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Watch Inglewood’s $2.6-Billion NFL Stadium Rise Live camera tracks progress on the future home of the Rams and Chargers.

With an estimated budget of $2.6 billion, Inglewood’s new NFL stadium may be the most expensive ground-up development underway in Los Angeles County.  A camera perched above the sprawling construction site now offers a real time look at progress on the future 70,000-seat venue, which will soon be home to both the Rams and the Chargers. At this point, the project appears to be little more than a vast dirt lot, although the level of activity on the property will undoubtedly increase as the stadium approaches its 2019 opening date. Continu reading

Construction Begins for $2.6-Billion Inglewood Stadium The Los Angeles Rams will call the 70,000-seat venue home in 2019.

Yesterday, a cadre of local officials and former athletes joined NFL Commissioner and Rams owner Stan Kroenke to break ground on the Rams’ highly anticipated Inglewood stadium.

The $2.66-billion project, located at the former Hollywood Park racetrack, will seat over 70,000 spectators for NFL games starting in 2019.  The Los Angeles Times reports that the facility could also play host to events such as the NCAA Final Four, the College Football Playoffs and events for the LA 2024 Olympic bid.  Continu to read

Nigeria’s soccer team stuck in Atlanta due to unpaid flight bill : Just Another Disgrace for The African Continent By The Most Populated Country In Africa:Some Thing Just Never Change

The Nigerian Olympic soccer team is currently stuck in Atlanta as a result of an unpaid bill to its chartered airline, according to the BBC.

Nigeria opens up play against Japan on Friday, and is now not expected to land in Rio less than 36 hours before the team takes the field. Continu to read


Portugal claims Euro title without injured Ronaldo : Qu est ce qui est arrive a nos Freres Francais?


What happened To our Brothers the French. Playing at home , favors to win, Ronaldo got hurt, never lost to Portugal for 46 years? Then They loose the final to Portugal. Never underestimated the heart of the non favors.

The Portuguese had to win their first major trophy the hard way on Sunday, stunning France 1-0 after extra time in the European Championship final – having played without Ronaldo from the 25th minute. continu reading

Why can’t U.S. Soccer join the world’s elite? It’s not Jurgen Klinsmann; it’s MLS.

Well the U.S. Do not want to follow suit. Look at every other teams in the world. They take advantage  of their population. look at the french team. How many africain players have been playing with that team over the years, so many of them. If those African players are part of your country why not use them. if those European hold a US passport why not use them, If those Mexican hold a U.S. Nationality why not use them. The U.S.A is the most diversify country in the world. and look at their National team . They all look the same with few differences. That is were the problem lies. They need to start recruiting from  all sector of the Population and the best of the best among them. Then the U.S. will become the best in the world in soccer mark my words.  They all look black or white. That is not America. It is not a beauty contest. it is a soccer team in search of being the best to the delight of every one involved. No excuses what so ever. population 300 million plus, most diversify country in the world, the richest in the world, the most powerful in the world. What else can I add?  I will do better as a president of that team. I love this country and it pains me to see failure in one of  the sport I was the best and could have aided my beloved country. This is by far the best country in the world.  Read more of their thinking not mine 


Argentina beat The U.S. 4 Zero To Remind The U.S. That They are Not yet Ready for Prime Time In Soccer

Argentina By beating The U.S. 4 zero reminded America to Concentrate on Basketball instead as they not yet ready for prime time In soccer. I once said Argentina was eliminated from the tournement I meant Brazil only Not both  Please read the story


lionel messi breaks argentina goal record video

Vive La France, Vive LA France, Alley Les Blue

Je me demande de quell Cote MR. Makouassa Benoit va se Pencher. Il a Habite dans les deux Pays

Euro 2016 opens with a performance by David Guetta, followed by host nation France taking on Romania. France are favorites as host nation, not just for Friday but for the entire tournament. Romania have a scrappy side led by defense, as they conceded just two goals in their ten qualifying matches.

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