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Quiz: Which Los Angeles neighborhood should you live in? This quiz will divine the perfect LA neighborhood for your personality

Los Angeles is a city of eclectic neighborhoods—your LA experience and your day-to-day life will be completely different in Venice than in Koreatown, or in Highland Park or Calabasas. So are you living in the right place? Which one is the right neighborhood for you? Our quiz will do all the hard work of figuring that out for you, peering into your soul and finding the place that’ll fit your needs. Have fun! Continu reading

Los Angeles Scene From The Movie Woman In Gold. Un extrait Du Film Movie In Gold Turne A Los Angeles

Cette Video Est Un Extrait Du Film Woman In gold Turne A Los Angeles. film a voir . sur Une femme qui amene le gouverment Allemand En court de justice aux Etats Unis pour le Vole de ses Biens Parvenue au temps des Nazi. Au Reign De Hitler.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Drive: Overhead Photo Shows America’s Worst Traffic Jam

Tuesday’s night’s epic traffic jam on Los Angeles’ 405 Freeway may be one of the worst in history.

The massive traffic on the notorious highway was caused by an influx of commuters coming in and out of the city for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Many drivers vented frustration on social media.

© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. From overhead, this traffic jam looks like a thing of beauty.

“Are you sure that’s traffic?” One person posted on Twitter. “Maybe they decorated the 405 with Christmas lights.”

Another tweeted: “it’s called the 405 for a reason: it takes you ‘4 o’ 5′ hours to get anywhere.”

Motorists tried their best to stay calm and pass the time, including some who sang along with the radio.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Drive: Overhead Photo Shows America's Worst Traffic Jam: From overhead, this traffic jam looks like a thing of beauty.

Los Angeles’s big plan to change the way we move: Le Grand Plan de Los Angeles de Changer Comment Les Gents Se Deplace Avec Des Voitures Sans Chauffeurs

It’s 2021, and you’re making your way home from work. You jump off the Expo line (which now travels from Santa Monica to Downtown in 20 minutes flat), and your smartwatch presents you with options for the final two miles to your apartment. You could hop on Metro’s bike share, but you decide on a tiny, self-driving bus that’s waiting nearby. As you board, it calculates a custom route for you and the handful of other passengers, then drops you off at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. You walk through your building’s old parking lot—converted into a vegetable garden a few years ago—and walk inside in time to put your daughter to bed. Continu to read