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Harvard professor says GOP electors are close to blocking Trump win

Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig said Tuesday that 20 Republican Electoral College voters are considering flipping to vote against Donald Trump, more than half the number of anti-Trump votes needed to stall the president-elect from being sworn into office.

“Obviously, whether an elector ultimately votes his or her conscience will depend in part upon whether there are enough doing the same. We now believe there are more than half the number needed to change the result seriously considering making that vote,” Lessig told Politico.

Lessig has been offering free legal counsel to “faithless electors” who are considering casting a ballot for an alternative candidate as opposed to Trump, who earned 306 votes on Election Day, well above the necessary 270.

According to Politico’s report, 20 Republican electors have contacted Lessig’s group about voting against Trump. contimu reading

More electors join call for Russia interference briefing before vote

Trump to release physical on Dr. Oz show: report : It Is Not About The Physical But Rather About The Mental Report. Donald Trump Est Pres A Montrer Son Bilan Physique Malheureusement Le Monde est Plus Interesse Au bilan Mental

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to announce the results of his physical this week on “The Dr. Oz Show,” Fox News is reporting.

Trump, whose appearance on the program was announced last week, will reveal his physical it on the show Thursday, according to Fox News correspondent John Roberts.

A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately return an inquiry about the Thursday appearance.

Trump announced on “Fox and Friends” that he took a physical last week and would reveal the results of it sometime this week. Continu to read

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More Republicans say no to Trump, endorse Clinton: Beaucoup D autres Republicains se Separent De Trump Pour Supporter Clinton. Il Est Temps que le Monde Refuse De Donner La Presidence a Ceux qui Ne le Merite Pas

During the presidential primaries Charles Badger worked as former governor Jeb Bush’s director of coalitions. But on Friday, Badger announced he would be supporting Hillary Clinton.

“I must vote for a candidate who actually reads, studies policy, is prepared, and is running on bridging racial differences, not widening them,” Badger said in a statement released to USA TODAY. Continu reading

Hillary Clinton leaves a campaign event in Reno, Nev. Aug. 25, 2016.