Florent Mbesse Introduces The Stage has Been Set for the NBA Final: The Rematch, The Warriors Vs The Cavs. Curry VS LeBron

Who is the best Player In the world? Physics or Artistic ? Stephen Curry The best 3 point shooters ever Vs LeBron James a Physical Specimen. Staring Thursday In Golden State at Night Los Angeles time. The world Over   . The story is this simple. LeBron James cannot, I repeat Cannot afford to loose another Final to another West Team to make his record of being in a final that is already negative worse 7 times 2 wins 5 losses regardless of how you will look at it as a fan or a critic this will look really bad. On the other end what The Warriors has accomplished this year the pain of winning 73 games to set an all time record being down 1-3 then a come back and they are almost there to be recognized without a doubt as le best team ever, there is no way in the world they will not try to accomplish this unbelievable glory. Unfortunately only one team can win the price the story simply makes it a series of the ages . welcome to the NBA the world best Basketball league by far.      Read The story


The top eight storylines of the NBA Finals of course centers around both LeBron James and Stephen Curry.