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ISIS’s second-in-command hid in Syria for months. The day he stepped out, the U.S. was waiting.

Technology is Improving every day and the world has few places to hide left. You Can Only Hide so long.

For a man given to fiery rhetoric and long-winded sermons, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani became oddly quiet during his last summer as the chief spokesman for the Islamic State.

The Syrian who exhorted thousands of young Muslims to don suicide belts appeared increasingly obsessed with his own safety, U.S. officials say. He banished cellphones, shunned large meetings and avoided going outdoors in the daytime. He began sleeping in crowded tenements in a northern Syrian town called al-Bab, betting on the presence of young children to shield him from the drones prowling the skies overhead. Continu reading

This undated image posted online on Aug. 31 by supporters of the Islamic State shows Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the group’s spokesman and chief strategist, who was killed in a U.S. airstrike.

Row over future of Bin Laden’s ex-home

A row has erupted over what to do with the land in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city where former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden lived and was killed.

Local authorities want to construct a children’s playground there, while the military wish to build a graveyard.

A Graveyard for a Terrorist who killed innocent people with bombs all over the world including Pakistanis? I guess The Pakistani Military seem to be proud of That. No wonder he was found Next to their base as his protector. The picture is quiet Clear, The Pakistani is a state sponsor of terrorism although the world do not want to admit it.

Policemen stand guard near the partially demolished compound where al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces last May, in Abbottabad this February 26, 2012 file photo.: Bin Laden's compound in 2012, before it was completely demolished