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Los Angeles 2024 Olympic venue plan impresses IOC committee in bid visit

LOS ANGELES – Following a visit to evaluate Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee’s commission couldn’t pick one adjective to describe the proposed venues.

So it chose many, all superlative, to describe what the group had seen over its three-day visit here last week.

As that commission takes its tour of Paris, which concludes Tuesday, it is LA 2024’s venue plan that left the impression bid leaders had hoped for. That plan, one which does not require the construction of any permanent venues, is one that they hope can help them secure the Games.

“The commission members were almost ecstatic about the level of the venues that they’ve found and that they’ve seen and that they’ve been able to meet those people that manage those venues,” said Patrick Baumann, chair of the IOC’s evaluation commission. “It goes from spectacular venues to impressive venues to mind-blowing venues to incredible venues. That certainly is an incredibly positive thing. And it’s positive because we’ve been able to really see them.” Continue reading


New York Time VS Florent Mbesse Blog : Greater Los Angeles VS New York City The Big Apple

New York time , New Yorker This is what New York time doesn’t want you to see. This is Why New York is so Jalouse of Los Angeles. This why New York is so scared of Los Angeles. we have the Land to built anything we want and you do not.  take a good Look at what New York Will never enjoy from The Hudson River. This Is Huntington Beach in Los Angeles California.   The Pacific Ocean is not a River . 2 hours beach life . unlike you have ever seen.

New York Time VS Florent Mbesse Blog : Greater Los Angeles VS New York City The Big Apple

Hey “New York Time” Take a good Look at Los Angeles beaches Not like New York Hudson River  , Los Angeles is not a one dimensional city with all eggs in one basket people stack on top of each other like hunts apartments not houses sold by inches, extremely Hot in Summer and extremely cold in winter.    Enjoy The beach life you barely have From Greater Los Angeles The city that scares New York The most.

The New Yorker Vs Florent Mbesse Blog: Greater Los Angeles Vs New York City The Big Apple Continu The Beach Comparaison

When it comes to Cities comparaison, I always believe every city has it own identity, Beautiful on it own right. But since the New York time continu to try to discredit Los Angeles time after time, I thought it was the right thing  to respond to their sham full behavior that doesn’t bring people together but rather divided them. Los Angeles and New York are two of the kind cities In The USA beautiful in their own right and sham On You the New Yorker trying to bring division between The two Cities.  Try to compare Los Angeles almost two hours of the pacific Ocean that brings in Beaches after beaches after beaches, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica beach, Venice Beach, Manhattan beach, Huntington beach, New port Beach, Long Beach on and on and on      and try to compare it to your 20 minutes Hudson  River listed by piers with no sands. By the way it is not an Ocean it is a river. not even close .

Santa Monica Beach

New York Hudson river 20 minutes Beach where is the sand. This is not a beach

$300-Million Redondo Beach Waterfront Project Moves Ahead

Last week, the Redondo Beach City Planning Department released a final environmental impact report detailing plans for a dramatic makeover of the city’s waterfront.

The proposed $300-million development from real estate firm CenterCal Properties reimagines approximately 36 acres of land surrounding the Redondo Beach Pier as a waterfront village, featuring more than 500,000 square feet of recreational and commercial facilities. More readings


La Plage De Los Angeles De Santa Monica A Venice Beach A Hermosa Beach

Come and enjoy Los Angeles Beach this summer. There is now a metro that goes from Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles all the way to the beach so There no excuse brother. Welcome to Hermosa Beach bikini walk, Malibu Beach, Long Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach California and more