Duncan on future: ‘I’ll get to that after I get out of here’

“Tim Duncan” One of the Greatest Power forward ever If not the Best. Personally base on all the Power forwards I have seen play, He is unquestionable the best ever. He is the big reason why San Antonio won 5 Championships. He came in with a  bang  so sad to see such a Great player may leave quietly without a tour the like of Kobe. I guess the difference between playing In LA and San Antonio. Even if he gets a tour I wonder if it will reach the Hype of Kobe, I do not see Duncan scoring 60 points on his last game. He will be thankful if he can score 6 points.

He has been called fondamental all his career at the same time the style of play categorized as boring . But make no Mistake about it. the man is an Hall of famer. A lot of people today will tell you we do not know where to classify Duncan. Some may even call him a center Rather a power forward. As a Lakers fans we had a lot of battle with San Antonio and the man was great. In todays world people tend to forget the past and try to judge more base on your ending rather your pick time. Life is a cycle to every one without an exception. This dude deserve a great recognition and the world should give him what he deserve. Team Duncan, I love you so much I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for every thing you have given us. I will never forget your good work. If and when you decide on your retirement that seem obvious. I wish you the best for your next life I hope will be as successful Sincerely from Florent Mbesse a true  Lakers fan for life.