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La Photo de L Annee

Les deux buildings en plain vue en construction sur cette photo seront plus grand que tous buildings sur cette photo. Idriss et Giscard Il y a au total 13 buildings en construction sur cette photo avec beaucoup d autres a venir qui n ont pas encore commence les travaux. d ici quelques annees, cette photo ressemblera a une pluie des buildings pour justifier le mot developement . clicke sur la photo pour la grande vue qui est manipulable


Another Spring Street Tower Preps for Construction

Well, if you are one of those who thinks Downtown Los Angeles has built enough to take a pause from construction, you are dead wrong. It is only on the beginning stage. yet another Spring Street Tower to start work fairly soon. Please read by clicking the red tag.

Proposition for Anaheim’s LT Platinum Center

LT Platinum Center

L.T. Global Investment, Inc., the American arm of Hong Kong-based LT Commercial Real Estate Limited, has revealed updated plans for a mix use-complex Continue reading Proposition for Anaheim’s LT Platinum Center

Another Arts District Development

The Brits Are Coming. First it was the Koreans,  then the Chinese , the Canadian, the oasis, now the British. Talking about the world developing your city and country. check this project by the Brits by clicking here.