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The Decision To Host The 2024 Olympics Mainly Between Los Angeles and Paris Is Coming Soon And I though I give To The Olympic Decision Maker Another Ammunition To Los Angeles Consideration. The Rose Bowl Here Present May Be Used For Los Angeles Olympics 2024

Enjoy this performance from  Michael Jackson half time show Inside The Rose Bowl In Pasadena Los Angeles, California.

Michael Jackson’s son gives rare interview, dishes on pessimistic advice from dad


Michael Jackson’s eldest child, Prince Jackson, has rarely spoken about, well, anything, really. However, the son of the late legend opened up to The Los Angeles Times recently, dishing on his dad’s legacy and how he’s not trying to imitate him. read more

He also shared the best (and somewhat pessimistic) advice his dad ever gave him.

The Message Behind Michael Jackson Song “Man In The Mirror”

Base On Michael Jackson achievements as a singer dancer song writer ect…. It is hard to imagine any musicien who ever grace this world to be better than him. The man sold close to 1 billion records and continu to sell, broke all music records you can imagine, 50 years career of unbelievable songs videos and so many of them you cannot even count, his world wide influence was incomparable. it is hard to imagine any one on this earth never heard of the name Michael Jackson who started his music so young so successful basical born to make music . I can go one and on. Arguably the most successful musician that ever lived.

today we will concentrate on one of his song “man in the mirror” and the message behind it.

when people listen to  music, they dance to the bit and do not pay attention to the wording. It all  about dancing. basically this song talk about the man in the mirror in french “la personne au mirrior “. When you look in the mirror what you see is your own face. basically Michael Jackson in this song his telling people if there is a change to be made it has to start from the man in the mirror. people tend to blame others for every thing but do not pay attention to the man in the mirror who is themselves. if we start with ourselves may be we can change the world. black man got to make a change , white man got to make a change may be with that we can better human race way of living. Take a look at this video and make your own judgement.

Diana Ross: L amour Prefere De Tout Le Temps De Michael Jackson

Tout etre Humain a un amour prefere que tu l acceptes ou pas.  Et celui De Michael Jackson semble etre personne d autre que Diana Ross. Il n existe aucune fille dans ce Monde que Michael Jackson A chante tant de Chansons avec son Nom que Diana Ross. comme indique dans les Videos et chansons  suivantes. Selon L histoire. Michael Jackson avait au tour de 5 ans quand lui et ses frères les Jackson5 ataient introduit a Diana Ross qui etait une Star dans le temps afin de donner une introduction aux Jackson5. Il s avere qu a la premiere vue. Michael Jackson aussi jeune Qu il etait, etait tout de suite tombe amoureux de Diana Ross qui etait plus age que lui. il existait des rumeurs  qu ont les avaient trouves entrain de se lave nus ensemble . C est a vous de deviner la suite.  Lors d un concert de Michael Jackson a Londre. dont Prince Diana de L Angletaire avait assiste. A la rencontre de Michael Jackson et Princess Diana back stage. Michael Jackson avait demande a princess Diana si il pouvait chanter Dirty Diana en plain concert La reponse etait tout de suite oui sans probleme