How This Clever New Device Prevents $1,000s In Car Repairs. Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Mechanics.

“No women should Go see a mechanic without their boyfriend. Bad mechanics will make them pay more than they should. Not too long ago, I had a car problem in the middle of the freeway, so my tow car took me to their mechanic that he proposed to me while we were driving. I was on my way to the airport flying  to Edmonton, Canada and cancelled the all trip because of that. Desperate to have my car fix I took the bate. after all said and done I was charged almost 500 dollars. when I came to pick up the car and asked what was the problem about looking at the bill. It was a spark plogues problem. $500 for spark plogues I can replace myself as some one who has an aircraft engineering degree. Are you kidding me. but the car was already fixed so there wasn’t any reason to complain and make a big deal out of it. I just said to myself lesson learn for to day.”

(…and why mechanics are desperate to keep it out of your hands)

Have you ever gone to get a simple oil change only to have the mechanic hit you with a long list of repairs that cost $100s — even $1,000s?

Of course. It happens to everyone, because shops don’t make money on oil changes and tire rotations. Their business model is built around “upsells” and they have to hit you with other services to make a profit.

Sadly, most of us are easy prey. Mechanics call the check engine light the “idiot light” for a reason. They know that the average person doesn’t know enough to question what services and repairs are needed.

And so we all just end up blindly paying to have things done whether we need it or not. Continu reading