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Airport chaos, flights canceled: Spirit Airlines apologizes. The Sad World We Live In Today. A Trend. For Anything, With the word Airlines On It is Big News. I guess The Media Have found A Story to Tell. Now Every body Thinks They have Found A way to Make Big Box By suing Airlines. Any stupid Story Is In The News These Days Included those That Has Been Happening For Years.

DO you see any thing wrong about Cancelling Flights when there is a good Raison to do So? Is This The first time an airline has Cancelled flights since their existence? No So what The Problem Now And Then. Did security  of Humain Being  in arm way out wage cancelling  flights? Those are questions that need to be asked . Why are the medias Blowing out of proportion these stories that have been in existence as far as the airlines have been in existence? a Trend. The media has found a story to tell to make money. The people have found excuses to think they can sue the airlines and make money like the united story did. These days for any thing people want to get pay. every body now want to bring all their bags inside the airplane and no one should  say any thing to them afraid it will be on the news. This is a FAA mandate  to limite the amount of bags that should go inside the plane for the plane safety and the safety of people on board. but since the passengers have been empowered to do any thing they want these days. We see more fights inside planes like we haven’t seen before. You can no longer say anything to a passenger these days. and it is a sad story. I hope it come to a stop soon so that people can return to regular life living. I guess the media are just waiting for a new story to tell before we can move on. Until then , This is the trend. Can some one find them another big story to tell please.    continu reading  

United reaches settlement with passenger, pledges changes

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United reaches settlement with passenger, pledges changes