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9 wild images of the massive storms pummeling LA. Le resulta D un moi de pluie Dans LA ville Des Anges , Los Angeles

Welp, they’re here, the back-to-back storms that weather forecasters had predicted could dump up to one inch of rain per hour on Los Angeles. Some neighborhoods might even see a month’s worth of rain in one day.

As of 4 p.m., the storms had already dumped a ton of the rain in the Valley, with a whopping 4.02 inches of rain in Canoga Park, 3.46 inches to Agoura Hills, and 2.57 inches to Northridge. The Getty Center saw 1.29 inches, and the Hollywood Reservoir’s gotten 1.22 inches. Continu reading

Mapped: The 30+ new buildings taking over Koreatown

Los Angeles is always evolving, but some neighborhoods change faster than others. A few years from now, it’s hard to imagine any part of the city looking as different as Koreatown. With new buildings going up left and right, entire blocks could be nearly unrecognizable in a relatively short amount of time.

Much of the area’s development activity is concentrated around the Wilshire corridor, but a number of projects are also popping up to the north and south. And one development firm in particular seems to be on a mission to singlehandedly reinvent the neighborhood.

We’ve mapped out all the major projects that have been proposed or are under construction in the area. It gives a sense of just how appealing the area seems to have become for developers. Continu reading

What Los Angeles Metro could Be in 2040. A quoi Le Metro Systeme De Los Angeles Peut resemble en 2040

Los Angeles has long been notorious for being a car-based city — good luck getting around town using public transportation. While some manage to make a go of it between rail and buses, hobbyist designer Nick Andert put together a look at what the Metro system could look like with widespread political will, though Andert admits in his posts on Reddit that it might be more likely to see this kind of system in 40 years instead of 30. Continu to read

Los Angeles malgres Son Age de 235 ans d existence Comparet a Paris plus de 4000 ans d existance progresse a une vitesse exceptionel. a quoi ressemblerai son Metro en 2040 si le vote mis en place d augmenter les taxes indefiniment   a 1/2 cent passe.

Vexit: Venice Beach wants to leave Los Angeles. You can Always Take all your belongings and move to the desert some where weirdos

The once weird, now wealthy neighborhood is seriously considering secession:

That is right the once weird. After we clean the mess now they want to leave Los Angeles. They can always go and start another city call Venice in the desert  so that they do not have to benefit from Los Angeles. What a stupid idea by itself. Is this greed or what? You are Los Angeles, You are deep inside Los Angeles, And benefit every thing from Los Angeles, everything except no thing. Without Los Angeles you are nothing. Without Hollywood you will be just another beach. Hollywood put you in movies and so and so and now you think you bad enough to a point where you can stand alone. What is wrong with you people. Can you imagine if every neighbewood of los Angeles demand secession. just imagine that. Any way it is a waste of time and money because we will not permit it to happen. we still have to vote. Hollywood tried that game they still in LA . Do not be greedy at least say thank you to los Angeles for who you are for what you are not or used to be weirdos. I hope you got the message weirdos. May be I need to start burning all my Venice beach T-Shirts. So weird. A Bench Of drug dealers We have cleaned at least reduce it trying to tell us bye thanks for the good service.

Venice, the beachside Los Angeles neighborhood long known for peaceful inclusiveness, has lately become a battleground. From the 1960s through the 1990s, Venice was dominated by sandy counterculture, accommodating beach bums and artistic rebels from Stacey Peralta to Chris Burden, from The Doors to Suicidal Tendencies. Today, you still see pot leaves and weightlifters on the boardwalk, but the old Venice is being encroached upon by the clean lines of high-end retail, the fogged windows of secretive tech companies, and the well-off residents who have arrived to shop and work. continu to read

venice beach

New York Time VS Florent Mbesse Blog : Greater Los Angeles VS New York City The Big Apple

New York time , New Yorker This is what New York time doesn’t want you to see. This is Why New York is so Jalouse of Los Angeles. This why New York is so scared of Los Angeles. we have the Land to built anything we want and you do not.  take a good Look at what New York Will never enjoy from The Hudson River. This Is Huntington Beach in Los Angeles California.   The Pacific Ocean is not a River . 2 hours beach life . unlike you have ever seen.

New York Time VS Florent Mbesse Blog : Greater Los Angeles VS New York City The Big Apple

Hey “New York Time” Take a good Look at Los Angeles beaches Not like New York Hudson River  , Los Angeles is not a one dimensional city with all eggs in one basket people stack on top of each other like hunts apartments not houses sold by inches, extremely Hot in Summer and extremely cold in winter.    Enjoy The beach life you barely have From Greater Los Angeles The city that scares New York The most.

Watch Los Angeles Grow From 1850 to the Present

Los Angeles wasn’t always so big, this new animated map of the city’s growth shows.  Seen on the site I Got Charts, the map shows roughly where and when Los Angeles absorbed neighborhoods from south to north, causing the city boundaries to expand. Read More

Major Upgrades Slated for Union Station


The effort to improve efficiency and capacity at Union Station has taken another step forward, as Metro begins preparing an environmental impact report for a long-planned series of upgrades to the historic rail terminal.

Link Union Station, formerly known as the Southern California Interconnector Project, would allow Amtrak and Metrolink trains to pass directly through the station by creating as many as ten new tracks running south across the US-101 freeway trench, as well as a new loop track for operational flexibility.  This upgrade, previously budgeted at $350 million, would increase Union Station’s capacity by as much as 50% and shave train idling times by up to 25 minutes.  Currently, the station’s stub-end layout forces all trains to arrive and depart through the five-track throat located north of the railyard. Continu reading


Universal Studio Hollywood Los Angeles: Action

Visiting Los Angeles without Visiting Universal Studio and Hollywood will be like Visiting Paris without visiting The Ethel Tower or The Champs Elysees  without Taking a Picture . You may as well not go tell people You were in Los Angeles. This is the Kind of action you get live while at Universal Studio. The Live Action is Unique you will not find alike  any where In the World In any city.

Visiter Los Angeles sans Visiter Universal Studio et Hollywood ressemble a aller a Paris sans visiter la Tour Eiffel ou les Champs Elysees sans prendre une photo de souvenir. Le genre d action que tu Vivras en directe pendent ta Visite A Universal Studio. L action en direct est Unique , tu ne verra pas ce genre d action dans aucun pays du monde ou aucune ville dans le monde.


Upgrade to VIP Experience