Here’s the new plan for the future of Downtown Santa Monica

“Common sense will tell you. When a city is built out the only place left to go will be upward Unless you are going to have to destroy the old to make room for the new. Unfortunately the resident of Santa Monica are not fan of tall buildings the like of Manhattan in New York They are more contente to the style of Paris 4 to 5 story buildings. so The city 20 years plans is taking that into account. Fortunately it is only a 20 years plan not an for ever lasting plan with subject to change. “


City planners in Santa Monica are laying out a vision for how Downtown will look in the next 20 years, with rules for how tall buildings can be and how much housing will be built.

Six years in the making, the Downtown Community Plan was released this week. Some parts are pretty progressive—it prioritizes pedestrians and public transit and expands affordable housing requirements, for example. But the consensus is that it caters to slow-growthers, residents who aren’t totally opposed to development but who are fighting to keep the city from growing too much.

“We’re talking about a lower scale downtown. We’re not talking about Manhattan here. We’re talking about 4 or 5 stories,” the plan’s principal author, Peter James, told the Santa Monica Daily Press.

The plan is in the final stretch—but it’s not a done-deal. The City Council still needs to approve it, and before that happens, it will be vetted by the planning commission in six public meetings.

The document is robust. We picked out five of the most compelling elements and highlighted them below. To read the full plan, go here . Continu reading