Gabon-Bongo’s cousin who is loyal to Ping, arrested by security operatives

Leo Paul Ngoulakia, a relation of incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba, who was a candidate in the last presidential election in Gabon before siding with Jean Ping, was arrested on Friday in the capital Libreville. Continu to read

“As Far As I can read, After a disputed  reelection of Ali Bong Ondimba to power In Gabon there is no riot of note. So Why is the Government of Ali Bongo arresting People. May be the UN Can respond to that.  I think Ban ki Moon need to resign From His Post. He is Way too soft to occupy Such a difficult post. I think The UN need some one with courage to say enough of this garbage. May Be trump Should replace Him . At least Some one with that Courage with a better political back Ground. ” No One seems to listen or even care about anything he says so Why is he there for Just To collect a Pay Check ?or like they always say a poppet. I am sure if the US call for a resolution he will rush to get it in no time. Tell me if I am not saying the truth”

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