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Good Morning Angelinos

After a failed trip to canada, Here I am spending the reste of my time off in beautiful Los Angeles. So much to do. So much to enjoy. It seems like it never old and stay fresh at all time.

enjoy this nice picture of the manhatization  of DTLA. for does who think of Downtown LA as the past need to start checking it out. You will be surprised of the changes. You cannot know until you see. Give yourself a chance to like stop by the staple center area and let me know what you think.        

Le Future Du Gabon Et L Afrique si l Afrique le veut

Je suis votre fils , je suis votre frere, je suis votre neveu, je suis votre Oncle, Je suis votre grand pere, vis versa, je suis Africain, je suis Gabonais, je suis LA difference entre la reussite et l echec, l Unification et la division, le development et le sous development, Je ne suis pas difficile a trouver si vous voulez me Joindre, je represente plus de 25 ans d experience dans le systeme le plus reussi du monde entier. la vie est un choix. J aprouvre  ce message et je m appelle Florent Mbesse      

Measure S: live results for LA’s anti-development ballot measure

The future of development in the city of Los Angeles will be decided by Angelenos who voted today on Measure S, a proposal to limit what can be built.

The ballot measure, which was financed primarily by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, targets tall and bulky buildings. It would force a number of reforms to the city’s old planning system, and it would impose a two-year moratorium on any buildings that don’t comply with the city’s General Plan, which is like the bible for development.

Supporters say LA is overdeveloped. They argue developers have too much influence on elected officials, who approve amendments to the General Plan. Continu reading

Dow Jones zooms past 21,000: Stocks rally big, hit records after Trump speech

U.S. stocks opened up big after President Donald Trump’s speech before Congress last night promising tax cuts, merit-based immigration policies and big infrastructure spending.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up more than 199 points early this morning trading at 21,011.74 early Wednesday, according to Google Finance. That’s a record high. Continu reading

President Donald Trump speaks as Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan listen during a joint session of Congress Tuesday.