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Los Angeles 2024 Olympic venue plan impresses IOC committee in bid visit

LOS ANGELES – Following a visit to evaluate Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee’s commission couldn’t pick one adjective to describe the proposed venues.

So it chose many, all superlative, to describe what the group had seen over its three-day visit here last week.

As that commission takes its tour of Paris, which concludes Tuesday, it is LA 2024’s venue plan that left the impression bid leaders had hoped for. That plan, one which does not require the construction of any permanent venues, is one that they hope can help them secure the Games.

“The commission members were almost ecstatic about the level of the venues that they’ve found and that they’ve seen and that they’ve been able to meet those people that manage those venues,” said Patrick Baumann, chair of the IOC’s evaluation commission. “It goes from spectacular venues to impressive venues to mind-blowing venues to incredible venues. That certainly is an incredibly positive thing. And it’s positive because we’ve been able to really see them.” Continue reading


France Ellection. Winning at all cost. Gagner a tout Prix. Un Different Marine Lepen que celle D habitude a quelques jours Du 2 eme Tour

Quand j etais petit, Ma mere avait tendance D appeler les menteurs des politicians. Je n avais jamais compris pourquoi jusqu a l age ou jai commence  a comprendre ce que c est la politique.  Raconte une belle histoire que les gents aiment pour gagne les  elections et montre ta vraie face après avoir gagne. L histoire semble etre la meme  annees apres annees malgres cela, les gents semblent toujours tomber dans le meme piege. Pauvre d eux, ils n ont que le choix etre deux menteurs et tu dois choisir entre le meuilleur des menteurs. Cela peut apporter une confusion totale. En realite , la vie nous apprends les choses et lorsque l ont suis ses principes a la loupe on a la chance de mieu faire. Une chose  nous connaissons de la vie,  l etre Humain ne change pas a un certain age.  autrement dit ,il est tres difficile de changer un etre humain a un certain age. Par concequent,  Juges les  a travers leurs comportement de tous jours contrairement a ce qui sorte de leur bouche. Une chose reste vraie, Ils ont toujours tendance a changer par rapport a la direction du vent. Apres tand d annees de nous faire croire ses penses sur les immigrants, quelques jours avant le vote final, La candidate Marine Lepen change d apparence. Il est bien vraie que lorsque l on est a jour , il est difficile de se prendre a quelqu un. mais nea moins il existe des tactiques pour s y prendre contre ce qu on aime pas.  Si tu es aussi idiot pour ne pas  comprendre le systeme, tu merites d etre ruine dans ce cas. c est aussi simple que ca. Les Africains de France ont des decisions a Prendre. Le temps nous dira a quoi ressemble leur intelligence.

France’s Hollande says will not stand for re-election. France Presidency Crisis. They Cannot find a Good President

“He looked at the mirror and realize the man in mirror wasn’t worth being a president so to avoid ridiculing him self, Well he decided to quit before Hand. That is ashamed. Is he a quitter?” Bad Africain Policy has been a serious Problem. How Did France Wound Up with all These bad presidents? Sarkozy Was so Bad , ANY ONE WHO is friend With Ali Bongo Of Gabon The worse president ever has to be really bad .  The French Though  any thing other than Sarkozy was Better as the result Holland Turn out to be basically worthless”

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The Government Of France Has Become A Cancer to Africa Therefore All African Nations Should Come Togheter And Divorce Themselve From France A Colonial Power That Has Done Nothing For Them But Steal Wealth With no Thing In Return. Just Look At All African Countries From The French Colonies And Compare Them to That of The English Colonies Such As South Africa And You Will Understand.

When A marriage Between two people No Longer works, what they do is file for a divorce. As we all know marriage is not an obligation. Clearly the Marriage Between France and Africa is in The worse Standing Like  Never Before with only one winner and The other side a looser. If Africa Is to be developed, It is Very important that They rid Themselves From France Completely. They have done Nothing for Africa But Steal Wealth By Forcing In power to the African NationS These stupid presidents With  No education and selfish Behaviors  with fake diplomats, Fake birth certificates, Dumb And Signs None sense contract With The Government of France to the Detriment of Their people . Then France steals and steals again and again  to the detriment of the Whole Nations of Africa under France Colonies. There is no difference between the person who steals and the one who send them to steal. They both are thieves and what The government of France Has been doing for years In Africa is steal with no merci. There is No Difference between the person who Kills And The person who send THEM to Kill. They are both Guilty of The crimes. France put them In power then they kill to Conserve Power France is guilty as well. The time has Come for all African Nations Under France Colonies to recognize The Cancer France Government Has become to Them Therefor  come together and Stop the killing of People of Africa That has been going on For centuries.  The time Has Come for The French Government To Leave Africa completely and go play traffic some where else.

You Have Killed our People Steal our money There fore we no Longer want you in Africa Please Go home and leave us alone.





France The “Evil Empire” Should Leave Africa And Never To Return. Le Pillage de L Afrique Par Le Governement Francais

Obviously The People of Gabon Have no problem with The People of France. I saw The French people along with The Gabonese demonstrate together on behalf of the people Of Gabon to get rid Of Ali Bongo who’s family had been In Power for 50 Years to one of the richest country in Africa yet the population has been Living in poverty all these years and getting worse while the Bongo’s and French government who has kept them in power have been enjoying Gabon wealth . Encourage by The French Government, The Bongo’s Family have been In power for eternity for their own profitability. Along with The Bongo’s Family , The French government has received most of the contracts In Gabon to basically a rip off behavior Just to give an example. Gabon’s oil Industry explored by the French is divided among 3 Parties with The    French Receiving 60% of the revenues , the Bongos family 25 percentage and The people of Gabon 15 %. Because of These non sense , The French Government has been keeping the Bongo’s family in power by cheating and killing the people of Gabon so that they can continu to enjoy as said in French” Le pillage Du Gabon By The french the bongo’s Family and all their crooks Friends around the world. The Gabonese people are fade up of all these and no longer wants Ali Bongo in Particular in Power. The French Government seems to be happy to see the people of Gabon in pain for their own purpose. such evil behavior needs to be stop at all cost.    THE FRENCH government IS” EVIL” AND NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF AFRICA FOR ALL COST. enough IS ENOUGH. THE FRENCH SHOULD LEAVE Africa now. We no Longer wants You leave go home. On the contrary we want the French People to stay Because They are not The source of the problem Rather the French Government is the cause of The down fall of Africa and has been for a long time. as a Proof of it. Look at what The british has done to south Africa economy  or the American had Done to Guinea equatorial next door to Gabon. Most French Colonized African Countries has been nothing but Failures. As people around the world like to say. The French like to Take an hate to give back. The French government should go home Africa no longer wants you go home the evil empire needs to go home and never to return.

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L’ Ingratitude Du Gouvernement Francais a Travers Manuel Valls. 70 t0 80 years Ago France Was Invaded By The Nazis and Hitler of Germany, France Didnt call for dialog with The Nazis Since They Had Already Been Invaded and Lost Everything , Instead They Cried For Help And was Saved By The USA and Company To Take Their Country back. Today Gabon Is Invaded By Gangs, Thieths And Criminals who’s Place Should Be In Jail Not As President Of A Sovereign Country. The France Gavernment Had Forgoten History That seems To Repeate Itself With Times

The same France Minister Vall Who not too long ago Declared On National T.V. That Ali Bongo Didnt win the election in 2009 and all Indication is showing he didnt win the election in 2016 either. Not Only He didnt win The election in Gabon, he Stoll it by force and Cheating and The all world knows  it. Today The same double sors Minister wants The Gabonese people who clearly Doesn’t want These Gans and Criminals and thieths   rule  Their country and Have been protesting ever Since Unless Mr. Vall Is Blind Not to see that The Gabonese people  want their Country Back . Corrupted Double sors  France  Minister Vall Has the audacity to go  on T.V. and declared Bongo to stay In power despite all the crimes He committed to The Gabonese People and Asking for dialog . How dare is he. I think the time Has come For France to Concentrate on Their Affaires and Leave the Gabonese People  Solve Their Problems. The Gabonese people Want their country developed not Destroyed By Gangs, Criminals as The French Government want it for Their personal selfish Interest.   Enough is enough I think The time has  come For France To Stay Away from Gabon As They are a Participant Of Gabon’s Demise for Their selfish Interest.


A week in post-election Gabon Ali Bongo might have been sworn-in as Gabon’s president, but the post-election crisis is not over and the country remains on the edge.

With Gabon’s election 2016. Ban Ki Moon And The UN have basically lost credibility.  People Now started to understand clearly what kind of the organisation it is and why it was founded . It Looks Like it serve mostly their purpose than any thing else. When they want to get their votes to go bully other countries, they do all these under table deals to get any thing they want.

How it is possible that a dictator. who they know from facts has been stealing the election for 50 years. will loose the election by a lot then obviously manipulate the numbers right in front of their eyes kill his own people accuses others and lie that only 3 was killed knowing they kill a lot. Bombe his opposition head quarter. Then take power by force by telling the UN no recount , we do not want you in our affair , no judge beside my mother in Law to over see the recount basically showing a finger to Ban Ki moon   and the UN. Guess what and the UN will force the opposition to that court ruled by  the dictator Mother in Law to go fail.

Then to make the matter worse and look obvious that there is a serious problem here. When the dictator is celebrating an obvious stolen election , They send their ambassadors to celebrate with him. That is really smart.

That is one of the most ridiculous undertaken the world has never seen. As the result of all these crap shootings,  the UN has completely lost credibility and should be abolished and a better and fair organisation working for the world  should be establish to resolve the true problem of this world in a fairly manner rather an organisation used for their purpose. when they want to get votes to bully the world they make under table deals with criminals who kill their own people to stay in power.

The world Have serious problems in their hands with that Gabon election. It looks like the UN has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar causing more problems than solving them. They are part of the problem not part of the solution. Read this essay about Gabon election 2016


What We Have Learned About Politic Base On Gabon’s Election 2016. It Is Not About who Wins The Election But Rather About Who Plays The Right Game

There is no Argument that the opposition in Gabon won the election. It was so obvious Unfortunately they are not the one with Power today. It was taken away from them by cheating and by force. Not playing the game of politic the right way.  Ali Bongo  Played it To perfection and it paid dividend even though he lost the election. He own the army in Gabon by being the head of Gabon army for a long  time and put in place his own trusted people. The Bongo created a system that is allowing them to win at all cost with Mother In law being in Charge of the  court system and having the last word at the end of the day they will win and have been winning regardless.   With that you are not winning any election in Gabon regardless. On the international front Ali  Bongo gave a vote to The US and France to get rid Of Gadhafi as The result, them basically owning the UN they closed their eyes to the situation and let Bongo win at all cost. The UN, France , and The US without a doubt Know Ali Bongo lost the election . as the matter of fact The all world knows Ali Bongo lost the election and stall it by force.    The opposition not having a force to take over Gabon’s army,  at the end of the day, they are on a loosing side even though they won.

Lesson Learned Instead of putting their tails between their legs and pointing fingers at each other. well they should come together and  get stronger. they have come a long way and this is the closest they had ever been trying to  take power in Gabon by overwhelmingly winning the election. in the past they used to be divided but this time around they came together and won unfortunately it was stolen right before the world eyes. Which is ashamed. They should not stop about chasing their goals with persistance eventually they will one day take over.

lesson learned. regardless of what happened they still  will need the US, France and the UN to succeed one day  because you never know when they will switch  side.  politic is a game when play the right way it will pay dividend. To win  one day you should  never give up . Just keep getting better every time. Successful business people will tell you they failed many times before becoming successful base on persistance.  loosing belong  to those who stop trying. and winning belong to those who never stop trying. It will come with time.

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