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France’s Hollande says will not stand for re-election. France Presidency Crisis. They Cannot find a Good President

“He looked at the mirror and realize the man in mirror wasn’t worth being a president so to avoid ridiculing him self, Well he decided to quit before Hand. That is ashamed. Is he a quitter?” Bad Africain Policy has been a serious Problem. How Did France Wound Up with all These bad presidents? Sarkozy Was so Bad , ANY ONE WHO is friend With Ali Bongo Of Gabon The worse president ever has to be really bad .  The French Though  any thing other than Sarkozy was Better as the result Holland Turn out to be basically worthless”

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Trump’s White House win promises to reshape U.S. political landscape. The People Of Africa Should Pray to God That He Becomes Interrested In African Politic. He Is One Man Who will Not Lack Courage to Tell African’s Election Cheater To Kiss Off

World markets shuddered, U.S. allies fretted and Americans celebrated or seethed Wednesday as Donald Trump looked ahead to the White House after a history-shaping victory that defied pollsters and galvanized legions of aggrieved voters in a loud repudiation of the status quo.

In its wake, Hillary Clinton and allies were left to sort out how Trump upended her once-clear path to become America’s first female president. Clinton called Trump to concede as the results were clear, and planned to make her first public statements later Wednesday in New York. Continu Reading

A man reaches for the New York Post newspaper featuring president-elect Donald Trump's victory, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 in New York. Trump claimed his place Wednesday as America's 45th president, an astonishing victory for the celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters' economic anxieties, took advantage of racial tensions and overcame a string of sexual assault allegations on his way to the White House.

 “Si Un Pays de 319 millions d habitants peut organiser les elections en un jour et proclamer le gagnant le meme jour je pense qu un pays de 1million 500 habitants peut faire au tant pour eviter la Tricherie. Malheuereusement  L afrique est plus interresse a la tricherie qu a la realite “


The Government Of France Has Become A Cancer to Africa Therefore All African Nations Should Come Togheter And Divorce Themselve From France A Colonial Power That Has Done Nothing For Them But Steal Wealth With no Thing In Return. Just Look At All African Countries From The French Colonies And Compare Them to That of The English Colonies Such As South Africa And You Will Understand.

When A marriage Between two people No Longer works, what they do is file for a divorce. As we all know marriage is not an obligation. Clearly the Marriage Between France and Africa is in The worse Standing Like  Never Before with only one winner and The other side a looser. If Africa Is to be developed, It is Very important that They rid Themselves From France Completely. They have done Nothing for Africa But Steal Wealth By Forcing In power to the African NationS These stupid presidents With  No education and selfish Behaviors  with fake diplomats, Fake birth certificates, Dumb And Signs None sense contract With The Government of France to the Detriment of Their people . Then France steals and steals again and again  to the detriment of the Whole Nations of Africa under France Colonies. There is no difference between the person who steals and the one who send them to steal. They both are thieves and what The government of France Has been doing for years In Africa is steal with no merci. There is No Difference between the person who Kills And The person who send THEM to Kill. They are both Guilty of The crimes. France put them In power then they kill to Conserve Power France is guilty as well. The time has Come for all African Nations Under France Colonies to recognize The Cancer France Government Has become to Them Therefor  come together and Stop the killing of People of Africa That has been going on For centuries.  The time Has Come for The French Government To Leave Africa completely and go play traffic some where else.

You Have Killed our People Steal our money There fore we no Longer want you in Africa Please Go home and leave us alone.





France The “Evil Empire” Should Leave Africa And Never To Return. Le Pillage de L Afrique Par Le Governement Francais

Obviously The People of Gabon Have no problem with The People of France. I saw The French people along with The Gabonese demonstrate together on behalf of the people Of Gabon to get rid Of Ali Bongo who’s family had been In Power for 50 Years to one of the richest country in Africa yet the population has been Living in poverty all these years and getting worse while the Bongo’s and French government who has kept them in power have been enjoying Gabon wealth . Encourage by The French Government, The Bongo’s Family have been In power for eternity for their own profitability. Along with The Bongo’s Family , The French government has received most of the contracts In Gabon to basically a rip off behavior Just to give an example. Gabon’s oil Industry explored by the French is divided among 3 Parties with The    French Receiving 60% of the revenues , the Bongos family 25 percentage and The people of Gabon 15 %. Because of These non sense , The French Government has been keeping the Bongo’s family in power by cheating and killing the people of Gabon so that they can continu to enjoy as said in French” Le pillage Du Gabon By The french the bongo’s Family and all their crooks Friends around the world. The Gabonese people are fade up of all these and no longer wants Ali Bongo in Particular in Power. The French Government seems to be happy to see the people of Gabon in pain for their own purpose. such evil behavior needs to be stop at all cost.    THE FRENCH government IS” EVIL” AND NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF AFRICA FOR ALL COST. enough IS ENOUGH. THE FRENCH SHOULD LEAVE Africa now. We no Longer wants You leave go home. On the contrary we want the French People to stay Because They are not The source of the problem Rather the French Government is the cause of The down fall of Africa and has been for a long time. as a Proof of it. Look at what The british has done to south Africa economy  or the American had Done to Guinea equatorial next door to Gabon. Most French Colonized African Countries has been nothing but Failures. As people around the world like to say. The French like to Take an hate to give back. The French government should go home Africa no longer wants you go home the evil empire needs to go home and never to return.

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Comment Se Fait t il Que Los Angeles Qui Etait La 57 eme Ville des ETats Unis est Devenu La Deuxieme Plus Grande avec tout Indication Qu Elle sera LA Premiere

Los Angeles est aujourdh ui Pratiquement la moitie de toute la France qui existe des milliers d annees avant a l age de 234 ans, Plus grand que le Pays de la Hollande. Plus de 10 fois plus grand que tout le Gabon? Comment cela a t il ete possible? c est aussi simple.   Les Habitants de Los Angeles ont crees en Bois Un signe appele Hollywood. Ils sont alle le Percher sur une colline ou tout le monde qui arrive a los Angeles peut le voir. avec ca ils ont Crees une compagnie de Cinema. Music L art, ect… ect……et  avec ca ils ont crees le travail après travail après travail et le monde entier est venu pour investir, developer la ville a une vitesse exceptionelle. Dont Tous les plus grand stars du monde ont choisis d y habiter et voila en quelques mots la description de Los Angeles et son developement. Comme par hazard le Nom qui avait ete donne qui est Los Angeles veut dire en espagnole la Ville des Anges.

Tour de France to continue as planned after attack in Nice

Another tragedy In terror attacks in France another sad story to report. Innocent people being killed. the world had gone mad because one may say a sense of hopeless. Injustice and all of the above. It has become a world of revenge so to speak . you kill I will kill back and more. so sad there is no words to describe it. It could be you , me or a member of any family any days these days and you never know. and it does not seem to be a solution to the problem and it keep getting worse. so much for that.

Now the difference Between the Tour De Frange Management and the NBA is that . At least the tour the France management have some commun sense. After The mayo Jaune Christ Froom looses his Mayo Jaune on an accident that you may say part of the game noting that it wasn’t his fault if the accident happened cause by the motocycle who supposed to direct the race. Too Many people on the road, by stopping suddenly the mayo jaune and others following the motocycle all hit the moto cycle and the mayo jaune bike in pieces. the mayo jaune start running toward the finish line without his bike when the rule stipulate you cannot run without your bike. all short out, the mayo jaune at the end kept his mayo jaune even after clearly loosing it. That is commun sense. You do not want some one who doesn’t deserve a win, win on a technical fault . that is too easy. You always want to best to win. that what we the fans want . we pay money for that. when the league get involve and affect the course of a championship. That is ashamed. And I hope the NBA will never do that again.  running the ship as dictators a star driven ship with every thing having to do with making more money or making it excited.

The problem , when you have a league leaders composed with Basket ball knowledge because they were players at one   time so they have the experience in that sense but in reality most of them went in school for 4 years at the most if not 1 year or 2 years of college. The brain not being fully developed by the lack of education. You wind up with leaders incapable of making commun sense decision. The NBA needs to start bringing on Board leaders with MBA degrees and plus To start making better decision. That is my take about that. A lack of commun sense have created the curent Warriors a team packed with all stars with hope to win championships after feeling unjustly loosing the championship last year . It is the trend these days. There is no smoke without fire. Sentenced like ” do you think the league is rigged couldn’t have been used unless there was a reason for it

Britain's Chris Froome, wearing the overall leader's yellow jersey runs with his bike after a crash at the end of the twelfth stage of the Tour de France cycling race with start in Montpellier and finish six kilometers (3.7 miles) before the Mont Ventoux, France, Thursday, July 14, 2016. The wind, combined with a temperature just above the freezing level on top of the "Giant of Provence," forced organizers to move the finish line six kilometers (3.7 miles) down the road to the Chalet Reynard. (Jeff Pachoud/ Pool Photo via AP)

Portugal claims Euro title without injured Ronaldo : Qu est ce qui est arrive a nos Freres Francais?


What happened To our Brothers the French. Playing at home , favors to win, Ronaldo got hurt, never lost to Portugal for 46 years? Then They loose the final to Portugal. Never underestimated the heart of the non favors.

The Portuguese had to win their first major trophy the hard way on Sunday, stunning France 1-0 after extra time in the European Championship final – having played without Ronaldo from the 25th minute. continu reading

UK Labour leader under pressure after MPs quit : Ground zero is the Best Way to Built A Super Power Not By A collection of Countries

The problem with trying to built a super power with a collection of countries. They all have identity and when things go wrong they all look for a door to run. Well if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen. If you go back and read My notes you will understand that I predicted this when  Europe decided to try to built a Super Power a la Russian by a collection of countries. the Russian tried it later they all run out the door when there was problems. The U. S. is not a collection of countries as the result  so far remain the only super power. Not bad at all for a country that didnt existe 283 years ago.  Then, I predicted the U.S. will remain the same China will improve and Europe will have problems trying to built a super power a la Russian. History repeats it self. My only hope at this point things do not get too far down. My 401k is too important to My futur.

Labour Party politician and shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, seen in London, on June 20, 2016