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East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Takes Another Step Towards Reality. Plus Des Metros A Construire dans Los Angeles, San fernando Valley

Metro has released a draft environmental impact report for the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor (ESFVTC), a project with funding from Measures R and M that could bring a bus rapid transit or light rail line to the Van Nuys corridor.
The ESFVTC spans approximately 9.2 miles, starting at the Sylmar Metrolink station in the north and terminating at the Van Nuys Orange Line bus station in the south.  As of 2010, the immediate surroundings of the transit corridor was found to be home to over 167,000 people in 2010, out of the approximately 458,000 people living in the larger study area.  Employment within this section of the San Fernando Valley totaled 141,000 as of 2010, with approximatley 30 percent of those jobs in the immediate vicinity of the transit corridor.
To serve this population, Metro is studying a variety of transit modes, including curb-running bus rapid transit, median-running bus rapid transit, low-floor light rail and traditional light rail transit.  Continue reading


Expo Line Reaches Ridership Milestone 13 Years Early The light rail line between DTLA and Santa Monica now carries 64,000 weekday passengers.

Le metro de Los Angeles de Downtown a Santa Monica qui a vue le jour en 2016, l annee passe est entrain de battre toutes les predictions 13 ans avant. histoire a lire

According to Metro’s official ridership estimates, the Expo Line reached an impressive ridership milestone during the month of June. With a daily average of more than 64,000 boardings, Expo is attracting as many riders in 2017 as it was projected to have in 2030. The rail line, which connects Downtown Los Angeles to the Santa Monica Pier, has proven to be a major success with L.A.’s transit riders, despite complaints about the line’s speed and reliability. Continue to read

6 things you need to know about the Purple Line subway extension Under construction now, one of Metro’s most anticipated projects will take riders from Downtown Los Angeles to Westwood

Long talked about, the extension of Metro’s Purple Line subway, which, for right now, travels between Union Station and Wilshire and Western, was somewhat slow to get off the ground—and sometimes seemed like it would never arrive at all. But with a new influx of money from grants and voter-approved sales tax initiatives, prospects for the timely delivery of the longer route are suddenly looking better than ever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to know about what promises to be a key part of the city’s growing transit network. Continu reading

Metro’s Regional Connector project hits a milestone in Little Tokyo

Across Downtown, there’s plenty of evidence that construction on Metro’s Regional Connector—a project that will bring three new subway stations to the area and connect the Blue, Expo, and Gold lines—is in full swing.

But in Little Tokyo, which is where one of those new stations is being built, at First Street and Central Avenue, work is about to move off the street and underground, reports Metro’s news blog The Source. It says, “construction at the easternmost end of the Connector’s route is now fully underground and behind barriers.” continu to read


What Los Angeles Metro could Be in 2040. A quoi Le Metro Systeme De Los Angeles Peut resemble en 2040

Los Angeles has long been notorious for being a car-based city — good luck getting around town using public transportation. While some manage to make a go of it between rail and buses, hobbyist designer Nick Andert put together a look at what the Metro system could look like with widespread political will, though Andert admits in his posts on Reddit that it might be more likely to see this kind of system in 40 years instead of 30. Continu to read

Los Angeles malgres Son Age de 235 ans d existence Comparet a Paris plus de 4000 ans d existance progresse a une vitesse exceptionel. a quoi ressemblerai son Metro en 2040 si le vote mis en place d augmenter les taxes indefiniment   a 1/2 cent passe.

Santa Monica Traffic Has Finally Hit The Tipping Point: L arrive Du Metro A La Plage Attire Plus Des Visiteurs.

As If people Needed Another reason to go to the beach. The city newly installed Expo line light rail and Colorado esplanade are luring even more visitor. The pier’s Twilight concert series equipped with   4500 people space is drawing 35000 people . continu to read



Killer moon tonight at Push T. #slc #twilightconcertseries

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Can Los Angeles Win It bid to Host The Olympics of 2024 Against Paris, Rome, Budapest? Los Angeles Peut it Gagner La Responsabilite D organiser Les Olympics de 2024 Devant Paris, Rome, et Budapest? La Question se Pose.

Los Angeles a Deja Organise Les Olympics deux fois dans son existence de 235 ans. Paris en a organise une fois dans son existence de plus de 4000 ans et Rome et Budapest non aucun Palma rest concernant ce sujet et cela pourra etre le probleme de Los Angeles. En dehors de cela. Los Angeles est Une ville Olympic de nature. Tout est  pratiquement Deja construit  sans prononcer le mot Olympic. Tous les stades son Deja en place et les autres Deja en construction en l occurrence le plus cher stade jamais construit appartenant aux Rams l equipe de football Americain qui vient de battre le record  d un match d entrainement. Le Stade de football qui vient de Commencer les Travaux et beaucoup D autres projets que les Olympics viennent ou pas tout a Deja ete planifie. Le Metro est en construction dans toute la ville Les investisseurs du monde entier sont tous a Los Angeles entrain de depenser     des milliard après milliard pour construire la ville. l explication de cela est aussi simple, Los Angeles n aura pratiquement plus rien a depenser pour les Olympics et une bonne raison pour se faire un Benefice. A quoi  serai t il utile d organiser un projet si l on aura pas un benefice pour le faire. les Olympics de 1984 a Los Angeles reste le meilleur de tout les temps en terme de benefice. Los Angeles  une ville Olympic dans ce sense que Los Angeles est extremement grand et capable d abriter le monde entier  ce qui fait parti du probleme de New York. l une des Raisons pour la quelle New York n a jamais abrite les Olympics. La ville est  serre pour le faire.  Tout en ecrivant ceci, malgres tous les avantages que Los Angeles a sur les autres cela ne guarantee pas que Los Angeles le gagnera mais neanmoins la bonne  chance existe.     Que Los Angeles ne le gagne ou pas le boom explosive que Los Angeles est entrain de vivre en ce moment  ne changera pas.

Metro is Giving Riders The Chance To Meet Olympians: Le metro De Los Angeles Offre Aux Passagers Du Metro LA chance De Rencontrer Les Olympians Jusqu a LA fin des Olympics De Rio

It’s an even-numbered year and the world’s best athletes have descended upon Rio de Janeiro for displays of superhuman strength, agility, and speed. And for those stuck here in Los Angeles, watching the Olympics on TV, LA Metro is offering a chance to come face to face with the heroes of years past.

In an ambitious promotional event, the transit agency is bringing gold medalists to Metro stations throughout the Olympic Games. The athletes will apparently be available to meet fans and (presumably) pose for an endless series of selfies for hour-and-a-half blocks from August 8 through August 12 and from August 15 through August 19 (a meet and greet with boxer Paul Gonzales at the El Monte bus station already went down August 5). Continu to read


The New York Times Still Botching Its Stories About LA

The New York Times Was surprised to learn that Los Angeles Has A subway and totally mucked  it up. According to the writer assigned to write about LA subway.  The expo line is not a subway, it is a light rail That extend From Downtown LA to the Santa Monica . That is right. I guess the writer Never Been to Paris where The subway is much better than The New York old dirty subway and by choice I have never taken The New York subway Despite the fact I have been in New York Several times. And I have never miss to Take the Paris subway every time I am in Paris feeling so much Comfortable with it. May be he needs to one day adventure in Paris and  ride the light rail From Charles De Gaulle Airport to La Gare Du Nord he will Then understand How much better it looks Than The New York old Dirty subway.

Then he Mucked The Los Angeles purple Line under Ground subway under construction The extension to Westwood from Western   Not arriving to the sea. Well New York is About 150 years older than Los Angeles and Los Angeles subway is relatively young. in fact so much younger than that of dirt old new York Subway. It is Just a Matter of time Before there is a subway every were in LA . A city a Lot wider Than New York being a city of all eggs in one Basket. I mean  you can cross New York in 25 minutes while it will take almost 3 hours to cross Los Angeles.

New York is so scared of Los Angeles that they keep looking over Their shoulder and Noticing The time New York the Highland will be surpassed By Los Angeles The city of Cities Loved By Most stars keep getting closer and closer. Los Angeles is The futur of The US. Not New York The highland. How much More will you Be able to add in Manhattan? Not Very Much were as In Los Angeles sky The Limite. It is The matter of Time Brother. Read The full Story