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France’s Hollande says will not stand for re-election. France Presidency Crisis. They Cannot find a Good President

“He looked at the mirror and realize the man in mirror wasn’t worth being a president so to avoid ridiculing him self, Well he decided to quit before Hand. That is ashamed. Is he a quitter?” Bad Africain Policy has been a serious Problem. How Did France Wound Up with all These bad presidents? Sarkozy Was so Bad , ANY ONE WHO is friend With Ali Bongo Of Gabon The worse president ever has to be really bad .  The French Though  any thing other than Sarkozy was Better as the result Holland Turn out to be basically worthless”

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The Government Of France Has Become A Cancer to Africa Therefore All African Nations Should Come Togheter And Divorce Themselve From France A Colonial Power That Has Done Nothing For Them But Steal Wealth With no Thing In Return. Just Look At All African Countries From The French Colonies And Compare Them to That of The English Colonies Such As South Africa And You Will Understand.

When A marriage Between two people No Longer works, what they do is file for a divorce. As we all know marriage is not an obligation. Clearly the Marriage Between France and Africa is in The worse Standing Like  Never Before with only one winner and The other side a looser. If Africa Is to be developed, It is Very important that They rid Themselves From France Completely. They have done Nothing for Africa But Steal Wealth By Forcing In power to the African NationS These stupid presidents With  No education and selfish Behaviors  with fake diplomats, Fake birth certificates, Dumb And Signs None sense contract With The Government of France to the Detriment of Their people . Then France steals and steals again and again  to the detriment of the Whole Nations of Africa under France Colonies. There is no difference between the person who steals and the one who send them to steal. They both are thieves and what The government of France Has been doing for years In Africa is steal with no merci. There is No Difference between the person who Kills And The person who send THEM to Kill. They are both Guilty of The crimes. France put them In power then they kill to Conserve Power France is guilty as well. The time has Come for all African Nations Under France Colonies to recognize The Cancer France Government Has become to Them Therefor  come together and Stop the killing of People of Africa That has been going on For centuries.  The time Has Come for The French Government To Leave Africa completely and go play traffic some where else.

You Have Killed our People Steal our money There fore we no Longer want you in Africa Please Go home and leave us alone.





What We Have Learned About Politic Base On Gabon’s Election 2016. It Is Not About who Wins The Election But Rather About Who Plays The Right Game

There is no Argument that the opposition in Gabon won the election. It was so obvious Unfortunately they are not the one with Power today. It was taken away from them by cheating and by force. Not playing the game of politic the right way.  Ali Bongo  Played it To perfection and it paid dividend even though he lost the election. He own the army in Gabon by being the head of Gabon army for a long  time and put in place his own trusted people. The Bongo created a system that is allowing them to win at all cost with Mother In law being in Charge of the  court system and having the last word at the end of the day they will win and have been winning regardless.   With that you are not winning any election in Gabon regardless. On the international front Ali  Bongo gave a vote to The US and France to get rid Of Gadhafi as The result, them basically owning the UN they closed their eyes to the situation and let Bongo win at all cost. The UN, France , and The US without a doubt Know Ali Bongo lost the election . as the matter of fact The all world knows Ali Bongo lost the election and stall it by force.    The opposition not having a force to take over Gabon’s army,  at the end of the day, they are on a loosing side even though they won.

Lesson Learned Instead of putting their tails between their legs and pointing fingers at each other. well they should come together and  get stronger. they have come a long way and this is the closest they had ever been trying to  take power in Gabon by overwhelmingly winning the election. in the past they used to be divided but this time around they came together and won unfortunately it was stolen right before the world eyes. Which is ashamed. They should not stop about chasing their goals with persistance eventually they will one day take over.

lesson learned. regardless of what happened they still  will need the US, France and the UN to succeed one day  because you never know when they will switch  side.  politic is a game when play the right way it will pay dividend. To win  one day you should  never give up . Just keep getting better every time. Successful business people will tell you they failed many times before becoming successful base on persistance.  loosing belong  to those who stop trying. and winning belong to those who never stop trying. It will come with time.

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The UN True Color Was Exposed During The Gabon’s 2016 Election. In Conclusion, They Are Part Of The Problem Not Part Of The Solution. Going To Cry To The UN About an Obvious Rigged Election Ressemble Going To Cry To Ali Bongo’s Mother In Law Mboratsuo About Her Son Ali Bongo Stealing Your Obvious win.

Well Remember When Saddam Hussein once got 99.9% of the population of Iraq going to vote for him to win the election. One of the most ridiculous election cheating ever known by man kind So it was described by any humain living at That time except to Saddam and his entourage. That is right In A big population of people, Those numbers are nearly impossible to obtain because there is no way in The world, The sick included those in the coma, The people In Prison, Out of the country and so and so are going to come and vote for you. so In Reality it is not obtainable in a populated city. A village of 100 people I can see it happening even so there will be question marks. Guess what, Ali Bongo on his home town who is mine too Got 99.9 % Of The population went to vote for him at 95% to a balloon Population from 53000 to 250000 people playing around with numbers to come up with a win. So Despite the fact he lost by a lot in the country’s Biggest population area such as Estuaire Including The capital were most of Gabon 1800000 people live at about 900000 people   and in Ogoue maritime The second Largest Jean Ping Area. Jean Ping won 6 out of 9 regions included every thing international. Gabonese living out side of Gabon. So it was nearly impossible for him to win just from his home region where quiet a lot of people do not like him for injustice over the years.  Yet He came Up standing thanks to His Mother in Law The Chef Justice giving the last words even though 5 others to vote gave it to Jean Ping.  With a nearly impossible fait for him to win considering the fact that nearly almost 60 to 80 percent of the people of Gabon hate him for his dictorial style of ruling , For killing their families years after years to stay in Power stealing The Country’s Wealth. We are talking about 50 years of cheating elections after elections. With worlds From France Stated By one Of France Government member included most of Gabon that the Bongo’s Family Never won An election In Gabon. For France government stating that Gabon president Bongo got into Conflict with the France government demanding his Ambassador to leave France.

With all These In Mind, How is it Possible Bongo won The Election again In 2016 And The UN of All People, the most powerful Organisation on earth   will seat and watch Ali Bongo with pride and confidence refuse to do almost every thing the UN, The US . The European Commission asked him to do

” release political prisoners he releases and take more, put back the internet he turns it on and off at will, Recount The vote he tells them I never interfere with your votes so do not interfere with mine we do not need you here, The UA  are coming to assist The recount, They are Not Needed here The votes were burned already No Use for a recount after the previous day they said they will recount “

He    Stoll an election clearly he lost  right in front of their eyes. How is it possible Bongo with basically foot soldiers on his army can basically show his finger to Ban ki moon and The UN , The US and The European Union.

The Answer seem simple. Remember The Khadafy affaire? When The US and France Needed a vote to get rid of him. Guess what Ali Bongo and Gabon are the one who provided that vote. So One May think Pay back time. Remember When you are friend To The US , You are friend to The European Union and to the UN . They all work together to basically manipulate the world. I was Friend to Ali Bongo’s Family Member who was with Him all The time during that time. So the intent of Giving that vote was base on “du donna, donna” . If I give you shall get back.

For Jean Ping and Gabon opposition going to cry to the UN about their problems will be like going to cry To Ali bongo’s Mother in Law Mboratsuo About Ali bongo stealing Their election. We dawn well know the result by now and Guess what who forced Jean Ping to go that way  with a mandate and a precise date to accept to do that or else. Ban Ki moon and The UN. so They are basically running in circles. Not A surprise Ban Ki Moon and The UN never gave a precise date to Ali Bongo to accept a recount or else. This is The world we Are living in Now.

For Years The Chinese , The Russian , The Palestinians and Others have complained about the UN injustice and you do not get to notice it until it happened to you . That is when you go back and said whoa I now understand what going on in this world. They actually were right to complain.

Remember another affair When Lissouba President Of The republic of Congo was Kicked out of power and Replaced by the current president Sassou Nguessou, He was trying to sell oil to The American or Chinese instead of France Then France gave Armes to Angola to Kick him out and give the people of Angola freedom to come to France and enjoy The french  Bread.  Well Guess What Just like In Gabon, Congo is also crying fraud. Regardless Sassou still in Power.

I will bet My House, The UN will not help Gabon regain their obvious win. Just like they said in 2009 , They are saying it now reform for next time let have peace . How can You Have peace and Reform when Ali is using the army that is supposed to protect the people of Gabon to his advantage to kill the same people he is supposed to protect and refuses to accept responsibility  for it . only 3 dead when all indiction says a lot more than that with family looking for their loves one no one seem to know what happened to them. Then he has the audacity to accuse the 3  so call death to Jean Ping And the opposition who do not have armes and who’s  election was stolen by him,  for killing them after protesting their right. At the end of the day Bongo will stay in power till death unless the Gabonese people take matters in their own hands. forget About the UN They will not Help you. They are part of the problem not the solution.   Until you understand that , You Will not succeed in Taking power In Gabon Bottom Line . Let  the truth be told

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Portugal claims Euro title without injured Ronaldo : Qu est ce qui est arrive a nos Freres Francais?


What happened To our Brothers the French. Playing at home , favors to win, Ronaldo got hurt, never lost to Portugal for 46 years? Then They loose the final to Portugal. Never underestimated the heart of the non favors.

The Portuguese had to win their first major trophy the hard way on Sunday, stunning France 1-0 after extra time in the European Championship final – having played without Ronaldo from the 25th minute. continu reading