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Singer George Michael has died at age 53, publicist says. Details to come …

The star, who launched his career with Wham! in the 1980s and later continued his success as a solo performer, is said to have “passed away peacefully at home”.

Thames Valley Police said South Central Ambulance Service attended a property in Goring in Oxfordshire at 13:42 GMT.

Police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

Michael, who was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London, sold more than 100m albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades.

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The Message Behind Michael Jackson Song “Man In The Mirror”

Base On Michael Jackson achievements as a singer dancer song writer ect…. It is hard to imagine any musicien who ever grace this world to be better than him. The man sold close to 1 billion records and continu to sell, broke all music records you can imagine, 50 years career of unbelievable songs videos and so many of them you cannot even count, his world wide influence was incomparable. it is hard to imagine any one on this earth never heard of the name Michael Jackson who started his music so young so successful basical born to make music . I can go one and on. Arguably the most successful musician that ever lived.

today we will concentrate on one of his song “man in the mirror” and the message behind it.

when people listen to  music, they dance to the bit and do not pay attention to the wording. It all  about dancing. basically this song talk about the man in the mirror in french “la personne au mirrior “. When you look in the mirror what you see is your own face. basically Michael Jackson in this song his telling people if there is a change to be made it has to start from the man in the mirror. people tend to blame others for every thing but do not pay attention to the man in the mirror who is themselves. if we start with ourselves may be we can change the world. black man got to make a change , white man got to make a change may be with that we can better human race way of living. Take a look at this video and make your own judgement.

Bobby Brown Opens Up About Doing Drugs With Whitney Houston, Denies Abuse Allegations: ‘I’ve Never Been a Violent Man’

une histoire  tristes. Bobby Brown le Marri du feu Whitney Houston l une des legends de la sassons Americaine Morte de drug et sa fille egalement. La derniere fois que j ai rencontre Boby Brown a L aeroport de Los Angeles il etait excite de la sorti de son nouveau album qui devait sortir Tres Bientot. malheureusement je n ai jamais entendu parle de cette album. Ceci c etait avant la mort de sa femme Whitney Houston et sa fille. Hier il a decide de rencontrer tout l histoire de ce qui c est passe. Pourquoi il sont arrive a ce stade. une histoire a lire 


Fentanyl, the powerful drug that killed Prince, presents growing threat

How many more people have to die before we understand the severity of the problem. all our Stars are being killed by drugs. Almost most of them, Elvis Presley,  Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince  . Which left us to sing gone too soon. How much longer before some resolution are introduced to find a solution to this problem. It is difficult to understand that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston just dies of drug overdose and yet we can afford prince to die with the same problem.  Some thing got to give. I am tired of crying in my room. something must be done. read the story here