I Once Was a Fan of Wrestling During Those Days hulk Hogan used to be My Favorite I will not Miss Matches. Goldberg Was Unbelievable Until I Realize What Kind Of Sport The referee get beat Up he Wakes up Out of his so call Concussion Just start Counting for The Winner Who Some one Else Got Involved Hit The other Fighter with a chair and Just Takes The loosing Fighter and put Him on top Of The real winner for The referee to Just Count with No Replay What so Ever I then left and Never Come Back.

Although The NBA is Not  quit that bad  But I am just too Truthful to Watch None sens. Then you came to the realization that you cannot Change the world. All you can do either you like it or you don’t. I am one of those who Like to see teams battle  it out among themselves to see which team is really  the best. Rules are meant to be there But they have to be realistic to the point where every body at least come close to agreed to it. It has to be obvious to the real sens.  When it becomes a Split of 50 and 50 base on Fan’s of each other teams  and you can no long tell what is really a fragrant fall and what is not and who Get suspended when and how and The league pick And chooses when to do it and when not to do it base on perception and how it feels if I do it this time but not that time. Then it becomes a problem. A team sports is a sport of a certain numbers of players together to make it work. When  you change the complexity of that team then you change the functionality of the team and on top of it when some one gets hurt it is no longer the same team and momentum can change quickly before you know it. The other team that looked so weak suddenly looks like all that because the chemical  mixture of the other team has changed. It was pretty obvious that at One point the Golden State Warriors looked so much Superior. all it took is a controversial  removal of  one key  player and  another one gets hurt, Now they look so bad and you start to wonder. at home on a Championship Game instead of celebrating their Championship, It has become a drag with uncertainty Curtesy of the league getting involved. I think from now on I will let the fans of the other team Deal with these None sense problems. It is no longer worth watching. I will now concentrate only on the Lakers when They become Available simply because I like them as my home town team. Let the fans of other teams Deal with Their problem. I may make a comment and two in the futur but I think it no longer worth watching those games. The Fan Of sports you once loved just gone away just like that.