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Florent Mbesse is Proud to Share to The World his birth House . This is pure History to Read. The Story About My Life Continu

I am proud  to share to the world the house I grew up . from the time I was born to When I left around the age of 10 years old. At the time this used to be one of the best house in the neighbowood. Obviously It now look extremely old. and There is a flight going on trying to sale this house for cash. If  you ever happened to read the story of my life . The little stair showing on this picture is were I fell when I was about 5 years old and was basically the only survivor of tetanus one of the deadliest disease at the time with no cure.
This Represent the house in front of my birth house that belong to a neighbor .
this represent my Mother’s Kitchen. Where she used to cook us meal. Part of the reason why my mother came to love me was because. Around the age of 6 or 7 ., My mother didnt know at the time that she was allergic to a medication call nivaquine that use to prevent malaria. so she will give it to the all family in a daily bases. Her being allergic to that medication every time she took it she will not sleep at night as will be having pain on her feet and hands so I was the only child to stay all night with her help her going thru this pain. she had to keep her feet’s and hands in hot water   for any kind of relief so my job was to keep boiling water all night.
This used to be My neighbor Veronique well known by the name of MA Vero now. My secret Lover of that age.
On the right end side of the house represent an area I almost died from My Father’s friend car. Papa Gondo Jack . He used to be a businessman. driving from city to city for his business. he will spend time in hour house every time he came in town. And we used to sleep in the same room 2 beds the widow on the picture represented hour bed. He will park his car by that widow. one day I was playing aside of his car and when he came to drive off he didnt know I was playing back there so he came really, really close to killing me . He drove off never even knew I was there and I never said anything either. To date I do not even know if he knew he almost killed me.
This is My Younger Brother Mbesse Giscard . When My mom decided to Leave my Father, Because of me partly . My father remarried and These are one of my brother from my fathers new wife. at The time My father loved me so much that he never accepted that I go visite my mom’s family afraid for me not to come back. He will allowed only my sisters not me at all regardless of how many times they asked. so My ant Catherine Eyatsamie had come to visite us on vacation and wanted to take me with her. My father had said absolutely not and decided to give her my sister Rose Mbesse instead. So my mother and my ant decided to take me without my father knowledge . By taking me with her . My father was so upset asked my mother to go take me back and when she left she never returned. When I Left My Brother was a baby. I have not seen him in personne at this age. a least not yet.
At the end of the day , My Father loved me because I looked just like him. Every body will say it. and at that point he knew I was his true son and I became daddy’s son. every body used to call petit papa. Meaning little daddy. I will only eat what my daddy eat . I will seat on my daddy laps to eat when I was younger.  My mother loved me because I was there for her when she was sick . that action created a bond that never end till she past. she will speak positively about me to every body