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Lakers Nation: The Lakers Have Too Much Talent To Basically be The Last Team In The League

Lakers Nation: The Lakers have Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Randal, Hart , Nance, Clarkson, to that add veteran like Lopez, pop. I mean it doesn’t make sense for them to be the last team in the league. The problem, not paying attention to the schedule. The attitude of it is ok to loose, Unnecessary conflict with players. Instead of playing your best players   to start the game. You threaten players by keeping them on the bench talking about trades as the result the team lacks concentration. Listen to this kinds of records. The last in free throw shooting in the league . the only team under 70%. Last in 3 point shootings. haven’t won a game at home since nov4 loosing 9 in the row, that is simply incredible for a team trying to convince superstars to come play for them. where is your personal proud, were is the Lakers proud. Since when loosing has become some one proud. Just looking at the improvement Lonzo has made shooting 3 pointers. it goes to show you if you practice hard there will be improvement. People keep saying the Lakers practice their free throws. How hard for them to be that bad to the point where the coaching personnel didn’t notice to make them work even harder.  They have finally put on the floor their stating best 5 players. look at how long it took them to do that. The line up I proposed from the start of the season. Now add Laval Ball in the mixt. a complete night mare.


L.A.’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality: It’s LaVar vs. the Lakers

Lakers Nation: Pure and Simple The Lakers Diserve to Loose. They Concentrate to Play teams They Cannot Beat and Lack Concentration On Those They Can Beat. This IS The Result Of The Management Being In The Same Page With The coatch. The Team Can Loos e As much We Are on The Same Page, Since When Loosing Makes every Body On The Same Page. People get Fired For Loosing Too Much

Lakers Nation as I said The Lakers deserve to loose. I see no concentration on the team and they simply can careless about loosing. The Coach and the management are on the same page so there is nothing to complain. If they do not care why should the fans care. If you cannot beat the last team in the West at Home, who can you beat. Everything is fine. Let just go thru the motion . This is the impression

Tyreke Evans Powers Grizzlies Past Brandon Ingram, Lakers

Tyreke Evans Powers Grizzlies Past Brandon Ingram, Lakers

Lakers Nation. On The subject of The Lagacy of Lebron James Discussed Yesterday on The Lakers Radio station. I feel Ambarrassed To Note some of the Discussion that Went on And Would Like to Apolozised on Behalf of The Lakers Station and I would explain Why?

During the Discussion , a lakers station speaker continue to describe Lebron James as some one who had exceeded expectations so a caller called in to demande an explanation of what he means about Lebron James excinding expectations. the lakers radio station speaker would come  up with example such as Odome.coming of from college was expecting to be great but turn out to be not so great and he listed some of other players in the same situation as Odome as an explanation to justify exceedng expectation by LeBron james. To him LeBron James going to the final 7 times and winning 3 times and loosing 4 time constituted exceeding expectation. Now when you examine the matter closest , that proclamation doesnt seem to stand quiet well . when it comes to exceeding expectations, a perfect example could have been green of the Warriors.some one no one expected to be called one of the best player on the best team in basketball and suddenly turn out to be just.that is what you obviously call exceeding expectation.there is no argument there .as far as LeBron James is concerned , coming off from college the standard was set so high king James every body expecting him to be good and he turnout to be good but not perfect one may say no surprise there. We already knew it would be just that or even more.  The name king is not attributed to just any body.there is a full hand of them out of billion of people. His legacy to date turn out to be 7 times in the final which is excellent you may say with self manipulation of the systems likely looking like gold digging if any thing with aesthetics on 2 of the wins against golden state last year with the league help and san Antonio loosing one of the championship that was already thiers and Cleveland winning from pure luck. That would have made it 1 win out of 7 but let not discuss what would have been so let stick to the facts. 4 losses out ot 7 after surfing a weaker conference turning out to be a subject of daily discussion fiercely defended by journalist’s who likes him with the majority of the public being on the other side. I am sorry to say that not exceeding expectation. For a king that is meeting expectations rather than exceetinge them. Now if he wins 7 or 8 championships and becomes the best players ever I may see that as exceeding expectations. Meaning 4 to 5 more championships from today.that is a tall order I can tell you that. Base on all of these, clearly the lakers radio station is confused about what is exceeding expection or not exceeding expectation. Odome example taken by him is more of a failure to reach expextation than any thing.that was a dumb example to take. Green of the warriors is clearly a perfect example of what it is exceeding expextation.if he doesn’t know how one looks like.the expectation being so low went behind and above.that what the caller meant when he called .I guess he didnt understand the meaning of the question or he is so inclines to defend LeBron James legacy that he is lost about the truth about being humain.I shall add no humain being is perfect no matter what.they all comes with flows and when we refuse to admitted them it creates a sense of rejection that is being suffered by poor LeBron james in part you may say created by himself.had he stayed with Cleveland and built a legacy there things could have been much better but unfortunately he choose to win at all cost like no other superstars of his caliber has done to date. In conclusion he is in part the cause of his own critics. The boss of his own legacy. A legend to be one day if he can get to that 7. I mean 7 is unamerican to stand has to be second to none.second is successfull but not as successfull bottom line




Lebron James Legacy Discussion On The Los Angeles Radio Station This Afternoon And Take on The Discusion

A lot of people calling and finding discrepancies on LeBron James Legacy and the radio speakers fiercely , l mean fiercely defending LeBron James Legacy basically to a perfect standard. And my take on these discussions are quite simple. One thing remain true no humain being on this earth is perfect. If search on any bady legacy regardless of who he may be.if you cannot poke some kind of defficiency on some one life then we have a problem. Clearly LeBron now is the best player in the league every body knows that and there is no argument there. But defending LeBron James to a nearly perfect stand and ignoring his defficiency and making every body who calls to pin point those defficiency seem a little naive to me and using jalousie as an excuse to explain why so many people are negative about LeBron James legacy l think is cheap and a little unfaire. I curious to find out what the journalist excuses will be if the conversation concentrate on LeBron james weaknesses only without discussing his strength. Even jordan widely considered by people as the best basketball player that ever lived jad weaknesses.a simple example despite the fact he was great it took him 7 years l believe before he started winning after the arrival of peppin. Kobe couldnt win without shaq .he needed the addition of gasol to start winning again. Clearly LeBron james couldn’t win by himself in Cleveland so he had to join wade and Bosch to start winning.those are stein you just cannot ignore.these are facts. Then once he realise he can no longer with wade and Bosch he decided to go back to cleveland to form another supper team with a younger irvin and kevin love that you decide to call the big 3 true or faulse. Clearly golden state was the best team last year. It is only after green get suspended by the league and boggurt get hurt being down 1 to 3 that Cleveland will recover to win. If you ask a lot of leople to find out if green wasn’t suspended by the league then jad Cleveland would have won last year.l will be surprise if people say yes. If you fiercely denied that the east being weaker to the west may haave contributed to the  reason why lebron james may have reach the final 7 times you are truly naive.  We probably for sure do not know that and will never know but truth is the possibility of that not happening in the west seem greater to me.but yet journalist will fiercely find an excuse for do you expect people not hate lebron james when he is being fiercely defended to basically.  To a supper humain with no defect what so ever.they seem to have an excuse to almost every thing throw at them about LeBron. To me I think yhat were lies the major problem with lebron james legacies. At some point if people want to deserve credit of their defense they need to start saying je is great but yet he has onvious defficiency instead of trying to defend him at basically no we all know no humain being is perfect



Lakers Nation. Christ Paul Knew in advance It was A Curse But He Moved In Anyway. He Could Have won 2Champoinships by Now With the Lakers

New Playoffs, Same Problems For The Clippers.  The very first night of the playoffs had just ended, and yet the Clippers were already out of time for pleasantries. How sad is sad?

Doc Rivers, tie loose and jacket off, scrunched up his face as a reporter quizzed him about LA’s late-game strategy. “That makes no sense,” the coach interjected bluntly, shaking his head and adopting the tone of a full-on lecture. “That is, like, the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Continu reading . Doc Rivers Being a Bostonian Thought he could come to LA while the Lakers are down and Lough at Them. Didnt realize the curse.

Slide 1 of 11: Gordon Hayward (20) of the Utah Jazz collides with Chris Paul (3) of the LA Clippers as he loses the ball as Luc Mbah a Moute (12) looks on during the first half at Staples Center on April 15, in Los Angeles, Calif.


Kyrie Irving does not believe that the Earth is round

“is That Mean He is Smatter Than Any body else on earth Included  scientists or he is just an arrogant basketball player who wants publicity And The sale of his shoe or should we say an Id….. With a big I. ooops I drop the mic ?

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving thinks that the Earth is flat.

No, we aren’t joking.

Nike Kyrie 3 Men’s Basketball Shoe Size 7.5 (Red)
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Irving made an appearance on “Roadtrippin’ with RJ & Channing,” a podcast hosted by teammates Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson and said exactly that.

When Frye brought up the topic of aliens existing, Irving asked if his teammates believed that the Earth was round. And they do. Continu reading


Lakers Nation. The Difference Between Julius Randle And LArry Nance Junior. Lakers VS Milwaulkee

Lakers Nation. The Difference Between Larry Nance and Julius Randle clearly showed during the game between the Lakers Vs Milwaukee. At The End of Game Milwaukee was trying to come back to win the game. Randle will shot an air ball and the ball was intercepted by Giannis Antetokounmpo on a fast break to the Lakers basket Larry Nance who was under the Milwaukee basket when Randle shot The Ball will hustle back past Randle Joking back and block Giannis pass that went out of bound and was given to the lakers after reviewed for the Lakers to put the game away.  To me  That scene alone said a lot about the 2 players . Randle can run fast to the basket we know that but for some reason he hates to run fast back to defend. a lot of time an opponent will run past him and go and score.  Quite a few Time coach Luke Walton had taken him off the game base on those behavior. I hope and think he will change with time. just an observation. Any body who suggest that the Lakers should trade Larry Nance must  not like the Lakers. he is their most Intelligent player why trade him. Do people realize How Difficult it has been for the Lakers to found good players these days. They Basically want Lu William their bread an butter from the bench be traded too   Continu to read

Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle (30) drives against Milwaukee Bucks' John Henson during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

Lakers Nation. The Great Chick Hearn used to Say not to Practice Mistakes. It is Quit Obvious This season is Lost And There May be A need To Tank But Again I feel like There is Still A need to learn for the Futur. A complete lack of effort can be Described as Practicing bad Habits . Can They continu to learn Practicing Mistakes?

Lakers Nation , When You loose by 40 it is quit obvious there wasn’t any effort made on both end. People say it doesn’t matter loosing by one or 40 Points. I Always think every humain being need to have some kind of pride in them. If you are going to loose at least make it look disent or give it an effort. Show your fans at least that you care, that you can at least stand with good teams so that even if you are loosing any way, at least we can see some futur in you and in the process, it is not  appearing as if you are tanking. 1 for 7 one for 6 and being a starter playing right under the basket is hard to swallow  . a bench player who almost never play but 2 minutes here and 3 minutes there out perform you almost every time he comes in for those 2 to 3 minutes. That is pretty sad. How many zero points games Mozgov Have had just this year if I recall at least 2. How is it possible for a professional basketball players  to play 17 to 20 minutes a game and not score a point. Being out rebounded by point guards almost every game. The effort is so discouraging watching the Young Lakers play. It Looks like They are not even learning or not willing to learn. Just going Thru the motion. Every bad teams comes in and shoot the light out on 3’s and they never learn. They do not recognized situation. They just acting as if they do not care  loosing 10 in a row. Again we the fans understand the situation. we know what is going on. We just want to see some kind of pride in these guys. And I have not seen it lately. every end of quarters is a mistake waiting to happen and they look as if they do not care.  Laziness is so contagious. Even those who tried to play hard feel like why should I play hard if the rest aren’t ? It is really sad to see. I just want to see them hang with good teams  before loosing. Not loose by 40 points and acting as if they do not care. At least have some respect for us the fans spending so much money encouraging you in win or looses . I just do not feel like they care enough. I do not see it in there talk, I do not see it in their walk and I do not see it in their action.  That really sadden me. I am Their Great fan and truly  disappointed and I wanted to let them know that. I wish they start showing some respect to their fans.  Just play hard , try to learn a good way of playing basket even if you are loosing. Try to have a good attitude of pride . Detroit is a poor team and it may look as if  you have played hard but in reality you did not because I know you can play better than that. The effort can be better.

Lakers Nation: Since D Angelo Russell HAd refused To to Give a Response to Damian Lillard however I do have Bad news for Lillard

“Lakers Nation. I Do have bad News for Damian Lillard. He needs to go ask for advice From Goran Dragic about Messing with the Lakers Young core. They are not fighters but dances.  They are Here to stay and will not be pushed around with intimidation. This is just a start and they will get tougher with time. How Long Damian has been in The league if I may ask? well more years than these Lakers babies. Damian is not yet to smell The coffee and I do not see it happening quit soon . It is Just the matter of time before these boys learn all the tricks The NBA have to offer and start biting with regulation”. Way to go boys we are all 100 % behind You And we love YOU. As Far as The Elbows Story is concerned, I Think Lillard Can Always address that with the referees not to D Angelo who was doing his job and 3 referees didnt see anything wrong with his elbows obviously that is why they didnt call him for elbowing. There is a reason why they do have referees on the floor.  I am Afraid to say This doesn’t reflect  an  attitude of some one from a so call tough neighborhood but rather of some one who is scared to get fined . Damian I think you need to go cry to the league. you are barking at the wrong tree.

D'Angelo Russell Luke Walton Julius Randle Jordan Clarkson Lakers



Lakers Nation: you Watch The Game Lakers Vs Dallas And The truth doesnt Lie. It is The Same Thing The same Mistakes and It is Not Improving as Far as I can see It is getting Worse With time

Lakers Nation, How many times are we going to see the same 3rd quarter of having the lead coming in Lazy and loosing it. How many times are we going to see a bad 3 pointer shooting team in the league shooting 3points wide open against the Lakers lazy Defense . I mean wide open exposed by Reggie Miller And his co workers was being shown. Dallas The worse rebounding team in the league out rebounded the Lakers by a lot . Ball watching not running to the 50 / 50 ball. Just lazy on defense  not paying attention to detail late on most shooters. I mean you name it. just watch Randle on defense he relaxes and ball watching his guy just run  to the 3 point line he stay guarding the paints while 3 points are being lunch time after time almost every game the problem seem the same  . he doesn’t block any body. he is not a rim protector. I do not know if they watches film. can some one start teaches him, them positioning defense  please. Just having your hands in the air and far away from the shooter is not playing defense I am sorry. just compare Randle  defense to that of Larry Nance. How many times Reggie Miller called the Lakers Lazy  during the game. Again Robinson cannot play center he is not Dramond Green. he is too small. There is a reason why he has been going from team to team not by accident. I like his energy but it is only good for few minutes until he is tired. The Lakers are not going any where. They just need to start developing Zubac . A big guy themselves compare to Gasol . You are just wasting his talent or development by not playing him. By now the Lakers know Mazgov is not their futur. so why insist on something you already know is not your futur.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young celebrates after scoring against the Dallas Mavericks during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)