Florent Mbesse Blog Vs New York Time ; Greater Los Angeles vs New York The Big Apple

New Yorker take a good look of Los Angeles Malibu Beach and dream What the New York time doesn’t want you to know. I am sure You have heard of Malibu Beach. On top of having savanna, Hills, desert beaches and every thing else this world can offer Los Angeles introduces to it “Palmares” By the way  a french word Malibu Beach by the pacific Ocean. This is not the Hudson river I can tell you that nor a one dimensional city with all eggs in one basket people leaving like hunts in apartments sold by inches cold in winter and extremely hot in summer  sharing swimming pools on top of building with no self basketball court or yards for kids play grounds. every body meeting daily in one area call Manhattan.  Take a good look New Yorker what you do not have and Los Angeles California has everything they want .