France The “Evil Empire” Should Leave Africa And Never To Return. Le Pillage de L Afrique Par Le Governement Francais

Obviously The People of Gabon Have no problem with The People of France. I saw The French people along with The Gabonese demonstrate together on behalf of the people Of Gabon to get rid Of Ali Bongo who’s family had been In Power for 50 Years to one of the richest country in Africa yet the population has been Living in poverty all these years and getting worse while the Bongo’s and French government who has kept them in power have been enjoying Gabon wealth . Encourage by The French Government, The Bongo’s Family have been In power for eternity for their own profitability. Along with The Bongo’s Family , The French government has received most of the contracts In Gabon to basically a rip off behavior Just to give an example. Gabon’s oil Industry explored by the French is divided among 3 Parties with The    French Receiving 60% of the revenues , the Bongos family 25 percentage and The people of Gabon 15 %. Because of These non sense , The French Government has been keeping the Bongo’s family in power by cheating and killing the people of Gabon so that they can continu to enjoy as said in French” Le pillage Du Gabon By The french the bongo’s Family and all their crooks Friends around the world. The Gabonese people are fade up of all these and no longer wants Ali Bongo in Particular in Power. The French Government seems to be happy to see the people of Gabon in pain for their own purpose. such evil behavior needs to be stop at all cost.    THE FRENCH government IS” EVIL” AND NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF AFRICA FOR ALL COST. enough IS ENOUGH. THE FRENCH SHOULD LEAVE Africa now. We no Longer wants You leave go home. On the contrary we want the French People to stay Because They are not The source of the problem Rather the French Government is the cause of The down fall of Africa and has been for a long time. as a Proof of it. Look at what The british has done to south Africa economy  or the American had Done to Guinea equatorial next door to Gabon. Most French Colonized African Countries has been nothing but Failures. As people around the world like to say. The French like to Take an hate to give back. The French government should go home Africa no longer wants you go home the evil empire needs to go home and never to return.

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