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The NBA Regular Season MVP Vote Coming up Soon. The completely serious way James Harden and Russell Westbrook can decide the NBA MVP vote

Despite the fact that the NBA has An All Star MVP, Regular Season MVP, Playoff MVP. Meaning the best Player of that particular time or Moment.  They still have people who argue The MVP sould Be given to LeBron James every Year because he is the best player in the league. If That was the case Why even compete for it . Just Give it to him  without any competition what so ever. LeBron James Can relax during the season and wait for the playoff to play hard let give it to him, LeBron James do not play half of the regular season Let give it to him. Kobe Bryant Can be playing on one leg let vote him as the starting all star off guard. This is How much the world is full idiots. And these assumptions are even made by full time journalists who make a living on radio and television. Some of These journalists need to start using common sense.That is how sad of the world we live in.   Despite all these stupide ideas just for conversation purpose. The MVP Never been given to the same best Players as long as he stay the best player yet a bench idiots continu to make argument about the obvious that never happened Probably will never happened . continu to read