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Lakers Nation: I have some Good News About Ivica Zubac 21 Points 12 Rebounds and The D Fenders From The D League

” I usually do Not watch the D league but since Zubac Had been sent to the D league, as A Lakers fans My interest of Watching the D Fenders had increased.    Today Zubac Helped the defenders defeat Northern Arizona,  The Suns  after a double over time game By Scoring 21 points and 12 rebounds. The D Fenders lead Grew to 31 points before Arizona mounted a furious come back to take the game to 2 over times before loosing.

This is my take of the game. On the First quarter alone zubac had 11 to 13 points already helping The D fenders to take the lead to 31 points. as you all know in the game of basketball teams do study the game and adjust accordingly. On the second half Arizona had adjusted their game as the result Zubac only scorer 7 points the rest of the way in regular time and 2 points during the 2 overs times. Arizona centers were obviously no match  to Zubac who is 7’1″. their centers were at the most 6’11”. so zubac was scoring at will.  they  then decided to  triple team Zubac every time he had the ball on the block. by triple teaming obviously 2 of the defenders players are left unguarded so the D fenders guard basically had a free passage to the basket  and wide open 3points the first 2 quarters.  They Suns decided not to triple team and guard the penetration as the result The D fenders started turning the ball over and chipping at the D fenders lead. Instead of going to Zubac to the bock to get double teamed, the guards continu to force  penetration while Zubac asking for the ball with his hands ready was basically ignored the rest of the way.  or very few times they tried to create for him. specially after  Zubac lost the ball twice during a triple team. to my opinion since the other team adjusted to how to play Zubac The D Fenders Coach Kobe Carl should have done the same. This is not a criticism of him as a bad coach but Rather an Observation of the facts. He should have called time out and encourage his team to go more to Zubac to create open shots for at least 2  teammates. Zubac Should have been told were the double team were coming for him to be ready to pass to open teammates. I remember the Shaq era when he was getting triple teamed. He will  rapidly give the ball back and received it back just to distract the defense. But Instead the Coach  told Them to Concentrate on defense which was ok because defense wins games but yet it doesn’t matter if you do not score leading by 31 points. They  should at least had matched basket and be alright. Instead they kept the same guard penetration that resulted on turnovers or not scoring at all   and ignored Zubac repeatedly asking for the ball inside with his hands ready I should add  a reason why they had achieved a 31 points lead in the first place. I hope after Coach Karl study the video he comes out with a better plan for next time. A coach has to adjust during the game not after the game. On zubac side with 21 points and 12 rebound, I think That was a good game. But with his size and skills he needs to be a little more assertive and I am sure with experience he will. he still seem to have that European softness in him. Other than that Good Game Brother . we love you the talent his there and we will be patient for your development.”