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The Lance Armstrong Story: Life after Oprah

“Let put it This way. When the 7 years That Armstrong won The tour the France is mansion today or in the futur in a negative or positive way , The name Lance Armstrong will be the center peace whether you like it or not. It is a story that will never be erased. To me the tour the France is a Drug sport that has been and will continu to be until some one get caught. In other words Drogues fighting drogues and may the best drogues win. until some one doesn’t like you and want to destroy you. the most important thing were, we were entertained during those 7 years like I can’t remember. I tried to watch the tour the France this years it was so boring that  I had to turn my T.V. off. I would rather go Back re watch  the Armstrong dominance era than to watch today’s tour the France. The fun is simply no longer like it used to be and that is my opinion.  “

Armstrong spoke with veteran journalist Joe Lindsey of Bicycling magazine in his Austin, Texas, home for almost two hours. We’re running the full transcript from that conversation at Armstrong’s request. Continu reading

Tour de France to continue as planned after attack in Nice

Another tragedy In terror attacks in France another sad story to report. Innocent people being killed. the world had gone mad because one may say a sense of hopeless. Injustice and all of the above. It has become a world of revenge so to speak . you kill I will kill back and more. so sad there is no words to describe it. It could be you , me or a member of any family any days these days and you never know. and it does not seem to be a solution to the problem and it keep getting worse. so much for that.

Now the difference Between the Tour De Frange Management and the NBA is that . At least the tour the France management have some commun sense. After The mayo Jaune Christ Froom looses his Mayo Jaune on an accident that you may say part of the game noting that it wasn’t his fault if the accident happened cause by the motocycle who supposed to direct the race. Too Many people on the road, by stopping suddenly the mayo jaune and others following the motocycle all hit the moto cycle and the mayo jaune bike in pieces. the mayo jaune start running toward the finish line without his bike when the rule stipulate you cannot run without your bike. all short out, the mayo jaune at the end kept his mayo jaune even after clearly loosing it. That is commun sense. You do not want some one who doesn’t deserve a win, win on a technical fault . that is too easy. You always want to best to win. that what we the fans want . we pay money for that. when the league get involve and affect the course of a championship. That is ashamed. And I hope the NBA will never do that again.  running the ship as dictators a star driven ship with every thing having to do with making more money or making it excited.

The problem , when you have a league leaders composed with Basket ball knowledge because they were players at one   time so they have the experience in that sense but in reality most of them went in school for 4 years at the most if not 1 year or 2 years of college. The brain not being fully developed by the lack of education. You wind up with leaders incapable of making commun sense decision. The NBA needs to start bringing on Board leaders with MBA degrees and plus To start making better decision. That is my take about that. A lack of commun sense have created the curent Warriors a team packed with all stars with hope to win championships after feeling unjustly loosing the championship last year . It is the trend these days. There is no smoke without fire. Sentenced like ” do you think the league is rigged couldn’t have been used unless there was a reason for it

Britain's Chris Froome, wearing the overall leader's yellow jersey runs with his bike after a crash at the end of the twelfth stage of the Tour de France cycling race with start in Montpellier and finish six kilometers (3.7 miles) before the Mont Ventoux, France, Thursday, July 14, 2016. The wind, combined with a temperature just above the freezing level on top of the "Giant of Provence," forced organizers to move the finish line six kilometers (3.7 miles) down the road to the Chalet Reynard. (Jeff Pachoud/ Pool Photo via AP)

Tour de France will use thermal cameras to spot hidden motors: Ils N ont Toujours pas Fini De Tricher

Tour Des Tricheurs continu avec ses habitudes.

For decades, the world of cycling has struggled to come to terms with the amount of doping in the sport. Lance Armstrong leads a long list of athletes who have used performance-enhancing substances to win, but in recent years, technology has given rise a new form of cheating: hidden motors. With the world’s most famous cycling race just a few days away, Tour de France officials will utilize thermal cameras to detect so-called “mechanical doping,” putting would-be cheats on notice. Read More