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The Best Way to Win The Election Is To Insult People Who Should vote For you for you to Win. So Think Donald Trump. It will Be Magical If He can Succeed That way. I Approve This Message

Donald Trump Compte Gagner Les Elections en insultant les gents Qu il a besoin pour  gagner les elections.  Rien de plus Ridicule. Mais s il peut reussir avec cette stragie, Il deviendra un Hero aux Yeux Des idiots.

<p>“Like the view from this unique aerie, the expansion of the house of Trump seems to know no end.” When the last sentence of Steven M. L. Aronson’s story on <a href="">Donald Trump's</a>’s Trump Tower <a href="">triplex</a> appeared in the July 1985 issue of Architectural Digest, we couldn’t have imagined how prescient the writer’s words would be. While they could certainly be applied to the presidential race that is currently unfolding between the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton, the phrase was, of course, referring to the apartment Trump shared with then wife Ivana and their three children. Naturally, every surface of the home shimmers like liquid gold. Guided by Ivana’s love of pastels and the couple’s preference for over-the-top luxury, the late Angelo Donghia designed a mirrored box where Trump’s opulence was on full display: in the banquette covered with fabric painted in 24K <a href="">gold</a>, in the gold-leaf ceilings, and in the crystal chandeliers and candlesticks throughout. At the time, Trump declared his seven-bedroom home one of “the finest apartments in the top building in the best location in the hottest city in the world.” It seems then, as now, modesty was not his strength.</p>