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Who’s funding LA’s Olympics bid? Los Angeles Pres A devenir LA ville Des Olympic POur Les 11 Annees Qui Suivent

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June, 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information.

LA 2024, Los Angeles’s Olympic bid committee, filed an annual tax return last week revealing the organization’s largest donors, including many recognizable figures in the local sports and entertainment landscape.
The filing comes hot on the heels of a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee’s executive committee all but assuring that Los Angeles will host the Olympic games in the next 11 years.
As what once appeared to be something of a long shot bid for the games looks increasingly likely to succeed (whether the city hosts in 2024 or 2028), greater attention has been paid to the privately funded bid itself. continue reading

Olympic bid contest between L.A. and Paris turns into squabble over social media fans. For Fairness It Should have rather been Hollywood VS The ethel Tower But this Is an Olympic Show Not A city Comparaison

But This is an Olympic show not a Hollywood VS The Ethel Tower Show. truth be told. When you look at reality . It will make more sense for Los Angeles Olympic ready with all the venues almost build and ready to go  free  of mega expenses with money to save and money to make to go first for 2024 and Paris with so much to spend to built time needed for what is not there  to go For Olympic 2028 Instead. But I am not the one to make that decision as it belong to the IOC . To me that is common sense. But Let see what the IOC have to say. I am sorry Laurent Garros and The Park de Prince is Simply not going to do it. they are going to need a lot more than that plus The Ethel Tower is not an Olympic venue that is a touristic area so in reality that is simply show Boating. What Happened after the Olympic remove everything what a waste .read More

Los Angeles 2024 Olympic venue plan impresses IOC committee in bid visit

LOS ANGELES – Following a visit to evaluate Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee’s commission couldn’t pick one adjective to describe the proposed venues.

So it chose many, all superlative, to describe what the group had seen over its three-day visit here last week.

As that commission takes its tour of Paris, which concludes Tuesday, it is LA 2024’s venue plan that left the impression bid leaders had hoped for. That plan, one which does not require the construction of any permanent venues, is one that they hope can help them secure the Games.

“The commission members were almost ecstatic about the level of the venues that they’ve found and that they’ve seen and that they’ve been able to meet those people that manage those venues,” said Patrick Baumann, chair of the IOC’s evaluation commission. “It goes from spectacular venues to impressive venues to mind-blowing venues to incredible venues. That certainly is an incredibly positive thing. And it’s positive because we’ve been able to really see them.” Continue reading


LA 2024 Olympics: New renderings show plans for the games. Le Plan Complet Des Olympics 2024 si Los Angeles Gagne L organisation

LA 2024, Los Angeles’s Olympic bid committee, has released more renderings detailing how areas around Southern California will be transformed should the city succeed in its bid for the 2024 games.

The organization has been giving plenty of sneak peeks at plans for the games lately, as competition heats up between LA and Paris—the two remaining cities in contention.

The latest batch of renderings focuses on the individual venues that will be used for events during the games. Familiar arenas like the Forum and the Rose Bowl will be outfitted with the flags of the world and equipped for gymnastics and soccer competition, respectively.

Meanwhile, UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion will adopt several different looks during the games, as it will host judo, wrestling, and sitting volleyball (a Paralympic event). Continu reading

Aerial view of UCLA

What The World Await To See If Los Angeles Wins The Bid To Host The Olympics In 2024.The World Will Witness Live Some Thing They Have Never Seen In Their Live Before. The Space Shuttle On His Ready To Lift Form At The Exposition Park Next to The Olimpic Stadium. Los Angeles is In Competition With Paris

In September 2017 The OIC will vote on which City Between Los Angeles and Paris will host the 2024 Olympics. Paris Had asked mayors around the world to petition for  their bid approval  while Los Angeles is Banking on Making money to win the bid. No body gets involved in business to loose money. If any thing  people get Involved in Business to make money and I do not see how around the world mayors signatures approval will make Paris Make money By Building News Venues , One of The Main Cause of Loosing Money. A lot of cities have withdrew their request to host the Olympics as their population see No reason to host it if the city is going to loose money. A situation that may be a problem for hosting the Olympic in the future . Los Angeles from Past Proof and experience Seem to be The only City confident enough to make money by Hosting the Olympics while a lot of them failed economically. The Main Reason being Los Angeles Already have most of the venues ready And do not have to spend a lot to rebuilt New Ones. Los Angeles do Not wait for the Olympics to built Venues.

Image result for space shuttle columbia

LA now only has one competitor for the 2024 Olympics. They All Resigned One By One

Some once suggested once that Los Angeles Should be the only city To host The Olympic from now on Since Los Angeles seem to be the only city to benefit from the Olympic. I mean to make money from hosting the Olympic. Most of them have failed so bad and cause more arm than good  to the city economy to a point where the population are refusing to have the Olympic in their city. So far Los Angeles is winning by default. Now Only Paris Stand as A competitor. Do not be surprise if Paris decide to drop too but I do not think so.  If That is the case, That will be one of the most lob sided victory ever. I do not think there ever been such a case winning by virtue of all competitors chicken out . continu to read 



Stadiums in Los Angeles That can be used for the 2024 Olympics. Some One Asked How Many Stadium They have In Los Angeles. Many and These are Some of The Most Famous Ones.

The Coliseum can take more than 100000 people. Already has been used for 2 Olypics

during the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual at the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2015 in Pasadena, California. Can take more than 100000 people







The Los Angeles Rams under construction more than 100000 people the most expensive and biggest in the world










The Legendary Staples Center home of the Lakers a storied Franchise





The New Soccer Stadium under construction next to the Coliseum



Home of the Los Angeles Dodges



Home of The Los Angeles Angeles




The legendary Los Angeles Forum ex home of The Lakers next to the new rams stadium

The Carson StubHub Center Will Also be Used For The Olympic 2024 If Los Angeles Win The Bid

Carson’s Stubhub Stadium will host rugby during the first week of competition, before the field is repurposed for use in the modern pentathlon. Meanwhile, tennis, track cycling, and field hockey events will be held at adjacent facilities in the sprawling athletic complex.

The Decision To Host The 2024 Olympics Mainly Between Los Angeles and Paris Is Coming Soon And I though I give To The Olympic Decision Maker Another Ammunition To Los Angeles Consideration. The Rose Bowl Here Present May Be Used For Los Angeles Olympics 2024

Enjoy this performance from  Michael Jackson half time show Inside The Rose Bowl In Pasadena Los Angeles, California.

LAFC Stadium to Break Ground on August 23 The 22,000-foot soccer stadium will replace the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Olympic ou Pas Olympic en 2024 Le Nouveau Stade De football De Los Angeles Commence Les Travaux Demain

LAFC Stadium to Break Ground on August 23

The 22,000-foot soccer stadium will replace the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Continu to read