Gabon president seeks talks with opposition ahead of election ruling: I think They wont Be Any Violence If The President Accept Defeat When It Is Obvious. No One Asked The People To Cause Violence But Rather The People Know Who They voted For And Refuse to Accept Fraud as They Are Refusing To Have Ali Bongo As President Because He IS A Dictator And Not A Good President. Just Accept Defeat and No violence will be Guaranteed

Recount or No Recount ? Every thing seems so Confusing.  If You know you won Why so Scare of The recount? One thing remain True. On a true transparency recount There is no way in the world The president will win. he has hurt so many people That most Gabonese hate him to death. To them having him as a President will be like living in hell Including people of his own region. That is how much they hate him. He is not a good president never been and will never be to most Gabonese. To them he is an adopted son who is giving the Gabonese money to emigrant who comes to Gabon and living a better life than Gabonese who are living  a far inferior life. How can the people like you with such behavior. I am a Gabonese originated from his region and I know dawn well the story. He destroyed my investment for raisons unknown and refuse to pay me My money and kept those of immigrants around me under the same circonstance. I am talking from experience. How do you expect me to like him. There is no way in the world.

Gabon President Ali Bongo wants talks with opposition leader Jean Ping to forestall any possible violence when the Constitutional Court makes a crucial ruling on the country’s disputed Aug. 27 election, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

The court must rule by Friday on a request by Ping to recount votes in the province of Haut-Ogooue, a Bongo stronghold. The president won 95 percent there on a turnout of 99.9 percent, helping him to an overall victory of less than 6,000 votes. Read More

Gabon's President Ali Bongo Ondimba votes during the presidential election in Libreville, Gabon, August 27, 2016. REUTERS/Gerauds Wilfried Obangome