that he proposed to me while we were driving. I was on my way to the airport flying  to Edmonton, Canada and cancelled the all trip because of that. Desperate to have my car fix I took the bate. after all said and done I was charged almost 500 dollars. when I came to pick up the car and asked what was the problem about looking at the bill. It was a spark plogues problem. $500 for spark plogues I can replace myself as some one who has an aircraft engineering degree. Are you kidding me. but the car was already fixed so there wasn’t any reason to complain and make a big deal out of it. I just said to myself lesson learn for to day.”

(…and why mechanics are desperate to keep it out of your hands)

Have you ever gone to get a simple oil change only to have the mechanic hit you with a long list of repairs that cost $100s — even $1,000s?

Of course. It happens to everyone, because shops don’t make money on oil changes and tire rotations. Their business model is built around “upsells” and they have to hit you with other services to make a profit.

Sadly, most of us are easy prey. Mechanics call the check engine light the “idiot light” for a reason. They know that the average person doesn’t know enough to question what services and repairs are needed.

And so we all just end up blindly paying to have things done whether we need it or not. Continu reading


Quiz: Which Los Angeles neighborhood should you live in? This quiz will divine the perfect LA neighborhood for your personality

Los Angeles is a city of eclectic neighborhoods—your LA experience and your day-to-day life will be completely different in Venice than in Koreatown, or in Highland Park or Calabasas. So are you living in the right place? Which one is the right neighborhood for you? Our quiz will do all the hard work of figuring that out for you, peering into your soul and finding the place that’ll fit your needs. Have fun! Continu reading

Los Angeles, California, The City of Angeles, Soon To Become A World Fest City, A world gathering city.

With the super Bawl coming up next year to the most expensive stadium ever built in Inglewood, The NBA All Star Coming to the Staples Center  Next Year. A Possible 2024 Olympics or 2028 Olympics to Los Angeles, The world Cup, A North America City supposed to bid for it. It looks Like  Greater Los Angeles will be in the run again. The only True Olympic city In America if Not The world. Some one once suggested why Can’t we just have all the Olympics assigned to Los Angeles. Ah it is not going to happened. Just to tell you how good of the Olympic City Los Angeles is. Big in scope can welcome the all world without any problem, The Only city almost Guarantee to make money From any fest. How do you like me now Angelinos? I am on top of everything for you.

Allen Degeneres First Kiss

I was Interested on Allen DeGeneres First Kiss. Thinking Whooow She finally did it. She finally discovered what she has been missing all this time. Clicking on the picture to lean more I was disappointed to realize that it was just more of the anti aging commercial if anything. What a Disappointment. Hey Allen Try it more you may like it. It doesn’t hurt to keep trying.

For Those Who Think Los Angeles Has Too Many Buildings Being Built. This Is New York City And Under Neath Los Angeles, California. I do not See People In New York Crying About Traffic and Too Many Buildings, Instead They Seem to Enjoy it.

For Those who Thinks Los Angeles has too many buildings. This is New York City, New York.

This is Los Angeles, California


Places To Visite In Los Angeles, Certaines Places A Visiter Dans Los Angeles

Los Angeles Theatre, Sale de Cinema

The Los Angeles Theatre was the last of the great movie palaces built on Broadway and is one of the most accessible today, but really it should stand in here for a stroll down the length of Broadway through the Historic Core (roughly from Third Street, at Grand Central Market, to Olympic).

Among the Urban Outfitters and Umami Burgers and Ace Hotels, you’ll find the famously intricate Bradbury Building and a collection of grand movie theaters built in the years leading up to the Depression, some repurposed (that Urban Outfitters was a Rialto), some shuttered or converted to lesser uses, some on the verge of rehabilitation, and some back to their handsome old ways (the United Artists Theatre at the Ace).

The city’s also begun dedicating a little more of the street to pedestrians, with wider sidewalks and tables and chairs, so it’s a nice stretch of Downtown to hang out in

Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Walt Disney, Un Centre de Concert

The Frank Gehry masterpiece really is that striking and the Yasuhisa Toyota acoustics really do sound that good. Explore the building’s exterior folds from the sidewalk or the little-known but very nice second-level park (a.k.a. the Blue Ribbon Garden).

If you can swing it, treat yourself to LA Phil tickets to see the interiors; if you’re broke, get a glass of wine or a coffee at the cafe inside and enjoy it on the street-level outdoor dining area along Grand Avenue.

7 The Broad Museum

Though it just celebrated its one-year anniversary in September, The Broad Museum atop Bunker Hill in Downtown has definitely made itself an indispensable part of Los Angeles’s cultural landscape.

Within the confines of the honeycomb-covered building by Diller Scofido + Renfro, guests to the Broad will find contemporary art galore from the likes of Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari, Kara Walker, Jeff Koons, and Jasper Johns. There’s also the infinitely Instagramable piece by Yayoi Kusama entitled “Infinity Mirrored Room — The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” which requires separate reservations to enter; guests can make that reservation once they’re inside the museum.

The Broad is open daily except Monday, and entrance is free. The easiest way to get in is to reserve tickets online in advance, but there’s also on-site standby line for those who like to live spontaneously.



How the Oscars spent 73 years looking for a home A journey through the many venues of the Academy Awards

“Just Another example of Los Angeles The Goat To be. The Oscars is In Hollywood Los Angeles Tomorrow Night.  If you Have all The Stars in Los Angeles why do The Oscors else where?” for your information the Oscars have some thing to do with movies and the Academy Award  some thing to do with Music and they all are call entertainment  And They all are mostly run In Los Angeles. The capital Of Entertainment” Do you have something to say about that? The last time I checked Los Angeles was the city of Angeles. continu to read

View from the street of the Chinese Theatre as guests arrive for the Academy Awards.Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection

In 1949, the ceremonies were held in their strangest and most mysterious venue. Only days before the show, AMPAS announced that they would be holding the Oscars not on a soundstage as they planned, but in the “Academy Awards Theater” at their headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard in West Hollywood. Since the theater only sat 950 people, attendance was limited to “nominees, studio personnel involved with presentations and the press.”

In 1953, AMPAS finally allowed their arch-rival, television, to broadcast the show.

Officially, AMPAS claimed they had made the decision so they could put more of their money into cultural and educational programs. They were supposedly pleased with the decision, stating, “It has always been hoped to center activities of the organization in its own establishment.” According to film historian Robert Osborne, this was a bunch of malarkey. The sudden change was the direct result of the growing distrust of the studio system:

The major Hollywood studios—MGM, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount and RKO Radio—had withdrawn their financial support of the awards in order to remove rumors that they had been trying to exert their influence on voters. The new, shrunken seating capacity made it impossible to accommodate more than a fraction of those who hoped to attend, and the last-minute withdrawal of studio support had left no time for Academy officials to raise the needed funds to rent a larger location.

This experiment seems to have been a dismal failure. In 1950, the Oscars moved to the B. Marcus Priteca-designed Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, where they would stay for 10 years.

In 1953, AMPAS finally allowed their arch-rival, television, to broadcast the show. Millions of viewers across the country watched as Bob Hope hosted the proceedings from the palatial Art Deco theater. According to the LA Times, the interior of the Pantages reflected the change:

The stage was banked with flowers and plants and surmounted by Roman columns and a large Oscar as usual but something new had been added. At the back of the stage stood a giant TV screen, and smaller ones were scattered strategically throughout the auditorium. On all these screens the business on stage was repeated ad infinitum.

In 1961, the show moved again, this time to the new Welton Becket-designed Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, far from what most considered the heartbeat of Hollywood. “Interest in the Oscar and the awards continued to grow,” Robert Osborne writes in his book 80 Years of Oscar. “Simultaneously, the audience capacity at the Pantages…had been reduced…and after investigation, no other auditorium in the area was found by the Academy to be either big enough or available on the dates required.” Much to everyone’s surprise, the far-flung venue was a hit, according to the LA Times:

The Civic Auditorium in the Bay City proved to be the most spacious and commodious of the academy’s several one night stands down through the years. A looming expanse just a shell’s throw from the blue Pacific…of steel, glass, concrete, gala banners and welcoming red carpets. But the early night chill seeping in from the sea cast no damper on the proceedings taking place in this modern, sloping, pillarless (nobody sat behind a post) amphitheater packed with industry notables.

The Awards would stay at the Civic for most of the 1960s. In 1969, they moved to the theater most people now associate with the Oscars—the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Opened in 1964, the Pavilion was designed by Civic Auditorium architect Welton Becket in the New Formalism style.

In 1969, Downtown welcomed Hollywood with open arms, proclaiming the ceremony was back “after 40 years in the provinces.”

The Music Center’s construction was spearheaded by Dorothy Chandler, a member of one of the blue-blooded families that had once shunned Hollywood folk. Now, Downtown welcomed Hollywood with open arms, proclaiming the ceremony was back “after 40 years in the provinces.” The theater sat 3,197 people and bleachers were set up for another 3,000 spectators outside the venue. “In the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion the show will for the first time enjoy facilities suitable for what has evolved into not only a glittering social event but also a big and complicated theatrical production,” the LA Times enthused.

The Oscars stayed at the Pavilion for almost two decades and become synonymous in the public’s mind with the increasingly popular televised show. Many were shocked in 1988 when AMPAS chose to hold the sixtieth Academy Awards at the then rather decrepit Shrine Auditorium. Its reasons were twofold—the Shrine could accommodate almost twice as many people, and the venue gave the Academy more rehearsal days.

Until 2002, the Awards bounced between the “cold vastness of the Shrine” and the “cramped confines of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.” When the Oscars were held at the Pavilion, there was a frenzy each year over who got tickets. When it was held at the Shrine, many grumbled over its unsafe location, dingy accommodations, and a backstage so small reporters were “crammed in a tent.”

Oscar statues clustered inside the lobby of the Dolby Theatre.Elizabeth Daniels

These difficulties increasingly convinced the Academy that they needed a home of their own that would meet the many needs of the enormous telecast. This problem was solved when the Academy was approached by TrizecHahn Corporation, who wanted to build a grand new theater complex on Hollywood Boulevard.

AMPAS collaborated with TrizecHahn to build the perfect Academy Awards venue. “It had to be glamorous and beautiful, which we believe it is,” said Bob Rehme, former Academy president. “We wanted it designed to hold a live TV show, with a permanent main camera position. It had to have a large stage, like the Shrine or Radio City Music Hall. And it had to have a very large orchestra pit that could hold 75 musicians—no Broadway show has that big an orchestra.”

On March 24, 2002, the 74th Academy Awards were held at the new Kodak Theatre, just a stone’s throw away from the Roosevelt Hotel, where the journey had begun 73 shows before. For better or worse, the Academy Awards has finally come home—for now.

Delta Airlines celebrates 10 years as the Official Airline of the GRAMMY Awards

Delta's picture                                    Ted Jensen's 2002 Grammy.jpg

Los Angeles’ awards season continued last week with the 59th GRAMMY Awards, presented live from STAPLES Center on Sunday night. Delta celebrated 10 years as the Official Airline of the GRAMMY Awards and added a new designation as the Official Supporter of First Time Nominees in recognition of a decade of partnership and artists realizing their dreams for the first time.

Delta kicked off GRAMMY weekend festivities at its annual pre-GRAMMY event in Los Angeles on Thursday evening with more than 450 customers, friends, influencers and celebrities, including Halsey, Elle King, Gabby Douglas, Kandi Burrus, Andy Grammar, Adrienne C. Moore, Serinda Swan, Serayah McNeil, Daya, Mya and Kirstin Maldonado. Continu reading