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Lakers Nation. Lakers Draft Lonzo Ball Then Coach Luke Walton Declare he Was The one Player We Wanted all Along, And Lavall BAll Guarantee The Lakers To Make The Playoff This Coming Season

Lakers nation  If I was Magic Johnson, I will Resend the D Angelo Trade just to give the Lakers Nation a chance to see what Lonzo Ball and D Angelo can do together on the back court as  The message has been sent to D Angelo  already  put your act  together or you  will be traded at no cost If the Lakers have to.  Continue to read.

Lakers Nation. Magic Johnson Just Traded The Number 2 Pic In D Angelo for The Number 27 Pic In This Draft

Lakers Nation, It is not about trading D Angelo but  About Trading D Angelo for a better player or at least for an equal value. I have a hard time understanding how a number 27 pic could serve the Lakers better than the number 2 pic. people keep saying the reason was to get rid of the Lakers Hughes contract mistake of Mozgov. The only problem with this trade they took the 22 million contract from the Nets in Brook Lopez which is more than the mozgov contract if you look at it  on a one  year basis. Meaning they probably are going to keep him for one year and let him go or resign him for a contract more than 22 million I suspect. He may be an upgrade but what good does it do the Lakers if he is not going to be here next year. Mozgov deal was 16million. so in other words you will probably let him walk unless you willing to pay another big contract to some one that never made the Net anything but  the last team in the league. do not expect him to make the Lakers a playoff team. at the end of the day the Lakers has traded D Angele for a number 27 pic. that is horrible when the could have waited until next year to do so. He  basically gave the Angelo for nothing. I wanted to see how the team of Ingram, D Angelo, ball Julius Randle would have performed now It will never happened. How Sad. 3 number 2 players  is now down to two almost to one had the reported king trade refused by the king was accepted. I have a hard time understanding the chance of a number 27 outperforming the number 2. The Problem with the Jordan and the Magic of the world, They want to see players becoming Like them on the first Draft any thing less than that is a failure and should not be kept. I wont be surprise if he trade a hell of every body in the current Lakers roster except Ingram due to a lack  of expectation.   I was expecting the Lakers to use that on the Paul George Trade if anything but a number 27 pic. Indiana is not accepting a bench number 27 or 28 for Paul George are you kidding  me ? contrary to what people seem to call it a B trade. I call it an F trade unless otherwise proven.   I do not see how a 27 pic can be better than a number 2 pic. That is just too much of the chance to take. If this one turn out to be a miscalculation , it will have a grave consequences to the Lakers rebuilt. This fast trigger pulling may turn out to be a disaster. Years of time wasting. Paul George at 28 years old and LeBron 33 years old  by the time they reach the Lakers if they ever coming  with a bench of 27 pics hardly will be the answer for the golden state warriors unless they are expecting to bring more than that




Analysis | 76ers are trading up for Markelle Fultz, and Celtics are taking giant leap of faith

Clearly The NBA Habit is changing with time. It used to be , the last thing you want to do make a team in your conference great to challenge your team. By boston giving Fultz to Philadelphia clearly they are making that team  much better to challenge them in the east.  I will be surprised if next year the Lakers tank   to try to get to the same spot as the last two years as it will not do them any good. so this time around they have no choice but try to do better if not make the playoff. How many numbers one players do a team needs to become great unless you want to use all those number one choices to get a great player. Jimmy battle although a good player I do not know if LeBron stays in the east will help them past them because you know LeBron will try to improve that team next year. now if LeBron decide to leave as all speculation has been running hot boston will become the goat in the east regardless. by making Philadelphia   great  any thing can happened. Can you Imagine Hambiid, Fultz, Simmons    and so and so in the same team next year. we are talking about 3 number ones with tallent trying to match their assets  and who is helping them , the team they may challenge in the east. Danny Ainge may just pray god that Philadelphia doesn’t become better than Boston the few years to come. That will be something for the boston fans to digest and I do not think it will seat well if that is the case . On top of it there is no Guarantee the Lakers will not jump on Jackson since they seem to be intrigued by him too although I think they will not pass on ball.  Continue to read

Although the 2017 NBA playoffs didn’t offer much drama, the 2017 NBA Draft already has seen its share of fireworks.The Boston Celtics reportedly agreed on Friday to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Philadelphia 76ers for the No. 3 pick and a future first-rounder, as first reported by TNT's David Aldridge and Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal is expected to be finalized on Monday.With the future of the NBA potentially in the balance after this move, you’re probably looking for a little bit of clarity — and we have you covered. Here are four things you need to know about this blockbuster draft deal.


Lakers Nation: To My Opinion, It will be hard on The Lakers to Pass on Lonzo Ball

I cannot Imagine the Lakers passing on the skills exhibited on this video . may be there is more to it  that I do not know   but out of shape can be easily fixed. Much has been said about ball shooting method. the man can create separation and shoot it from Downtown LA. defense is teachable specially when signs are there. Well The Philadelphia sixes had  a chance to grab Brandon Ingram last year who was willing to play for some one who likes him regardless instead they  concentrated on a Player who probably didnt even want to play for them and hasn’t play since then. You cannot force unwillingness    on yours self and I cannot imagine how another team can force to take Lonzo Ball when his father is saying dont even try it . I cannot imagine any other team dealing with Lonzo Ball  father antics. That will be something else.  hard to Imagine . It may look like a war zone after all. Didn’t I tell  you not to draft my son? What were you thinking.

Lakers Nation: A Reminder of The Lakers Last Parade In 2010. It has Been 7 Years Long. How Much Longer Can The Lakers Nation Afford To Wait

This Represent the Lakers last victory parade in 2010. How Much Longer can the Lakers Nation wait? We are started to become impatient specially when you think of the Golden Warriors being in their 20 and the best team in the league. We just cannot afford to mess it up this time around . All these rumors going around some bad some goods. I hope the bad one are untrue and the good one are true. Just a reminder. Do not mess it up. I hope you are doing your home work.    You let Jerry go to the clippers, I hope you have a better Plan. We always think of the Lakers as family who takes care of their own.

Lakers Nation. A Blunt Message To The Warriors. End it And End it Tomorrow At No Merci. If You Have to Score 50 Points In The First Quarter Do It. I Hope You ReMember What Happened Last Year. The Longger It Goes You Never Know. You Cannot Trust Any Body Around Here.

I am Sure Cleveland is in a Hunt Just Like Last year desperate and looking for any excuses  It Doesn’t matter were that excuse will come from. League , referees , Cash under the table, Provocation of Green , any thing goes. The Longer it Goes their opportunity will grow. I am quiet sure you know that from what happened last year but this is just a reminded. It ant’s  over until it is over . Do not be stupid and give them another excuse . It is desperation time. Continue to read

Slide 4 of 30: Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston (34) lands on Cleveland Cavaliers guard Deron Williams (31) during the second half of Game 4 of basketball's NBA Finals in Cleveland, on June 9.


Lakers Nation: 2017 NBA Final Game 4 The Warriors VS The Referees. Who says The Referees Can not change A Game in The Nba. Game 4 Of the 2017 Cleveland VS The Warriors was a Perfect Example . I do not know who the Referees Thought They Were Fooling. That is Ashamed and Unfortunate

2017 NBA Final Game Four The Warriors VS The Referees and the Warriors Vs Cleveland

Listen to this. Cleveland shots 22 free throws in the first quater alone  an history record almost unheard of  In the process scored 49 points against the best defense in the world a record of behind proportion . their average from the first 3 games  was around 22 fouls shot a game  for the all game. If I was a referee part of that crew I should have been ashamed of my self . I truly do not know who they think   they  are fooling. it is so obvious and didnt even seem ashamed about it. If I was the commissioner I would lunch an investigation against those referees for corruption but since they are probably part of the skim, I am quiet sure they will keep their eyes close and look the other way. This is part of the reason why poor LeBron get hated due to favoritism from the League. People are smart enough to know what happening I guess that what was needed to beat the warriors and keep them away from another record.




Warriors owner wants Cavs again: ‘We have some unfinished business’

“For a good reason. Let put it this way the NBA took their Championship and Gave it to LeBron and The Cav period. We know now what can happen to a team when it looses some of it best players. The Warriors Lost Green Then Bugard and suddenly LeBron who was loosing badly became relevant and people forget that he was loosing before that.   by suspending green last year the NBA final course was changed and you cannot denied it there is proof this year for that. This are part of the reason why LeBron legacy seem to have some asterisk on it. if you look at it closely LeBron could easily have 1 championship. the one against the spurs was pure luck from Popovich mistake by taking Tim Duncan out at the end of a game already won and they couldn’t secure a rebound. How Can you be the best player so early with one earn championship one by luck and the other given to you. It looks like the league has learn not to meddle in these affairs. To Seem to be staying away this year. Good Stay away and let see which team is the best. The Lakers fans never forgive them for Christ Paul although we are starting to ease after 3 number 2 picks . I feel we have been given some back with those 3 number 2 picks and started to let go the crist Paul saga. The warriors fans and the warriors have not yet to forget I am sure The NBA better stay away from it . It will be a battle. stay away with your complicity and do your job right we will be watching. I am not a Warriors fan but I like when people earn their win not given to them And I have a problem with that and I am sure a lot of people do.”

The Cavaliers have yet to finish off the Boston Celtics, but the owner of the Finals-bound Golden State Warriors has already made it clear he wants another piece of Cleveland.

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“I don’t care who we play, but my preference is Cleveland. We have some unfinished business,” Joe Lacob said after his team completed a Western Conference finals sweep of the San Antonio Spurs, according to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears. continu to read


Slide 1 of 81: May 22, 2017; San Antonio, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) shoots the ball over San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray (5) during the second half in game four of the Western conference finals of the NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center.


Lakers Nation.Why you shouldn’t overreact to LeBron’s head-scratching Game 3 performance

“no one should be judged by one game . LeBron is still the best player in te league as far as we know. but you seem to not get the point.  I have seen bad teams beat good teams when they do not come ready to play or have another point to prove. When Kobe was trying to prove the point he refused to shoot to show how bad the team is . I have seen The Lakers beat the warriors . But the point you continue to miss is as fallowed. look at Boston team and look at LeBron Team. Boston is mostly young kids from college still learning the NBA game and we know how long it takes to become a great player in this league even with talent. it took Jordan a while Kobe a while LeBron a while. But do LeBron needs all the best players on his team to win a championship? Or do LeBron needs help from the league to win a championship last year? He doesn’t . he is a great player and can do it without any bodys help just Like Jordan did it Naturally or Kobe. You stay in one team make them better and win. Not join other stars in a weak conference to beat up on weak teams before loosing to teams of your own size. That is the Problem we are having with LeBron that you Guys are missing Because of lack of education. Most People or journalist in the NBA today Probably didnt have 4 years of college When the Money Came you took it as the result you are having a judgement Problem. LeBron Doesn’t Play hard In the regular season give him the NBA MVP because he is the best Player in the league. every MVP has a cycle and a reason and purpose. You Play well in regular season You deserve an MVP from some  one who waits for the playoff to play hard because he just wants to win the ring.  Because of his action , Now 2 to 3 teams in the league has all the great players benched together and no one else can win.   The main reason why Durant went to the warriors the only way he thinks he could win. IS that true or false? I am sure you will denied it. If I have to look for smart journalism, I am sure not going to look for them in the NBA . you cannot even tell the difference between exceed expectation and meeting expectation. above and beyond for your information. trying to compare Odom to LeBron to explain meeting or exceeding expectation. That is terrible to say the least. LeBron went to the final 7 times in a weak conference surrounding with great players of his own choosing and won 3 times 2 of them by luck against the warriors last year and against the spurs, Jordan went to the final 6 times and won all 6 times. I am sure you do not see the difference because you are so quick to want to prove LeBron the king from high school that you were right. all we here is brags after brags about LeBron going to the final 7 times winning 3 times. Let the man deserve it the right way and he still has time to do it . stop forcing us to accept it. It is not an obligation. When he will earn it , I will be the first to say he now deserve it . trust me .it won’t be by you forcing me to accept it    ”

I can see it now: “What’s the matter with LeBron?” will quickly turn into “You see, this is why he’s not as good as Jordan” which will spark a reprise of “LeBron isn’t a clutch player” — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back.

LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs’ last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that’s neither valid or fair.

LeBron had a bad game — “pretty poor” to use his own words — and here’s why you shouldn’t read into it: Continu to read

Slide 1 of 7: I can see it now: "What's the matter with LeBron?" will quickly turn into "You see, this is why he's not as good as Jordan" which will spark a reprise of "LeBron isn't a clutch player" — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back. LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs' last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that's neither valid or fair. LeBron had a bad game — "pretty poor" to use his own words — and here's why you shouldn't read into it:


Lakers Nation. Winners And Losers From The NBA Draft Lottery. The Lakers got What They Wanted Regardless of weather Magic Johnson Knew In Advance That The Lakers Already Got The Pick so I guess The Gods are On The Lakers Side if One do Beleive That The League is in Fact Not A Rig. Right?

Well Just think about This Ramona Sherborn of The Lakers Predict that the Clippers will win In Utah game 6 And loose game 7 at Home  and the prediction look so perfect Ireland a Lakers reporter couldn’t believe it but yet it happened exactly the way it was predicted. Now The Lakers beloved Coach Luke Walton goes On National Tv and said Magic Already guarantee him The pick and the story look so good that the Lakers not only got the pick but move to number 2 in position to get exactly what has been being discussed on the media. Too good to be true Right. The league is not a rig. So say The Media reporters who are supposed to not criticize the league on the wrong way knowing their pay checks are the reason why the league exist. We are living in  A perfect world . This Is America. God Has given us all we want to look so perfect at all time. A Country that went from a Country that didnt exist 185 years ago to the most powerful country on earth. The country who has more churches than any other country in the world. We believe in got more than any country in the world so we get to enjoy that perfect ride. We are the one who is Protecting The god’s land in Israel from being run over  In the Middle east so we deserve it. LeBron James down 1 to 3 in the finals last year and loosing badly the league find an excuse to suspend one of the warriors best player suddenly LeBron team became relevant again The world over let just give him the title of the best player ever. do not guess me wrong the man is a talented guy but put on a position they are forcing the world to accept he is perfect without flows and the world questioning every easy way he found to get there when Michael Jordan , the Kobe of the world didnt . It came to them naturally thru the course of their career not pick and choose not being helped by the league. Those who believe the league is perfect as if the world if perfect by itself will tend to dismiss the truth. may be the media need to ask The spurs how they feel loosing their best player the same way the Warriors felt when Green Was suspended last Year by the league during the final. Yes this is just an observation from my own seeing like it or not. but on a lot people minds out there they know I speak the truth with out reservation. So Continue to read The rest and enjoy it while you can Lakers Fans. No more heart burns at least from the draft next year. this was the end of pick number 3 or loose it. The Competition with Boston is coming and coming soon, isn’t that what the league wants? old revelry that will make the league relevant again to the roof .

The 2017 NBA Draft is incredibly deep, with all 30 first-round picks likely to produce for their teams sooner than later — and the Boston Celtics get their pick of the whole batch.The Celtics cashed in on the 2013 trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn in exchange for the right to swap 2017 first-rounders with the Nets. Brooklyn, which finished the 2016-17 season with the worst record in the NBA, technically won the lottery, only to watch the pick go to Boston.Oh, and good news if you're a Lakers fan: Los Angeles beat the odds to keep its 2017 first-round pick, which ended up No. 2 overall.Now that the draft order is set, here's our first-round mock for the 2017 NBA Draft. Will your favorite team find the next superstar of tomorrow or be doomed to another year in the lottery?(All stats via Sports-Reference, measurements via Draft Express.)