I must Be some Kind of Prophet. Just The Way I predicted It May Happened. And it Did

I didnt watch the game but I got the result. After game 4 When Draymond Green Got suspended. I clearly said by suspended Green The Series may drag Further and players get hurt and changed the series. a series the Warriors looked  superior could have won at home in game 5 Instead dragged with Grave  consequences for the Warriors. I didnt even know some one will get hurt when I said What I said. Well it happened exactly the way I said it would happened. Didnt I? read all my Blog you will not denied it. Bogart and Iguadala  got Hurt . While Iguadala forced to play not being the same Bogart didnt play at all. now if you think one minute that, that didnt change the series well too bad there is nothing left to discuss. Loose 2 fingers on your hand and try to go play golf and let see if you will be the same. That is the main reason why I always felt It is not a league business to interfere unless it is a Ron Artest jumping in the stand to flight with Fans. I didnt see What Draymond did that wrong with the James Draymond Incident to warrant a suspension. May be I was blind to review the Video. At the end of the Day LeBron got what he wanted And The Warrior sorry to Have lost something They deserve to win. Their 73 master peace gone to waste. the fans left with sorrow. I do not know about the warriors fans. The Lakers fans will never forget that. It is not LeBron fault. He looked so desperate at the end of game 4 was looking for anything to help. guess he got some help from the league. here we are Congratulation LeBron . you deserve it. I am so disappointed about the league. Like I said from now on I will only watch the Lakers games because I love the Lakers and cannot leave them hanging because of the league. but will never watch another teams game again. I can guarantee you that.  If people think the league is perfect well too bad. I am afraid no one is perfect. Rather people will most likely do not accept being at fault and that humain nature and I perfectly understand that. I have to run sorry if there is mistakes .

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) celebrates with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy after beating the Golden State Warriors in Game 7.