It Reads “LeBron James’ ridiculous NBA Finals streak hasn’t been equaled in 50 years”

What it doesn’t say, it was all obtain in the weak eastern conference with LeBron choosing his teams and his teammate to achieve it. With LeBron Winning 2 out of 6 Finals an obvious negative record. If you want to look good in this world, while you are looking for a chef job, you better not go tell your interviewer that although you are a good cook you do not know how to clean dishes. This is what the media can do when they like you. Try not to get hated by them , the opposite will be true. Poor Michael Jackson.    It just like having a beautiful shirt with a stain no one can see. Congratulation Mr. LeBron for that nice achievement. We still want to see you do it playing in the west.  The Lakers are seeking a superstar to replace Kobe.