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City Council Approves Next Step for the DTLA Streetcar

The Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar, a signature project for 14th District Councilmember Jose Huizar and the Bringing Back Broadway initiative, took a step forward with the unanimous approval today of a new report by the Los Angeles City Council.  This action allows the City to begin formal discussions with Metro, which has earmarked $200 million for the project through the transportation sales tax imposed passed through Measure M.
The City of Los Angeles will explore ways in which Metro can release funds for the street car as soon as possible, as Measure M is currently not scheduled to fund construction until the 2050s.  The project team is also exploring a grant from the Federal government’s small starts program, as well as a potential public-private partnership to fund the project incrementally. Continue reading

Los Angeles 2024 Olympic venue plan impresses IOC committee in bid visit

LOS ANGELES – Following a visit to evaluate Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee’s commission couldn’t pick one adjective to describe the proposed venues.

So it chose many, all superlative, to describe what the group had seen over its three-day visit here last week.

As that commission takes its tour of Paris, which concludes Tuesday, it is LA 2024’s venue plan that left the impression bid leaders had hoped for. That plan, one which does not require the construction of any permanent venues, is one that they hope can help them secure the Games.

“The commission members were almost ecstatic about the level of the venues that they’ve found and that they’ve seen and that they’ve been able to meet those people that manage those venues,” said Patrick Baumann, chair of the IOC’s evaluation commission. “It goes from spectacular venues to impressive venues to mind-blowing venues to incredible venues. That certainly is an incredibly positive thing. And it’s positive because we’ve been able to really see them.” Continue reading


Measure S: live results for LA’s anti-development ballot measure

The future of development in the city of Los Angeles will be decided by Angelenos who voted today on Measure S, a proposal to limit what can be built.

The ballot measure, which was financed primarily by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, targets tall and bulky buildings. It would force a number of reforms to the city’s old planning system, and it would impose a two-year moratorium on any buildings that don’t comply with the city’s General Plan, which is like the bible for development.

Supporters say LA is overdeveloped. They argue developers have too much influence on elected officials, who approve amendments to the General Plan. Continu reading

New Views of the Big Redesign at the LA Convention Center By The Staples Center Home Of The Lakers

Earlier this week, a Los Angeles city panel chose the winning designs in the competition to design the $350-million reboot of the dusty old Los Angeles Convention Center. At the time, we had a few colorful renderings to go on, but now a ton of new renderings by the winning team of HMC Architects and Populous have popped up on Mayor Garcetti’s Facebook page (via Urbanize LA). read more


Talking About the Civic Center’s FAB Park Downtown Los Angeles

Nearly six months after our look at four competing visions for Downtown’s First and Broadway Park, the City of Los Angeles officially declared the design team of Mia Lehrer + Associates, the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and IDEO as the winner.

The two-acre FAB Park, budgeted at $28 million, will rise from a vacant lot in the heart of the Civic Center.  The property was previously home to a state office building, which was demolished due to earthquake damage in 1976. read more

Major Upgrades Slated for Union Station


The effort to improve efficiency and capacity at Union Station has taken another step forward, as Metro begins preparing an environmental impact report for a long-planned series of upgrades to the historic rail terminal.

Link Union Station, formerly known as the Southern California Interconnector Project, would allow Amtrak and Metrolink trains to pass directly through the station by creating as many as ten new tracks running south across the US-101 freeway trench, as well as a new loop track for operational flexibility.  This upgrade, previously budgeted at $350 million, would increase Union Station’s capacity by as much as 50% and shave train idling times by up to 25 minutes.  Currently, the station’s stub-end layout forces all trains to arrive and depart through the five-track throat located north of the railyard. Continu reading


Faite un Tour de Video de ce Building en Construction a Downtown Los Angeles. Je vous Guarantie Vous n avez Jamais vu Un Projet aussi Spectaculaire Dans Votre Vie

Ocean Plaza en construction en ce moment a Los Angeles en ville est telement spectaculaire , Vous N avez jamais vu quelque chose de la sorte dans votre vie guarantie.  prenez un tour de la video.




La Photo de L Annee

Les deux buildings en plain vue en construction sur cette photo seront plus grand que tous buildings sur cette photo. Idriss et Giscard Il y a au total 13 buildings en construction sur cette photo avec beaucoup d autres a venir qui n ont pas encore commence les travaux. d ici quelques annees, cette photo ressemblera a une pluie des buildings pour justifier le mot developement . clicke sur la photo pour la grande vue qui est manipulable